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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ralex3ralex3 Posts: 3
    I just bought a 2009 Honda CR-V EX AWD at Atamian Honda in MA. They gave me an internet deal of $22,353, including destination (good on cars in stock, expires 6/14/09). They added $299 documentation charge, state taxes, and $111 state registration fee.

    It seemed to me I was getting a stellar deal. According to Edmunds, invoice is $22,977, holdback is 2% ($460), so the dealer's cost should be $22,517, I paid them $22,652 for the car (22,353 + 299). If they're making profit, it ain't much.

    But then, after I signed the contract (alas), Honda Village called and offered to sell me the car for $500 less than Atamian. How can that be?! If Edmund's numbers are right, Atamian is making all of $135 off me and Honda Village would lose $365.

    Are Edmund's numbers wrong? Is my math off? Are dealers so desperate to clear their lots they'll take a loss?
  • megahitmegahit Posts: 10
    I am also looking for a CRV. I m in MD area. Can you tell which dealer is this. This seems to be a good quote.
    The lowest quote i got was 24850$ for EX AWD

    BTW what finance rate you got ?

    Please let me know abt the dealer
  • ralex3ralex3 Posts: 3
    Sorry, richbf2, but Atamian Honda and Honda Village are in Massachusetts, not Maryland. If you really want to buy from out of state, just google the names.

    I didn't get financing from the dealer.

    One thing I've learned from my experience is to play dealers off against each other even when the price seems great already. I suggest you get internet prices, then call around telling dealers the lowest price you got and ask if they'll beat it.
  • jeeper29jeeper29 Posts: 2
    Appreciate the tips. I know these guys will try to make money on the CRV and money on my trade in as well, so it will be a battle. It's interesting. If they can make 2000-3000 on the trade-in, they will make far more on that than they will on the CRV.

    Does anyone use as a guide for good deal prices. They claim they use actual sale prices on CRVs. Their "Great Price" for a 2009 EX-L is 25,368 and a good price is 25.671 (inc. destination), but not TTL.
  • What is the most effective way to get internet price quotes - call the internet managers at a bunch of dealers? Or use one of the websites that can do multiple quote requests by email? Which websites are best for that? Based on the chaos and competence level at most dealerships I would not be surprised if my email requests sat rotting in someone's inbox. Also, if you want to do a test drive, is it best to call the internet manager at one of the dealers and set that up?

    My endgame is, I want to avoid the traditional, old-school scenario of sitting in the dealership while salesman and GM play the back and forth games. I want to negotiate the best price among several dealers and close it from my home or office.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207

    If you want info of most effective way to deal with Inernet sales, please click my name to email me for info.

    I can't post the link here because they said it is competitor's site and my post got deleted.
  • ralex3ralex3 Posts: 3
    I went to and, as a result, got e-mails from a few dealers with good prices. One price was really good: even below invoice minus holdback. Yet I discovered after buying that another dealer would've been willing to beat even that stunningly low price (this was on a Honda CR-V).

    So even after you get the quotes, some negotiating might pay off.
  • dmarvin79dmarvin79 Posts: 1
    I did a ton of research and searching but ended up with a pretty good deal. Worked with the dealer I bought my '03 Accord from, met a sales guy who took very good care of us a couple of weeks ago. Let us test drive the car, even grabbed us a Santa Fe to test drive for comparison (Hyundai part of the same dealer family, a block away). Spent the last two weeks looking at pricing from Edmunds and Truecar, sent emails to all local Honda dealers. Got the quotes back and built my case. Told the salesman that I would get my best prices and give him first right of refusal.

    Settled on an Urban Titanium Metallic, dark interior. $25,200 incl. destination. $250 for the roof rack INSTALLED, $710 for a 6 year, 100K extended warranty. Going in Saturday morning to do the paperwork. I could have gotten the roof rack for about $210 on the web but after shipping would have been close to the $250 anyway.

    I did notice that the Truecar price ranges were a lot closer than the Edmunds price. Edmunds TMV is $26,403 which ends up in the "overpriced" range on Truecar.

    Take a little time, do a little research, arm yourself with information. Does wonders if you can get done when you have the ammunition.

    Hopefully everything goes well on Saturday morning!
  • Thanks but I don't have personal email access at work (and I'm always at work). Maybe you could post enough info to be helpful but not so much as to be deleted?
  • Regarding Truecar being more accurate than Edmunds - do you mean for market price or for invoice, or both? I'm not sure what the most accurate source is for invoice and dealer cost.
  • arifshabarifshab Posts: 7
    How much you paid for the Car.
  • arifshabarifshab Posts: 7
    You bought the AWD CRV EX-L model 25K OTD. Wow killer deal. In MI here no body came that close. Lucky you:)
  • ssrissri Posts: 1
    Is this the OTD price? or price before TTL (Tax,title/license)?
    It is a great deal if it is the OTD price. Also the accessories that you mentioned (roof rack and xtended warranty) are they included in this price or not part of $25200.

    Am shopping for EX-L AWD in the bay area. Lowest i have received is $25420 (includes dest) but doesnt include TTL.

    This is just the first email response based on the request I sent through a website. I am yet to schedule a visit to the local store for a test drive.

  • 2009h2009h Posts: 7
    Anyone got good quote on a 2009 CR-V EX-L w navigation in Cleveland area"? Will the price be lower if wait until after August?

  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Re EXL w/ NAV ... currently you should be able to make a deal 11%-12% off from MSRP
  • I called 7 dealerships in the Utah/Southern Idaho area and quotes ranged from 25,512 - 25,820 (inc destination) with $299 non negotiable document fees. TTL also not included. Thoughts? Should I try to negotiate the document fee if they claim that all the dealers charge it and that they have to collect it? Thanks!
  • mvs1mvs1 Posts: 462
    We have that same $299 doc fee here in CT. This has actually lead me to a neighboring state, NY where it's $55.

    Point being, tell them they can charge their $299 fee, and simply reduce the car's selling price by $250, for example. Allowing a dealer $50-60 to fill out papers and make copies is enough profit.
  • dofferdoffer Posts: 16
    As a point of reference, in Sacramento, California, I purchased a 2009 CRV earlier this year and the dealer charged a $55 document fee. I agree with a previous post by MVS1 that $299 seems excessive for what little they have to do to "process" the invoice and other minor paperwork. In this market, anything is negotiable and I would start by decreasing the non-negotiable document fee to a reasonable level ($55) for starters.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    We have that same $299 doc fee here in CT. This has actually lead me to a neighboring state, NY where it's $55.

    Point being, tell them they can charge their $299 fee, and simply reduce the car's selling price by $250, for example. Allowing a dealer $50-60 to fill out papers and make copies is enough profit.

    I am pretty sure the CT doc fee is $175 or so charged by the state. Everything else is dealer gravy.
  • netak1netak1 Posts: 21
    How did you make out? Did you end up purchasing from the Rt. 22 dealership and, if so, what was your out the door price?

    $24.5 - $25k out the door still seems highly impossible for the AWD EXL, when most dealerships in NJ are about $3k higher for OTD. Was it too good to be true or did you score an amazing deal? :D
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