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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I got a price quote for 20600 - bay area
  • jikjik Posts: 118
    i havent received any survey from honda about dealer experience

    Its been 7 weeks since purchase. is that sent by dealer or honda
  • Offer of $26800 including destination + tax for a 2010 EX-L AWD without navigation. Do you think I should keep waiting or go ahead? Thanks for everyone's help.
  • Jonrobertson,

    I live in PA, KOP area and I have 2 offers for a 2010 EX-L AWD, one from Baltimore area for $26369 +tax / tags and another from local area dealer for $26469 + tax/tags.
  • Ramesha2: Thanks for the info. These "hard" numbers are what makes this forum so useful. My offer is in the northern California area. I think I'll keep bargaining.
  • gbcacgbcac Posts: 7
    I am also from Bay area and looking for 2010 CRV LX FWD .Does the price 20600 include all other charges/Document fee except for Sales Tax? Who is the dealer.
  • Thought I'd let everyone know how I came out yesterday. Got a 2010 Glacier Blue EX-L with Nav, sunroof deflector, splash guards, pinstripes for $27,900, no taxes, bought out of state. I'll pay right at $2k in taxes when I register it in TN. Bought in Huntsville, AL.
  • mvs1mvs1 Posts: 462
    thanks for the note on this. I owned an aftermarket retail store some years ago which included electronics. Installed many drop in and custom NAV the end of the day it's what the wife wants, she doesn't go for anything aftermarket....

    happy wife = happy husband.
  • Hi :

    I am getting quote of $21000 on 2010 CRV LX metallic color is it a fair price . Can you share the dealer name who is offering 20600 in bay area

  • Hi :

    I am getting quote of $21000 on 2010 CRV LX metallic color is it a fair price . Can you share the dealer name who is offering 20600 in bay area

  • The price 20600 - does include the destination fee.
  • evp40evp40 Posts: 2
    I am looking for the exact same thing EXL AWD, non-Navi in SF Bay Area. We got an offer for 26,220 + TTL. Took it to several other dealers and they wouldn't match. Maybe try Avery Green in Vallejo as they were willing to match, but they're slow to return calls.
  • evp40evp40 Posts: 2
    I was shopping for an EX-L, but Avery Greene in Vallejo sent me a 2WD LX price of 20,542 + TTL. Marin Honda gave me 20710 + TTL.
  • Well, after making sure I had a good lunch and was well rested I went in at about 1:30 and after 5 hours (mostly because I'm a nervous beaver :P ) I finally walked out with a 2010 EX-L w/o Nav Glacier Blue. OTD was $27200 w/tint, pinstripe, cargo tray, splash guard, edge guard (didn't really want that but oh well), and that roof deflector thingy. Of course, everything I had to keep saying no that they wanted to add on, boy they sure try to make it sound really good too!!!

    Overall, the price is about average going rate... trying to get a better deal will be like squeezing blood from a turnip ;) and boy it was getting really tiresome!! I got my car from David McDavid of Irving and I was pleasantly surprise by the lack of strong arm tactics. They were very pleasant and of course try to sell me the usual crap, but hey everybody needs to make $$ somewhere :P

    Now all I need is someone who lives around the DFW area who can give me advice on how to get the accessories I want on my CRV without paying the $100/hr labor charge. Phew.. now that is extremely expensive!

    Thanks for all those who provided helpful advice. I am extremely grateful for the responses.
  • Contacted a number of dealers yesterday. Best price I came away with was $25,744 + $329 conveyance + TTL.
  • Hello

    I am a first time buyer for a new car. Thinking of a Honda CRV LX 4wd AT. I have a bank loan

    Can you all share your experiences and what price I should be looking at? I got one quote for 25, 500, which I think is too much for a base/standard CRV specially in this market.

    What shoudl I be paying including WA taxes which is around 10%

    Here is the price the dealer is quoting

    Invoice is 22, 000
    mark up 500
    Title fee 200
    Document fee 150
    taxes 2,300

    Total comes to around 25,000

    Any advice would be great, thanks
  • I just got my new 2010 CRV EX-L. Love it!!

    Anyway, when I heard how much the dealership wanted to charge for installation of the accessories, I about passed out! I know this is not the forum for it but if anyone here has some info pls email me instead...

    So I'm trying to look for other ways to get it install but by someone with accessory installation experiences. I don't know exactly how to look for one. So if anyone is reading this that lives in the DFW, Texas area knows of anyone OR how do I look it up in the yellow pages or what are they listed as???

    Thanks for any help.
  • looking for prices paid on crv exl with navi in chicago/midwest market. best quote i received so far is... $27066/$27776 with destination + tax and title. anyone out there doing better?
  • I just did the same with a sunroof visor, splash guards, and Honda pinstripes for $27,900 in AL. Prices should be the same in Chicago I would think.
  • got an online price of $21,685 plus title,tax, license-chicago area-is this a decent deal?
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