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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • chang6chang6 Posts: 2
    Hi All,

    I am living in Sacramento, California. I am in the market for a 2010 CR-V LX, the really basic model. Can you tell me what's the fair price for this car?

    Poor guy can't offer to pay for extra option.. :)
  • Netak-Because you asked, first impressions after a week and 120 miles:

    I really like the car. The leather seems very plasticy, nothing like the good stuff that is in my Pathfinder. But the drivers seat is breaking in nicely. It helps to be 220 lbs., I'm sure.

    Only other negative thing I can say is that the interior smelled like 500 carcinogens. Really plasticy smell too. The saleswoman called me the next day and asked how I liked the car. I told her that I hated the smell. She said that's the new car smell that people pay thousands of dollars for, LOL. But seriously, this was not a pleasant smell. I don't remember any new car I've ever had smelling this bad. But the smell is fading.

    Other than that, I have to compare it to my 2000 Pathfinder, which is a 4x4 and obviously much more of a truck. The Honda feels much lighter, is a pleasure to drive, and is much more maneuverable. But naturally it lacks that 4000 lb. carved from a solid block of steel feel that the Pathfinder has. Kind of like a heavyweight vs. a welterweight, or that feeling that you may have experienced if you've ever lost 15 pounds or so. Just much lighter on it's feet.

    Ride is comparable to the Pathfinder, but probably better. You still feel every bump, but they are more subdued. Acceleration is about the same as the Pathfinder. My Pathy is only 170 h.p., but substantially more torque. The Honda feels fine around town, but that's with me and maybe one other person aboard. I can't imagine driving it in the mountains with 3-4 people plus luggage, or towing anything with it.

    The interior room is probably a little better than the Pathy, especially in the back seat. Cargo room is probably a little better too. Cabin width and headroom in the front are comparable.

    Haven't don't any panic stops, but braking feels excellent.

    The computer shows me averaging just over 19 m.p.g. That is all suburban driving with a couple of pleasure trips on the highway at speeds under 65. When I got the car there was 28 miles on it and the computer showed 23+ mpg average, so I'm guessing they drove it over on the highway from another dealer.

    I was impressed looking under the hood. Many of the metal pieces seem to be polished. You can definately tell what is steel, what is aluminum, etc. It is very jewel-like under there.

    Oh, and I really, really, like the XM satellite.

    Overall, I'm pleased.
  • sujitnsujitn Posts: 5
    Hello all, I just joined the forum. I've almost decided to buy 2010 CRV EXL black/black. After lot of research and negotiation, I got the offer 27200/- OTD. No other dealers are willing to give at this price. Is this good offer? I need honest feedback from gurus like you. Also, the delear doesn't have b/b in stock but they promised to give it to me within 2-3 weeks but I need to put down 500 advance t'row in order to honor that price. Wolfchase Honda is reputed delear in Memphis. Please let me know your views. Thanks
  • Is that for a 4WD? Because I got a much lower price on a 2010 EX-L 2WD, almost $2000 lower. Mine's a polished metal/black, it should come in this week!
  • Out the door price (OTD) including what ever tax, and fee's the dealer tags on, then you got a fair price, depending on what fee's and taxes you had to pay out..

    I paid $27,388.00 out the door, 2010 EX-L (Plus got two free oil changes) with the florida $599.00 dealer fee that we all pay in this neck of the woods. Or without fees and taxes and lose from my trade in, the cost of my CR-V was $24,981.00

    Taxes...My state is 6%..$621.00. Would have had to pay more, but my trade in off set some of the taxes since I traded in a newer vehicle. If you did not have a trade or traded in a older car, your taxes would be substantially more.

    Dealer Fee...$599.00
    Document stamp..$101.85
    Official gov fee..$2.00
    Gov lic registration fee..$211.50
    Loan proc fee..$100.00
    Priv Tag agency fee..$55.00
    Tire disposal fee..$5.00
    Lead acid battery fee florida..$1.50
    Lic plate transfer estimate fee..$152.00
    Trade in lose(honda insight) ..$558.00
    Pin stripe/mud flap included
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    Not out the door you did! Invoice is $25356 and you'd be doing good to get within a few hundred $$ of that PLUS taxes, fees, etc....
  • sujitnsujitn Posts: 5
    It's 2010 2WD EX-L polich metalic/black OTD is 27,200/-. Anacodia, did you pay 25K OTD for 2009 or 2010 EXL? sounds like much better deal. Howvere, I serached and negotiated every where but no one is willing to do businees less than 27.5K OTD. Today I just pay $500 for booking fee and Wednesday I'll buy the car. Is it a worth deal? Did I pay much? I need a honest feed back....Thanks
  • sujitnsujitn Posts: 5
    Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, I don't have the break down and don't know how much tax but I'll pay 27,200/- OTD yes OTD and no trade in. Also, delear will give couple of free oil change and service etc...He will give purchase oder on Wednesday so I don't have the break down now.....Is it worth deal? Thanks
  • Has anyone purchased one of these 2009 or 2010? I'm expecially looking for prices paid/quotes people have gotten in Minnesota recently. I live in Minneapolis but am willing to travel elsewhere.

    Does anyone know if the XM radio comes with EX? I couldn't find that out in my search (I see it does come with the EX-L).

    Thanks for any advice.

    :) Christy
  • I have no trade in, and am paying cash. My deal is $25299 plus cargo tray for a 2010 EX-L (no navi) 2WD. It's polished metal metallic/black which is a new color for 2010, so I know there is no bait and switch. I was able to choose from 3 dealers with this price. One was in the next state (about 2 hours south, and my closest USAA car buying service dealer) that one quoted $25,300, the other was about an hour North of me and said they'd match the price. With all this info, I went to the dealer around the corner from me and they said their quote was $25299 with cargo mat. They have my deposit, the car is scheduled to be delivered between Oct 16-20. I contacted probably 8 dealers around the region and their initial quotes were all around $26,200.
  • XM radio does not come in the EX from the factory, only the EX-L.
  • sujitnsujitn Posts: 5
    Is $25299 OTD price or you will pay ttl? If it's OTD price then I would say excellent deal you got. I was seraching for last one month and 27200K OTD is the best price I would think for 2010 EXL but I need feedback ....
  • lcg11lcg11 Posts: 2

    I'm in South Florida looking to buy a 2010 CRV LX FWD and the best offer I have so far is $20,600, not including a DOC FEE of $998.00 + "government fee" (tag) of $315.00 plus tax.

    Am I getting a good deal?

    Based on percentage discount shown on recent posts, I think I should be pushing to get it lower. I would appreciate any feedback on this.

  • 26200 + TTL (includes roof rack, all season mats, and cargo tray).
  • All,

    I have been shopping around for a CRV LX FWD for some time. I got an offer of $20000 even for a 2009 CRV LX 2WD. Is this a good buy? This is in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • I bought the exact vehicle here in Michigan and I Love it! Very "classy" looking and handles much better than my 2006 CRV. At lot less road noise.
  • Since TTL is different in all states, I didn't include that in my post. That way we can compare apples to apples. $25299 is my cost of the car, that is what I will write the check for.
  • 25350 + 350 doc fee + Tax, title, and reg. Total was about 28500 from VIP Honda in NJ. Smooth process and quick sale
  • sujitnsujitn Posts: 5
    Ok, I paid 24900+ttl+docfee=27,200 OTD for 2010 Honda CRV EXL polish metal mettalic/black and cargo try + spalsh guard and floor mats included. I'm going to pick up my car t'row. Is this a good deal?
  • Hi,

    I am in the market for a while for CR-V. Can anyone share what is the best price around LA area for a basic model LX? I dont want to buy anything extra from the dealer (price being the concern) ... can I expect any free stuffs from the dealers? Is doc fee mandatory?

    thanks in advance
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