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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Dear Meisha,

    Please define what you consider my total out the door price. I've seen so many people with different ideas about what out the door means that I'm not sure I'd know what you would want it to mean.

    The number that I posted for the CRV is the number that is best used to compare what the car is actually going for.

    Again, I got a Honda 2008 CRV EXL 4wd with Nav for $27,223 with destination and this price does not include any taxes or fees.

    Since taxes and fees vary from State to State it doesn't make any sense to tell you the total price I paid out the door because it would vary in each state. Also, I transferred my tags and that was a different fee than if I had gotten new ones. Then I added a dealer installed mirror so I'm not including that in the price because others may not want that included in the figure and then have to subtract it.

    So if you add together $27,223 with
    Taxes NJ = 7%
    tire fee $7.50,
    document fee = $125,
    NJ online document fee = $7.70
    Supplemental title fee = $ 47.50

    you'll get one of the many versions of an out the door price.

    Again none of the fees matter for comparison purposes if you know what you need to know.

    This is how dealers play bait and switch with people that are confused about what numbers are important and which ones are not. You have to know all the numbers before you walk into any dealer so that when they start talking about the total you can say no, we're going to do it like this, "this is the price I am paying for the car, this is the amount I am paying for the accessories, this is the amount I am supposed to pay for this fee and that fee and I will not pay any advertising or dealer prep or other garbage fees".

    As for the fees, they vary and you have to figure out in advance which ones apply to you and how you are going to do the purchase. For example I transferred my tags from the old vehicle to the new one. This is a different fee than if I had gotten new tags or needed out of state registration and tags.

    So the most important thing to know is the cost for each segment of the deal, whether it be vehicle price, option price, tax or each of the separate fees that your state may charge for this and that.

    If I gave you an out the door price with out telling you what was included in that you couldn't compare offers.

    By giving the $27,223 price with out any of the other junk..... I gave you an idea of what the car (with destination fee) is going for in this region.

    Because we have to know all of this when we do the deal, it makes shopping from dealer to dealer somewhat of a headache, especially if you are looking at dealerships in different states with different state mandated fees. But by knowing all of the components ahead of time, you can keep track of what each part of the deal is costing you so the dealer can't take advantage of your ignorance.

    Ya gotta do your homework before you set foot in a dealership otherwise you run the risk of being taken advantage of.

    As for the fees I would look at your state's web site and see what the DMV is charging. Call the dealership and see what they have to say. Make a list and check it twice, that way you'll know which dealer is naughty and which is being nice!

    I hope that helps,
    :D Wanda Fonda Honda
  • I would really like to chat with you about your 3rd party Audi buyout. I am considering buying out my parents audi lease and could use your advice.

  • phisherphisher Posts: 175
    Great walk through for people looking to buy a new auto. Now if everyone read how you went about buying maybe there would be quite a few less people asking if "this is a good price" on the forums. I was also glad to hear that it was a win-win transaction with the dealership you worked with. Good for new car buyers to realize that there are great dealerships and salespeople out there. Enjoy the new CRV. ;)
  • crvme3crvme3 Posts: 140

    I to am impressed to read your posts (a little long winded but given some of the posts/replys I can certainly understand why) I also consider myself a "well informed" car buyer & it is a pleasure to read from someone like yourself who has taken the time & effort to understand the car buying process & walk into a dealer well informed & ready..."kudo's" to you & your deal! enjoy your new "V" :)
  • Bought a 2007 EXL AWD for 25k plus NJ tax etc (back in August).
    Shopping for a 2008 EXL AWD with Navi best price same dealer is giving me is $27,555 (plus NJ tax etc)- or about $500 over invoice. I think I can get him down a little more but he's got nothing in stock so it's a waiting game. Dealer is Joyce Honda in Denville NJ - I emailed the internet department.
  • Hi All,

    I bought a Honda 2008 CRX LX for Invoice price 19,254.00 + fees + taxes in Jacksonville,FL after talking and emailing with many dealers in NF/GA (Lowest quote) They have about 15 in stock and ready to sell for invoice price..Please contact me at, I can forward their email with price quote and sales person details..

    Let me also know anyone got lower than invoice in North Florida area/ South GA.-

    Thanks !!

  • Hello,

    If I put a deposit for a CRV EX-L w/ Nav, quote of 29k, can I ask for a refund of this deposit as I now see this was way too high for a quote? I recieved a matching quote after I put down the deposit for$27,629 from another dealer in WA.

    I know I know, I should have done my homework much better :(
  • mnfmnf Posts: 404
    If I may ask where in Wa I am shopping for my brothere in law and the best i have found on a EXL ( Without Nav) is $26.3K.. Thanks Matt
  • Seattle area, best price so far is from burien honda
  • cyrusdcyrusd Posts: 25
    I'm going to buy a new CR-V EX 2WD next month. If you've just purchased this model in this area, please share your experience and price paid. I highly appreciate that. I've heard a rumor about significant discount when buying car at the end of a month or a quarter. Is it true?
  • I was told by a dealer in California that all auto deposits are refundable, by law.
  • Hello, If you haven't bought your Honda yet...
    On Dec 13 I bought a 2008 CR-V EX-L AWD with Navi for 27,597 from Honda of El Cerrito, through the internet department. They were near the lowest quote in the area, matched the lowest quote I had, and found the color I wanted (Royal Blue Pearl with Gray) within a week. The other dealers either had higher quotes or longer waits. The salesman was excellent. The finance manager, of course, tried to sell me everything I didn't need, but at least he was extremely courteous.
  • Hello,

    We just wanted to post our buying price since we used this forum in our research. Today, we purchased a Black 2008 CR-V 4WD EX for $22,625 (before MI tax and that stuff - the out the door price with taxes, license plate, etc. was $24,300). I think the only extra it came with was splash guards. It had 8 miles on it when we started test driving it on Monday (the dealership let us test drive it from Monday until today - we were to initially return it on Wed, but when we took it back and told them we were undecided they told us to keep it until Saturday). They said we got an incredible deal, but of course they always say that. We do feel like we got a pretty good price though. Oh, they also threw in 5 free oil changes and 10 free car washes.

  • Hi All,
    I'm in the market to upgrade from my '01 Jetta to the CR-V (AWD), for those of you who have recently purchased, any experience driving in the snow? How well does it handle? Thanks!
  • jj4444jj4444 Posts: 4
    I just purchased a 08 exl 4wd for 27,000
    the price include destination, cargo tray, all season mats
    brooklyn, ny
    How do you guy think about the price i paid?
  • Honda Seattle downtown dealer would not match Burien quote of 27,879 for 08 EX-L w/ Nav. Only acc. I wanted which is included in the price are the mudflaps. Downtown Seattle is fine w/ cancelling the original order which was 29,160. Savings are close to 2k so it does pay to shop around :)
  • szerszer Posts: 80
    $29,160 is way too high... way above MSRP of $29,035 (even with $30 mudflaps Incl delivery to your home). $27,879 is an okok price. Not really that great, but not bad either. As long as you're happy, that's what matters.
  • I bought a new Honda CRV 2WD from Jacksonville, FL after getting quote from numerous dealers in FL and GA..This dealer gave me lowest price , that is invoice price .. Please email me balex2003 id in yahoo mail for details..(quote, sales person etc..) :shades:

  • ccacpccacp Posts: 117
    You already bought it. What do you want us to tell you ? Your price is too high ? Well, it is ! By about 1500 dollars. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news :)
  • sj72sj72 Posts: 3
    Hi, we are also looking for a CRV 4WD LX, could you please tell me which dealer you got quote from? and could you please share how much you finally paid for your purchase (OTD price)? Thanks.

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