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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kusonkuson Posts: 8
    Metro honda is very good with those emails they send out.. They always intentionally forget to include something. Be careful..I learned my lesson last weekend.
  • kusonkuson Posts: 8
    2WD or 4WD?
  • jnnt29jnnt29 Posts: 9
    I'm in North Jersey and got my EX 4WD for 21k at Madison Honda in NJ. I requested several internet quotes and they were very good. I originally was going to get the EX-L 4WD for 24500.
  • goel_argoel_ar Posts: 12
    Anything specific? this is the price I got over the phone.
  • goel_argoel_ar Posts: 12

    Yes. it doesn't include destination & taxes etc.

    #1 - I have asked for written quote in an email - would that be good?
    #2 - What other charges shall I expect on top of this price?

    Any idea how much more negotiation I could expect?
  • goel_argoel_ar Posts: 12
    21,838 - is the quote got in NNJ
  • lori56lori56 Posts: 19
    Does anyone know if Honda is offering an incentive in August for purchasing a CRV? Anyone have any info that would be helpful in negotiating? Thanks!
  • goel_argoel_ar Posts: 12
    Are below charges normal ? I have been given these in my written quote.

    Destination $679
    Motor Vehicle $372.00
    Documentation $279.00
    Window Etching $198.00
    Credit Processing $19.00
    Online Registration $7.70
    Tire Tax $7.50
  • jc9jc9 Posts: 1
    I just lost a good deal for a CRV EX-L AWD, the dealer gave me $23,900 base price but someone bit $700 higher thant the price that i got, they have only one car on color urban titanium. Some one have any other idea where i can get a similar deal in DC area?

  • leto123leto123 Posts: 28
    I'm not in your geographic location, but these fees looks pretty inflated. What does the motor vehicle fee cover? Is that a local/county/state fee? The documentation fee is pretty high (mine was $150 in Chicago) and I think you should skip the window etching (I think you can buy a kit to do it yourself for $20-$30 if you really want it).
  • Well, I did my clunker deal today. Basically when emailing by internet I never mentioned clunker. But at some point I had to mention it because some dealers were not even doing clunker deals. Then I had issue of hubby wanting a specific color that many dealers didn't have so I had to call around, revealing clunker. Plus many dealers pretty much suspected that anyone calling them July 31, Aug 1 or 2 had a clunker to trade in. (Any sane car buyer without that issue would avoid shopping now for sure!!!)

    So I didn't get the best price, but I'm in NYC metro area and I think prices here are higher than in the Midwest from what I have heard. Learned a lot about buying cars from the experience and hopefully it will help me do better on next vehicle.
  • I got a written quote from a dealer in NJ. You have to pay sales tax, motor vehicle fees (he estimated $190- probably stuff like transfer tags emissions etc) and doc fee of $199 (New York limits doc fee to $45 fortunately).

    Definitely get a written quote by email specifying the model you want in particular. Invoice is apparently 26919 + 710. So if he's quoting you 25700 + 710 he's giving you the vehicle at 1200 under invoice. Honda is giving a $500 factory incentive, and I guess the other 700 is either competitive pricing or he's gonna make it up somewhere in extra fees, so make sure to ask what all the other fees are in writing before going in.

    Certainly other NJ Honda dealers like DC in Tenafly and Paul Miller were not giving that kind of a discount.
  • Yep- he's making up for that $700 discount with these fees. Destination is actually low, believe it's actually 710 according to Honda website. Motor vehicle should be more like $190 (I paid $150 in New York but it could be like $70 more if you get new plates). Doc fee was 199 at another NJ dealer, so these discrepancies could add up to $460 or so. So you're really coming in around $750 under invoice.

    Window etching- BS
    The other charges seem small and probably legit.
  • lori56lori56 Posts: 19
    Could you discern from looking at the VIN, if the vehicle came directly from Japan or was assembled elsewhere? (I was told that the Toyotas from Japan have VINs beginning with the letter "J". I wondered if this was also true for the Hondas.)
    Thanks a lot!
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,881
    All cars assembled in Japan have a VIN that starts with J.. not just Toyota...

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • goel_argoel_ar Posts: 12
    Thank you nassakaeg. anyways it is the price/fees over phone. Might be able to better with in-person negotiation. I got everything in written now.
  • Just got a quota with an OTD price of $23,082.30. The base price is $21,310. Is this a good price? Please comment. Thank you,
  • Get quotes from other dealerships. If you're not doing C4C you have time.
  • went shopping this past weekend. the dealers we went to in Queens, NY are not willing to negotiate, their attitudes were 'take it or leave it', 24-25k OTD :mad:
  • did anyone get their cash? how long does it take for the approval?
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