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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • raymondw7raymondw7 Posts: 25
    Old Bridge, NJ dealership quoted me 25,500 out the door for a AWD EX, good deal?
  • maynnamaynna Posts: 3
    Madison,WI.I want to buy base AWD CRV LX. They also ask splash guard for $96,but I don't want it.
  • hgivenhgiven Posts: 4
    Royal Blue AWD CRV LX otd including all TTL for $23,059

    I just wanted to thank everyone who contributed and inspired me not to go through carsdirect. I emailed all the dealerships through within 50 miles of me in NJ and went back and forth a bit. Wound up going with Joyce Honda in Denville (no hassles at all). Price I got maybe not the best I've heard but it kicked carsdirect's butt.

    p.s. Been driving it for about a week and the CRV is great!
  • steltmansteltman Posts: 3
    Yep, includes sales tax plus everything else.
  • rrbhokiesrrbhokies Posts: 108
    Carsdirect is a very helpful sight and usually has very competitive pricing. However, with the CR-V, they are just showing target price a few hundred under sticker. I too was able to beat the Carsdirect price by going through my local dealer's internet sales manager.
  • raymondw7raymondw7 Posts: 25
    seems like a great price, i was thinking of the EX AWD and was quoted 25,500, this seems to be a better deal although not apples to apples. Do you remember the sales guy's name? Can i reference your deal?
  • starhuskerstarhusker Posts: 26
    congratulations on your CRV! That price seems very low to me. I bot it also a week ago in NJ. My wife wanted a silver one and nobody except DCH Academy had it. My LX 4WD OTD price is 23400. Some other dealers offered lower price but I had to wait for a few weeks to get it.
  • raymondw7raymondw7 Posts: 25
    About to close the deal with old bridge dealer in NJ for a glacier blue EX AWD, i didn't haggle much, but so far this is the best i've found. Wondering if this is a good deal, 25,550.
  • starhuskerstarhusker Posts: 26
    Raymondw7, I think it's not a bad price. I'd go for it. But do check out the dealer that gives 23049 OTD for LX AWD and see what they offer.
  • mcwenzelmcwenzel Posts: 37
    I have been shopping in the Bay Area and have been quoted $23,900 for an EX 2WD and $24,850 for an EX AWD including destination but not including TTL without much haggling.
  • tutimamitutimami Posts: 7
    A local dealer is quoting me 21500 OTD for 2007 CRV 2WD LX Black on Black.

    Is this a good price? :confuse:
  • 95ags95ags Posts: 7
    I think that is a good OTD price. The lowest quote we received was $22,186, and the dealer ended up not honoring it once we got there, so we walked away from the deal. :mad:

    Good luck.
  • wchen2007wchen2007 Posts: 1

    Thank you all for so much useful info here. Just got my brand-new 07 CR-V 4WD LX yesterday. Glacier Blue metallic. It's awesome.

    I live in northern Virginia. Tried quote around. But no one can beat the Heritage Honda Westminster (I really appreciate the previous discussions on dealers around DC Metro). They offer invoice!!! And only $99 processing fee.

    No haggle, no push at all. Great experience.

    2007 CR-V LX 4WD (No add-on at all)
    The final price is
    Invoice: $20,872 (including destination)
    Processing fee: $99
    Tax: $629.13 (VA 3%)
    DMV: $255.50

    Total: $21,855.63 (OTD)

    Great price and great experience. You may ask for Joe Ski. I really like this polite & kindly old fellow.
  • Bought mine Royal Blue CR-V EX AWD at $23000, Price includes destination charge, wheel locks, splash guards, all-season floor mat, and trunk tray. OTD price is $25179.79. This is at Bay Area, CA. CA Tax is very high. :cry:

    Here is the breakdown,
    Car price: $23000
    Doc Fee: $55
    Sale TAX: $1902.04
    Estimated License Fee: $150
    Registration: $64
    CA Tire Fee: $8.75
    Total: $25179.79

    I think it is an OK deal. With all the accessories, I am at around $300 lower than invoice. There was only one Royal Blue EX AWD within 30 miles, which did not give me many options. If my wife wanted a silver color, I think I could shoot down another $150. :confuse:

    Original quotes from dealers for EX AWD are $22987 - $23450. As you can see there is $500 difference between dealers. Also the price from same dealer can vary depends on which internet manager served you.

    I ended up with the dealership which is close to my home. But the original quote from that dealer was $23450. :)
  • nav46nav46 Posts: 8
    when u add everything up that u listed the cost comes out to $25,702. did they discount some of the stuff that u listed?
  • nav46nav46 Posts: 8
    what does the vin # start with?
  • nav46nav46 Posts: 8
    EX-l w/nav & remote start thown in

    $595 dlr hand
    $2377.66 tax
    $175 tt&r
    $199 doc fees
  • notloknotlok Posts: 1
    I have read many of the posts on this forum and I have not seen any people buying CRVs below invoice price.

    If anyone has bought a CRV below invoice price, please respond with the model, AWD/FWD, the price, tax, title, license , and the dealer name and location so that all of us on the forum may give these good dealers MORE business.

    Also, please provide a contact name and phone number so we will all have the same pleasurable buying experience.

    Thank you for your responses in advance.
  • autoworldautoworld Posts: 2
    Please advise. I need your collective wisdom. Dealer suggests I add all of the following:

    Rustproofing ($500) Injected in to the body panels of the vehicle, coats the sheet metal, preventing rust.

    Undercoating ($380) Rubberized, abrasion resistant coating applied to the undercarriage of the vehicle, strongly recommended due to salt in Maryland, reduces road noise.

    Paint sealant ($400) Teflon coating buffed into paint, prevents fading, loss of gloss, acid rain, bird droppings, and oxidation, eliminates waxing for 8 years.

    Interior Protection ($370) Protects all interior from oil and water-based stains, helps prevent fading of interior.

    Are any, all or none of these worth the cost? Your thoughts?
  • stevecarstevecar Posts: 148
    Please don't take this as a lighthearted comment: Take the money for all of these and go on a nice vacation.
    I've been drinving for over 40 years and haven't undercoated my cars since 1970. The rest of this stuff, imho, is also nonsense.
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