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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Have owned bigger SUV's in the past. Currently driving a 2000 Toyota Tundra 4WD and a 1998 Honda Accord EX. The Accord is the 3rd Honda I have owned. Was interested in a AWD (4WD) for the long winters in upstate NY. The Accord is a great family sedan in which I have enjoyed 5 years and 71,000 miles of trouble free driving, but the Accord has trouble getting up my 300' long, slightly sloped driveway even with the slightest coating of snow. Decided to keep the Tundra (great 4WD vehicle) but wanted to add a second 4WD. I will not trade the Accord. I will keep it for my daughter which will be driving soon.
         Checked out the Toyota RAV4 and was immediately turned off by the lack of power and the pricey cost not to mention its 8 inches smaller in overall length compared to the CRV. Test drove a CRV with 8 inches of snow on the road and it drove beautifully and climbed my sloped driveway without hesitation. One MAJOR PROBLEM with the CRV is that the dealers are in the drivers seat with the pricing They know they have a hot seller in huge demand. The dealer I visited had only one to test drive with no inventory. Other dealers also had little or no inventories of the CRV. They have been playing hardball with the price and initially only gave me $600 off of the MSRP. I had two dealers fighting it out for my business.
         The price quote for the 2003 CRV EX 5sp was as follows:
    Note- The price below reflect the total sale price including these accesories:
         Body side cladding
         Front grill and trim kit
         Rear air deflector
         Running boards
         Splash guards/flaps
         Moon roof visor
         Cargo mat/tray
         Hard spare tire cover

         Total sale price including destination charge: $22,900
         After doing some research I believe this is a good price. I tried real hard for a price of $22,500 but they simply refused and wouldn't budge from the $22,900 price.
         Vehicle had to be ordered and expected delivery is April '03. Put a deposit down and locked in the price.
         Any comments? Feel free to post them.

  • Thanks to #80 for the story. I am having an offer from Houston Honda for 18,150.00 for the same model. What was the APR that Honda gave you? And how much are your monthly installments ? THANKS
  • 2002 Nighthawk Black Pearl Honda CRV RT4WD w/ no options 19,800 + 460 w/ 2 free oil changes. Getting the options online.

    The Clownpuncher
  • Hi #86

    I first got pre-approval from a credit union. They gave me 4.25% on a 60 month new car loan from

    When I talked to the Honda financing. They saw I had a really good FICO score. And they matched it with a 4.24% for a 60 month new car loan. Loan ended up with Bank of America.

    Highly recommend getting pre-approved from credit union before shopping for a car. Otherwise the dealer finance department will screw around with you and play games like "You can only get this special finance rate if you buy this undercoating for $1000". Or other sneaky games like this. BUYER BEWARE..

    SO get approval and you have the best preparation.

    Good luck to all!
  • March 7th, 2003 - San Francisco Bay Area
    4 weeks of waiting for the car (stick shift, colour)
    No extras,
    $20,314 - including destination charge
  • neoscrvneoscrv Posts: 5
    2003 CRV EX Automatic trans. The option packages offered by Honda are making the competition look twice. Most options that are standard on the EX model are singled out and manipulated at the haggeling desk at other dealers, i.e. ABS brakes, 4wd, side impact airbags, Fancy wheels, moon roof, etc. Honda has a great marketing tool here and it works. Mine came with side steps, roof rack and mud flaps. (Would've done without had it not been for insisting on a particular color) Total price before taxes...$22300.00. Just try to find a green one. Took me 12 dealers!
  • tellantellan Posts: 6
    Thanks pbuck for the story #71.
    Just picked up silver one from Rosenthal Honda in Tyson's Corner VA couple days ago. $21,600
    +$299 processing+Tax. $22622.22 out of door.
    The best deal from my local dealer was $22,360+
    $149 processing. Saved $650(~$100 for the trip).
    Very nice dealership. Just ask for e-quote.
  • msomahamsomaha Posts: 3
    We just closed our deal tonight here in Omaha, Nebraska. We got the following:

    CR-V EX, 4-wheel drive and 4-speed automatic, Mojave Mist exterior, with all the EX trim standards (6-CD/cassette/am/fm stereo with tweeters; moon roof; front and side airbags, power locks and windows, etc.) plus we got the optional cargo area cover and the optional front splash guards.

    We paid $21,814, and that included the $460 destination charge and labor/installation on the options. MSRP on the sticker was $22,860 and invoice price was $20,692 for base version with no options. The TMV for this vehicle with no options is $21,912. So, we got a pretty good deal, particularly considering we have options on this car.

    BTW, we chose not to trade in our old car (a Mercury), so our price is without trade-in.

    We're headed to one of the Web accessory sites to pick up wheel locks, cargo tray, cargo net and maybe all-season floor mats.

    We purchased our car at Honda Cars of Bellevue in Bellevue, Nebraska. They gave us 4.4% financing for 60 months, which was much lower than all the local bank rates and just a half point higher than the premium rates from the Internet and national lenders, which had all sorts of strings attached to them.

  • I paid $22,149 and got delivery in two weeks at Greenwich Honda in CT. Tax and license were extra. I think I could have done better, but got tired of haggling. The lowest "special" internet pricing I could get from anyone was 22,350. If I had to do it over again I would e-mail my price of $21,700 to all the Honda dealers in the area, with follow-up calls ready to close a deal the last week of the month. Financing was good at 3.5%.
  • nccrvnccrv Posts: 1
    Purchased 03/15 at Crown Honda in North Carolina. 23,100 including taxes, tags and destination fee. Also included installation of options: roof rack, sun roof visor, mud flaps and cargo map. Some what flexible dealer in North Carolina. Color was VERY hard to find...until after I bought it. 1 Week delivery time.
  • wchen5wchen5 Posts: 2
    I got my CRV EX automatic at GA. I have options of clear coating protection, front mud guard, visor and roof rack. I paid 21,700 plus $349 document fee, $70 for CT tittle and 6% CT tax. Looks like a good deal. I will drive it back to CT as a gift for my wife. She told me the price is about $22,500 for EX and not including those options at dealers around my CT home town. And she needs to wait for the next delivery to get her ideal model. There is no CRV in the dealer's lot. In contrary, the dealer I bought from at GA has about 25 CRV in their parking lot right now. I should have stuck to my initial offer of $21,500. I bet I can get it at that price or even lower based on my observation of their slow business at here. Most of buyers are probably stayed home watching bombing Iraq. Well, may be you can find one at here and drive it back to north and still save a few $$.
  • mdgcrvmdgcrv Posts: 1
    Purchased my LX 2WD Blue on March 25th, in Marietta, GA (Atlanta). "Drive out" price was $19600, which included 6% sales tax, destination, and all dealer fees. Options were: Roof Rack, Mud Guards, Cargo Tray, Wheel Locks, and Interior/Exterior protection package. I had them remove the pinstripes. I recieved the price by emailing out my initial price quote recieved through the Edmunds site, to a few dealers in my area. Very pleased, though had to get the blue LX shipped in from a dealer south of the city. CHECK that tire pressure.......mine was at 44psi even though the sales person said they take care of that. (they did'nt....the ride is now much smoother at the correct pressure)
  • carltaocarltao Posts: 7
    3/23/2003 Los Angeles
    Got my '03 CR-V EX automatic (Mojave Mist Metallic) from Norm Reeves Honda West Covina location. I worked with the Fleet Manager. Price is $21151 (including destination charge) + $49 (wheel locks) + $100 (splash guards) + $45 (document fee) + $1760.96 (tax) + $183 (license fee) + $5 (ca tire fee) = $23293.96 (out the door price)

    Good luck!
  • icq8899icq8899 Posts: 1
    I'm planning a used car(02 CR-V) which is not necessary but want to use as an alternative one(I got a 03 accord Ex v6 already).so that mean I can hold untill end of thid year,any suggestion if I should buy now or wait to December?Also Any dealer information close to
    State college,PA 16801
    thanks first!
  • Hey folks I think I just got a Darn good Deal yesturday 22,200 out the door, and that includes mud "phlapsss" My tax was over 600.00 and tags were about 65.00 bucks meaning 700.00 total tax and tags, So I figure my price was 21,500 for the CRV including their "proccesing Fee" (watchout for that one) I told them right out Im not paying that "Pad on" at first they tried like heck to get me to pay close to sticker price but they knew in the end some profit is better than None, I did alot of research on here and learned alot from you my fellow buyers watch their hold backs, they might settle on $100.00 over invoice knowing they have a hold back comming from the dealer. Hold your ground, let them know you have contacted other dealers and might be interested in other makes, give them an out the door offer, so they can't add other "fees" on to your cost, play it cool and don't look too eager to buy, You must find their total Cost and offer a few hundred over that so they can make a little too. Just watch the add on garbage so they can't pad their profit, this is a great site for info! and saved me money.
  • red2003red2003 Posts: 1
    I was interested in receiving more info on your buying experience in Omaha. Did you also go to O'Daniel's on Dodge Street? What about Superior Honda in CB? Thanks
  • laptevlaptev Posts: 18
    I think you are going to get a better deal down South than up North. We had the 3rd highest snowfall in recorded history in Upstate New York this year. So many people (myself included) decided we wanted a 4x4 vehicle. And I think because of the high gas prices, the CRV looks much better than the 6 cyl. Jeeps, Escapes, etc.

    So when I decided on a CRV and started shopping around, only 1 of the 7 dealerships in my area would even talk about taking less than MSRP. In fact, when I used the on-line companies to get a quote, the dealers didn't even bother to give me a price! But of course the dealership that was willing to take $600 off MSRP was lowballing my trade. Can anyone say price-fixing?!

    I finally bit the bullet and bought my silver EX in mid-March 03 with mudflaps, wheellocks, and 2 oil changes thrown in for free for 22,130 + tax, title, etc.

    Although I think my dealership made too much on this deal, after crunching the numbers in Excel, I still paid $1900 less than the best deal I could get on the Mazda Tribute (plan B) even with $1500 in dealer cash they were going to give me straight up.

    A bigger discount would have been nice but after 900 miles on the vehicle - I am extremely pleased with it and I think it is worth every penny. (I also got to use my ABS and 4x4 in this weekend's outrageous ice storm). I'll also mention my mother has a 99 CRV and the 02/03 version is a significant improvement.
  • Bought a new CRV for my wife. Total price was 25 grand and could have been a lot less if I had not opted for the warranty and etching. Well, this is my first Honda after owning/still owning Toyota trucks and cars. Wife wanted the warranty and would have went without.
  • jms13jms13 Posts: 2
    Paid 21,300 plus tax, license, & doc fee. $22838.49 out the door (Chicago area). Includes free first oil change and 10 free car washes. I feel pretty good about the deal.
  • hawaiiguyhawaiiguy Posts: 11
    $23,461.00 out the door from Honda Windward (Hawaii) for the EX model.

    Offered $22,200/no freight charges ($460) plus all the additional taxes/license/documentation.

    I saved $200 under the MSRP price and $460 on the freight charges. Big demand locally, so wasn't expecting much in terms of discounts.

    They included free: splash guards, rim wheel locks, cargo tray and door/wheel wells trim.

    They and the Tony Honda dealership are above average dealers in terms of customer satisfaction---do not go to Pflueger Honda (Honolulu).
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