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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I certainly don't think it is taboo to mention the 2% holdback -- especially if you are dealing with the Internet Sales Manager. More than likely, he is a salaried employee of the dealership. If you just walk in off the street, the typical car salesman is working of commission, and that area between Invoice & MSRP is where he gets his slice of the pie. I avoid car salesmen like the plague. Sorry, but in every single car purchase that I have made where I talked to a salesman first, I was explaining features to him. What service is he providing me?

    As others have posted, getting OTD (base price, dest, & any fees) for Invoice to Invoice + $200 should not be difficult to do. TTL is unique for each person (based on where they are buying the vehicle) so remember to view that separately when you read through this forum.

    As far as putting them on the defensive -- it's not something that concerns me. I'm not there to make a new best friend.
  • hondamom6hondamom6 Posts: 19
    I am interested in a 2008 Honda CR-V 2WD EXL. My research indicated the MSRP is $26170. I live in East Texas and I got an email quote from Jack of Diamonds in Tyler for $24673 - the esalesman tells me that is drive off price plus TT&L - he swears by email that there are no other fees tacked on and that he can get me the color I want (green tea) although they don't have that color on the lot. Destination charge is included in the price.

    Meanwhile, I'm dealing in person with Brew Honda in Longview TExas where I have previously bought 3 Hondas. The lowest price they have offered me is $25300 and they keep mumbling something about having to charge more since they would have to deal with another dealership to get the color I want and blah blah. I told them about the other equote and they started rambling on about how Jack of Diamonds probably can't get any and would charge abunch of fees once I got there and so on.

    After reading the really good quotes people on here are getting and on 4WD at that, I really feel like I'm getting royally screwed. Any help??????
  • mquillenmquillen Posts: 71
    speedracer, thanks for the price breakdown, and the education on sales taxes in the Alabama area. In the Ohio area, a 2008 LX AWD can easily be had for about $20, 944 (before TTL and DOC) and our DOC fee is limited to $250 (which is still too much in my opinion). As you noticed, it's important to treat the DOC fees, and etching, etc, as part of the dealer profit. Some dealers try to make people think the DOC is a state mandated fee, lol.

    Some of these dealers really try to differentiate themselves. Before we even talked price at one dealer, the dealer was telling me they are offering a "lifetime" engine warranty on every car they sell. Of course, I'm thinking, how much is this going to cost me. Needless to say, we never got that far. I'm going to wait for a 2009 as well.
  • mquillenmquillen Posts: 71
    divotman, first of all there seems to be a bit of disagreement between various sources as to whether the holdback is 2% or 3%. I've talked to some dealers that claim the holdback which they talk about is 2%, but there's another 1% that is never discussed. For Honda that holdback is on the base MSRP. So the holdback for rhe EX-L 4WD is close to $800. Of course dealers don't want to discuss holdback, or anything else indicating how much profit they're making. Some vehicles are a bit scarce in some areas, and dealers are pricing them accordingly. As far as doc fees, Edmonds lists IL as limited to $55, is that correct?
  • mquillenmquillen Posts: 71
    hondamom, I don't know about Texas, but in Ohio the 2WD EX-Ls are almost impossible to find. I've actually been told that they are essentially gone until 2009. That's probably why your dealer is playing hard ball. As we approach July month end and some dealerships aren't making their numbers, make an offer you are comfortable with and be prepared to walk out.
  • bugg2008bugg2008 Posts: 7
    Car buying can be so over whelming! Last weekend my sister bought her very first new car at 48yrs old. She was so distraught every time she even thought about going to a car dealer, as she had "no clue". She asked me for help, followed my instructions to the letter, went to the car dealer alone and got a deal that she can feel good about, (of which I outlined in a previous post), EX-L AWD $24,330+670 dest+1250tax+299doc fee+75reg+29sticker. They even found the color she wanted at another dealership for her.

    First I think that you should get more than 2 quotes, if you haven't already. I obtained more than 10 (using the site) but that is a little over the top, I admit. It doesn't matter if the dealer isn't local. Let them know that you are willing to travel if necessary.
    When you ask for a quote be specific. This is important. Tell them that you want a quote without destination and an itemization of all fees/costs. I was surprised to find that nearly all complied. Also let them know that you are serious by letting them know that you will be buying within the next few days. This makes a big difference, in my opinion.

    You should be able to get a good handle on the dealer's invoice cost thru reading this website. Personally, I would "shoot" for approx $500-600 below the dealer's invoice(before destination). Also if you can go within the last week of the month they are even more motivated. I think the key to the quotes is getting an exact listing of all fees and costs so that you can compare "apples to apples"

    Once you have obtained all quotes, go to the dealer you would most like to do business with and show him your lowest quote(s). I always carry a folder in hand.
    Because you have done your homework you should have a target price that you are comfortable with. Present him with that price and tell him that you will buy right, on the spot now, if he can meet it.( I also recommend having your financing in place before you go-If the dealer has a better rate than go with it)

    Otherwise, be prepared to walk.

    If they see that you are serious, have done your homework and are prepared to walk you have a very good chance of getting your price.
    Good Luck and let us know how it turned out.
  • ykckbyykckby Posts: 30
    Bugg...your post is very helpful. I live north of Boston and am about to venture on a purchase of a CRV EXL or Rogue. Did you do your search solely on the internet and then head to the dealer? Do you then have to deal with a salesman? I HATE car buying...hate hate hate.
    Did you also contact Commonwealth in Burlington?

  • lithalumlithalum Posts: 1
    That's a really good deal. The lowest quote I got is 24,590 OTD in chicago. Do you have the name/email of the continental dealer?

  • adam74adam74 Posts: 5
    Bought my 2008 CR-V EX 4WD on June 29 2008. The lowest internet quote I got was $22,256 + $630 destination charge. After 3 hours going to and fro, got the dealer to throw in Remote engine start and auto day/night rear view mirror for free. So in all I was satisfied with the deal I got. But the negotiating part really drained me out. I hated it.
  • bugg2008bugg2008 Posts: 7
    ykckby... I am always glad to help.
    We are lucky in the North of Boston area, as there are quite a few Honda dealers. I never had to speak to a salesperson, as I was able to do it all on line. I used the site and used "locate a dealer" option,entered my zip and clicked on "list all". Then I proceed to fill out the short form provided, being very explicit as to my quote, asking for a complete itemization of all fees,costs etc. I entered all zeros for the phone number so they wouldn't call and under "contact preferences" I checked "e-mail".
    I was delighted to receive complete quotes for the most part and when I replied, asking for more info they jumped right on it
    The dealership that I contacted in Burlington was Herb Chambers. Commonwealth Honda is in Lawrence, Ma.

    I stated in my previous post that I assisted my sister with her purchase. I did all the research and forwarded the quotes (which by the way had my name, not hers on them) to her. The kicker is she got her "car buying confidence" up and decided to go to the dealer without me. This is a person who thought she was going to be sick when she first pulled int the dealership! She purchased the car out in Western MA instead of out here, even though the best quote were North of Boston. If my sister can do this so can you!

    The best quotes came from Commonwealth in Lawrence, MA:

    Thank you for your inquiry. We have a great availability of the 2008 Honda CR-V EX-L . The List Price on this vehicle would be $27,370.00 and the Invoice is approximately $25,491. Our net cost on this model with all incentives, rebates and coupons would be $24,957. Our best price is the price that beats any other dealership. It's our policy to beat any bona-fide deal by up to $500.00.


    Atamian Honda in Tewksbury:
    MRSP $27,335
    Internet Quote $25,456 WITH destination
    The Internet sale Mgr was wonderful-even though I didn't speak with him on the phone he answered everything completely-no pressure and was very up front-

    Again, my sister paid $25,000 WITH destination and they obtained a car from another dealeer for her You may do better than that.
    You just need to put a little time into requesting the quotes-go prepared to walk away if they won't meet your price.
    You don't need to talk to anyone until you are absolutely ready to buy
    Please let me know what happen or if I can answer anything else-
  • hondamom6hondamom6 Posts: 19
    Thanks for your suggestions. Today I got several internet quotes from dealerships about 2 hours from where I live. They were not good ones. Only about $500 off MSRP. Basically, they are saying "we only have x number of cars left, take it or leave it". One was actually over the MSRP once they added "dealer added on options" which were not evident in the video I was sent of the car and was never mentioned by the internet manager in the video. I emailed her back and asked what the options were since they were not made clear. Hope to hear back from her tomorrow.

    Even though this would have been my 4th Honda, I think I'm going to look at other brands. Perhaps a Mitsubishi Outlander or I may just switch to a car.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Recently came across a certified used 2006 CRV (LX model) with 5500 miles, asking price is $17440.00. Is this a good price or could I do better? Thanks
  • Apparently $55 is not correct. I have only gotten one IL dealer to respond and they quoted $150 for docs.
    He also told me they like to at least turn a profit on the holdback, which is only 1% that they receive at the end of the year.
    Isn't this a holdback "bonus" in addition to the 2% they would get?

    This is my best offer so far in real numbers: $25617 for cr-v & doc, $1610.43 tax, $80 licence & title, $150 doc. for a OTD fo $27457.43.
    I do have another dealer that says he will make it worth me driving to west of St Louis and beat that offer but I don't have that in writing yet.
  • roger35roger35 Posts: 1
    I just purchased an '08 Honda CRV Ex-L AWD w/Navi for 27,660 excluding taxes @ I-79 Honda in MT.Morris Pa. No hassle sale, completed in 15 min.
  • mquillenmquillen Posts: 71
    Thanks for pointing that out divotman, apparently Edmonds has it wrong, $150 is the maximum doc fee. At least it's better than the $250 we have in Ohio. I'm so glad our government is here to serve and protect. Check this out for a little history on the doc fee in IL.

    I'm a bit surprised by the prices still being charged by some dealers for 2008's, this close to the 2009 release. I hate to say it, but for those interested in AWD, I'd consider the Subaru Forester, which is a 2009, but it can be had for within $500 of most of the prices I'm seeing here. It's really a very nice design with better leather seating, especially in the back seat, and seats that lay flat. Of course Subaru Limiteds can also be hard to find, as apparently they blew the forecast for that model. The reason I say the Limited is because I don't think the intererior of the standard trim compares as well. OH, and homelink is an option.
  • ro22nero22ne Posts: 13
    Trying to get as much info as possible before purchase. What OTD prices have been paid for the '08 CRV Ex-L AWD w/ NAV ....thank you
  • gatsby4gatsby4 Posts: 1
    Just bought an '08 EX AWD here in Central NJ. I used Edmunds' email price request feature for four dealers. Three sent back actual prices, one sent a request to know more about what "options" I wanted. My request was for an EX AWD, but Clinton Honda sent quotes for all trims in both AWD and FWD, which I thought was nice.

    VIP Honda sent a quote of $1 under invoice. Clinton was about $450 over invoice. Clinton was closer to where I live though, so I went there to test drive, and they matched VIP's price (their doc fee is $100 less than VIP's, so they quoted me invoice + $100 so the total price would be the same).

    Price was $23,227, including delivery fee. After taxes, doc fee of $197, DMV fee of $251, etc, total was $25,300.

    At delivery, they tried to sell the HondaCare warranty, etc, but it wasn't pushy. Overall, I'm happy with my experience.
  • heyw00dheyw00d Posts: 8
    I bought one in NJ last month.

    Price - $27118 (incl destination)
    DMV - $25.50 (I transffered old registration and plates - saved $225)
    Tire fee - $7.50
    Docs - $197
    Tax - 7% NJ Tax
  • heyw00dheyw00d Posts: 8
    I also bought one last month from same dealer - overall excellent service. But they also pushed me to buy extended warrenty, etching,... etc. They were slightly pushy, called me a week later as well, were ready to negotiate too.
    After a long time, I have seen car dealers (may be this one) pushing for extended warrenty. Stay away from it ...
  • $23,588.70 (includes the $635 for freight and $300 negotiated price for installed roof rack)
    $99.00 dealer processing charge (seems like extra padding to me)
    tax, title, registration, tags cost of $848.00

    total cost for EX AWD 2008 CR-V OTD with roof rack - $24,536

    good, bad, ugly?
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