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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • They are sold out, or just about sold out. I recently took a trip from Long Island to Maine. I swear one out every thirty or fourty cars was a new CRV.

    2010s should be in in about four-six weeks, if you can wait.
  • Is that price after tax, and fees? (what is the out the door price)
  • I am looking for a used CRV EX. I found one by owner. It is a 2007 CRV EXL with navi and xm radio with 31K miles. They are asking $21K. While this is a few hundred dollars above the "clean" individual price, I assume there's some negotiation room.

    My question is this: Will the Edmunds TMV and Kelly Blue Book price change considerably when the 2010 come out or is this taken into consideration in the current price?

    In other words, what is a good price to pay now?

  • rxpiperrxpiper Posts: 1
    Check DCH Kay Honda Eatontown :) :) :) , NJ. Bought an LX 4wd for $150 below dealer cost yesterday in the clunker sale.
  • Hi, doing the same research now. Curious what dealers you dealt with and how your overall experience was. Trying to find a good dealer, i.e., the least games to play. Looking for same exact model.
  • Looking for insights on best dealerships, etc. Thanks in advance.
  • kizhekizhe Posts: 242
    I have a 2003 CR-V EX which I bought new in 2003. It was made in Japan. At that time CR-Vs came with Bridgestone’s. I replaced the tires at 115,000 miles which was only yesterday. Dealer "recommended" replacing them during inspection but they were not done yet. But I decided that it's time to replace them anyway before winter comes. I chose Bridgestones again because they proved to be so durable. One secret: I regularly rotated tires at 5K intervals - as I did oil changes. I did 5 -tire rotation (including spare). Naturally they lasted longer.
    (I am still on original front brake pads.)

    People on Edmunds "love to hate" Bridgestones and post statements like: "Yesterday I changed my Bridgestones to Continentals. What a difference!"
    I would say "Yesterday I changed my Bridgestones to Bridgestones . What a difference!" Of course when you change old tires to new ones you would feel "difference!” So I decided not to gamble.

    All in all, with 6 years and 115K on my odometer I had to (apart from regular maintenance) replace oxygen sensor and ETS. Otherwise all was o.k.
    I also have a slight engine noise, which sounds like a valve noise. They checked the valves but they were o.k. Dealer said not to worry.

    Not bad comparing to my another car Volvo S70 1999 which I also bought new. This car is a disaster with 80K on odometer. Most troubles were with electronics.

    Next year or so I will probably buy another CRV.
    What I do NOT like with new CRV's.:
    1. No full spare tire,
    2. No tire well space below where I keep some junk out of site,
    3. No cassette drive - I have some old records which I like.
    4. No retractable shelf between seats and no collapsible table in the back.
    5. Big wheels and small (' bicycle') tires. I would prefer small wheels and big tires. See - I am not participating in car races with my CRV, but, like all of us, I do have lots of potholes on roads.

    What I do like:
    1. Bigger thigh room,

    2. Audio system sounds much better. DVD for kids might be a good idea (They do not gaze at the windows anymore - they are living in a ' virtual' world. When I was a kid - I enjoyed looking around while my father drove a car).

    3. Leather seats and heaters come standard. - In 2003 I ordered them “after market”.

    Bottom-line: Looks like there is no alternative to CRV. I tried RAV and Subaru but did not like ‘em.

  • prsiiprsii Posts: 15
    Anyone know when 2010's start to arrive?
    Strategies for negotiating on 2009 models?
    How much are dealers willing to drop their prices on 2009?
    Or should one just wait for the 2010's?
  • Heard late September but not positive. Been researching '09's to purchase this week or next but everyone's inventories are in flux due to the Clunkers rush over the past weekend. Not many in inventory but dealers waiting on a few more arrivals. Seems that program is messing up the usual model year-end buyer leverage, that or dealers are just feeling fat and happy after the weekend.

    I'd wait another week or two and test the waters on the last remaining '09's.
  • dgrebdgreb Posts: 51
    I've been offered the following prices

    2009 CRV LX = $23,134.30
    2009 CRV EX = $25,585.44
    2009 CRV EX-L = $28,329.99

    These are OTD prices with 6% sales tax and I presume $599 doc fee. I was told inventory is low in the south-east. Having said that, they had a new batch in today. I even test drove the black/black LX 2WD, which is my preference.

    What are your thoughts?

    I test drove one today and liked it. A little underpowered, but acceptable. However with a full load, maybe that will be more noticeable?
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Are those prices for the 2WD or AWD models? I know on the 2WD LX model before the C4C program $19,300-$19,500 was do able but prices have risen and inventory has dwindled so unless you need to purchase now I'd hold off for a bit.
  • dgrebdgreb Posts: 51

    I'm going to check the costco and amex programs too. I'd rather buy sooner rather than later, but I agree, it's best to wait. I think September will be a dire month, so if you can wait till the end, I think a good deal can be had.

    Got 19800+ttl from amex. Not sure if destination is included.
  • Just purchased a new '09 CRV-EXL Navi. I am able to fit two mountain bikes in the back w/seats down, but would rather have them outside due to the cleanliness of the bikes. Does anyone have a recommendation for the rooftop rack or a rack on the back? Also, is there a good source besides the dealership for bikes racks on the CRV?
  • Hi all,
    I'm in the market for the EXL with 2WD (Houston, TX), I know the MSRP is 26K+dest+ttc, can anyone give me the best suggestion of what is the price range for negociating? thx.
  • How much was the price of your new EXL Navi?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    free shipping
  • prsiiprsii Posts: 15
    North Carolina

    Price - $24,287 (w/ mudguards)
    Tax - $729
    Tag fee - $88
    Doc fee - $399

    OTD - $25,503.
  • Thanks for your infos...
  • 09 CRV EXL w/NAVI 4WD, $27,600 (includes dest & fees), purchased at Castle Honda in Chicago.
  • just got last hs ....2009 Blue/Grey EX 2WD CRV with tint, splash guards for $22,200 plus fee's earnhard honda trade in.....

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