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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Am in texas and interested to buy 2010 Ex 2 wD model .. Anyone bought recently and whats Out the door price ?

    Looking to buy before year end sales
  • tjxtjx Posts: 32
    Heritage Honda, Parkville Md, just outside Baltimore. Refer to my post number 8757. No games but one heck of a savings!! I drove from Virginia Beach, Va to this dealer to save $1400 from the lowest price I could find in Southern Virginia, including Richmond and Fairfax Va. Just ask for the internet dealer. You will not be sorry.
  • This was back in July my friend.....pre-clunker when CRV's were a plenty....$1400 lower than the next lowest is a ton...I'll give him a try and report back...merry xmas
  • dislabdislab Posts: 10
    I bought a 2010 CR-V LX 4WD, no options at OTD $2300 last week in NJ (7% tax). I believe there is $200-$500 to lower the price. Hope this helps.
  • Wow! That is a great price! My out the door price was about $700 more. I bought 2 1/2 weeks ago and the best price I got for a 2010 LX 4WD was $21915 (published invoice price) before title and tax. Seems that most people on this forum manage to get prices below the published invoice price.

    Good luck with your CR-V. I really like mine.
  • I am being offered a Honda CRV 2009 EX-2WD quoted for $21800+tax (6.75%)+Doc+Tags. What do you guys think of this deal. The invoice price on this vehicle is $21864.
  • mpd2mpd2 Posts: 12
    All the dealers in the WA/OR are not budging on 2010 LX 4WD prices. They are telling me CRVs are rare, showing me the invoice price, and saying to make a profit, they can only sell $500 above. Some are still quoting MSRP.

    I'm seeing people here bought theirs in the low $21k. Any thoughts on negotiating for a lower price? It's like all the dealers are conspiring together or something.
  • Hi,

    I am looking to buy 2010 CRV AWD EX-L this saturday.

    Can you give me the Sales person's name you are dealing with at Rosenthal Honda.

    What should I offer if I add Leather to your quote.

    ANy help is greatly appreciated.

  • lokielokie Posts: 8
    Mpd2, I agree with you. Although I am not in WA/OR, I feel the same in Nor Cal. I have also been quoted a couple of times $500 above invoice. the latest i have been quoted was $22,300 (before TTL). Since I don't really need the car immediately, I am not going to buy it unless I get below invoice or the max, at invoice. Good luck with your buying.
  • I want to purchase a EX 2WD before the end of the year to earn some tax break. Can you share you experience? I am living in Sacramento, California
  • Could you tell me which dealer was it, please? I am in a market for the same car. Thanks.
  • I was being offered a 2009 CRV EX 2WD for 21800 + ttl in central this a good deal?
  • Hi any one bought crv ExL AWD with out navi in philladelphia area recently? i want to buy one before the end of the year. I have one offer from a dealer for 26,655 plus tax and tags. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated. zip 19406 :)
  • I'll try to update this when I get the sales contract in my hand but in Texas today I paid $22250 OTD (sales tax = 6.46% and misc fees not sure about). Another dealer later offered me $22000 OTD for the same but I was suspicious of this. Options = pin stripping and dark tinted windows. "True car" pricing was the closest to the real world pricing. Now to end of year is the BEST time to buy. Dealers do NOT have upper hand this week.
  • cvacva Posts: 3
    I am looking to buy a CRV EX-L 4WD , I have a price quote of $26,400, the MSRP for this vehicle is $28,455, does this seem like a good deal? (the $26,400 price does not incude taxes, tags or dealer processing charge of $289). I believe the dealer invoice for this car is $26,516, so price is about $116 under invoice.
  • cvacva Posts: 3
    I am getting ready to buy one in the Richmond area, the best price I have so far is $26,400 plus taxes and tags
  • cvacva Posts: 3
    Did you buy your EX-L AWD and if so, what did you end up having to pay for it, if you don't mind me asking.

    I'm getting ready to buy one in the Richmond area.

  • dislabdislab Posts: 10
    Planet Honda (admin: if the dealer name is not allowed here, please delete this post)
  • I am going to buy today evening. IThe best quote so far is $25405 + TTL from Fairfax Honda. This is for a 2010 CRV EXl-L
  • Are sure its is 2010 EX 2wd Model .. bcoz i checked with the dealer and it comes around 23500 for that mode

    Thats good deal
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