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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • 4over200k4over200k Posts: 18
    I would recommend you negotiate more and get the 4WD closer to 24,500 and the 2WD closer to 23,500. If you don't need 4WD the 2WD with traction and stability control handles nicely, gets better gas mileage (1 - 1.5mpg). I had a 2007 EXL 2WD with 103K just traded two weeks ago for a 2010 EXL 4WD.
    Good Luck
  • isalec2isalec2 Posts: 1
    Was your price for AWD or FWD ??
  • marig0107marig0107 Posts: 92
    I am so with you on the tires. Honestly, the second thing that most peeved me when stupid kid totaled my 2007 was having to go thru the stupid maintenance costs followed by replacing the starter tires they shlop on them. $1000 later the car had appropriate tires.
  • 4over200k4over200k Posts: 18
    agreed! There is something wrong when you buy a 25 - 30K car and you can't wait to change the original tires or you are scared (as I am with the Conti Contacts on my 2010) about driving in wet conditions because they don't seem to grip anything but totally dry pavement! Many of us would pay an "up-charge" for premium tires and Honda is not the only car company that takes the cheap OEM tire route. Safe driving.
  • lissacjlissacj Posts: 2
    Thanks for the tip! ...Appreciate it.
  • jsctjsct Posts: 9
    Is anyone aware of any dealer cash on the CRV ??

    A few days ago the CRV 2011 EX 4WD Boch Honda in Norwood, MA quoted me (including destination) $23,168 + 298 doc fee + tax title and license and indicated willingness to further negotiate.

    The true car report says that the dealer's true cost is on this car is $24,015, yet the true car "best price" in this area is $23,600.

    There are no public incentives or customer rebates now except for the .9 financing. Something is up. Dealers have to be getting some kind of hidden cash on these cars. How much?
  • jbonjbon Posts: 5
    Dealer get spiffs.
    Carry-over bonuses, volume bonuses, and customer-satisfaction bonuses.Not all dealers get those incentives.
    A month ago I bought a CR-V EX-L w/Nav for about $300 under dealers actual cost .My cost $27927.
    After getting that price I had the dealer install remote start,side moldings,painted pinstripe,all weather mats and cargo mat.
    Negotiated those accessory installs a bit too.They still got that $249 doc fee.
    All in all,I'm happy with my deal.
  • novice99novice99 Posts: 1
    I want to lease a CRV
    Boston area
    12,000 Mile
    Base model
    No money down
    Honda website says $270/month; Does that include everything?

    Is that the best lease do you think I can get?

    Any examples of good CRV leases?

  • sweendogysweendogy Posts: 1,052
    nice job jbon//enjoy the rig.. so far i like the backup cam in tight spots but the phone and nav have not impressed- they are no where near as easy to use as the nav in my g 35 but it gets the wife where she needs to go.
  • lch77lch77 Posts: 53
    I'm looking in PA and cannot find deals here as good to those I found near Boston. I think they might be better than the ones posted further up on this page. For Example:

    novice99 - 12000miles; I'll guess 36 months and 2WD not 4WD: SX $213/month w/$577 due at signing. Add $13.31 to each for MA Sales Tax

    jbon CR-V EX-L w/Nav $27,233.30+Doc $239+Registration Fee $125=$27597.30 for 60 mos @0.9% =470.73 or $500.15 w/ MA sales tax

    jsct: 2011 4WD EX-L w/o Nav: $23,083.64 = $239 Doc + $125 registration=$23,447.64. I think that's $85 less

    I also believe that this dealer is close to the you mentioned.
  • jsctjsct Posts: 9
    For the record, the prices I was quoted outside Boston were more than what you said:

    2010 4WD EX-L: $24,631
    2010 4WD EX: $22,377
    2011 4WD EX: $23,168

    Add $298 doc and TTL

    I ultimately bought for a few hundred more from a local dealer because of the inconvenience of picking up the car at the CT DMV during the week (this MA dealer won't issue CT plates at the dealership). Local dealer also threw in free oil changes for life and an extra 12K on the warranty -- sometimes your local guy will add little things that are worth something too.

    Best way to get the best price is to look at in the zipcode of the closest metro area to you. Large dealerships generally get volume bonuses and so will sell for less. Look at the part on truecar that says "recent sales" and click on the bars at the low end of the distribution to see actual low-end sales. Send emails to as many dealers as you are willing to drive to, indicating that you will lease/buy a car this weekend from whoever gives you the best price and that you are aiming for a price at the cheapest end of the distribution. A dealer who is 2 hrs away from you knows that only a great price is going to get you in the door. You could even show them truecar sales from the boston area as a way of establishing your expectations:

    This is what I did, and my local dealer was able to go $1200 less than the truecar "best price" for my area, which was still $200 under the truecar best price for the Boston area. Dealers were fine with it. I didn't take up much of their time.

    You will have the best luck if you do this move the last 6 days of the month. If a dealership is close to hitting a volume bonus, they may give you a great deal just to hit the volume bonus. You may still not do as well as Boston (I didn't), but you should get pretty close.
  • lch77lch77 Posts: 53
    I did not post the source of the prices I posted because I wasn't sure of Edmunds' MGC rules. I found them and see I can post that these prices, complete with all of their backup calculations, can be found at While Truecar is an excellent guide for establishing a good target price, will confirm their posted prices in a quote.

    Too bad they are 6 hours away.
  • sweendogysweendogy Posts: 1,052
    i live 20 miles away and did not know of this place-- wish i would of found it 4mths ago-- i went to the website and they clearly list the prices of each car vs Msrp.. good resource, yes --prices are good as well.
  • How is this OTD? I'm in north Chicago area.

    invoice with dest: 28580
    internet price with dest: 27680
    doc: 156.08
    evr: 25
    7% tax: 1950.28
    plate: 194
    OTD: 30005.36
  • The best local dealer price quote I got is $20391($800 below dealer invoice) from a dealer about 25 mil away.

    Sale Price ...................$20,392.00
    Sales Tax ................... 1,993.58
    Doc fee ...................... 55.00
    DMV Fee's ................ 322.75

    TOTAL ....................$22,763.33

    I brought the quote to my local dealer. They didn't seems to have any trouble match this quote. I have the same experience with my local Toyota dealer to match the best quote from Truecar price.

    Is there still a lot of margin for the dealers to sell even below the best Truecar price quote? There are seems to have about 40 cars sold below that price. I will try the strategy quoted by lch77 next weekend.

    Please share your purchase experience, especially folks from SF bay area. Thanks.
  • chiragwchiragw Posts: 3
    If you dont mind can you tell me which dealer. I want to buy the same car too.
  • toledo73toledo73 Posts: 58
    I received quote of 20, 575 from south bay honda, milpitas and 20, 600 stevens creeks honda, san jose. Problem is, the 2012 is only a few months away. total redesign
  • csivacsiva Posts: 1
    Whats good price in WA state for 2011 Honda CRV SE - FWD?
  • blackexv6blackexv6 Posts: 490
    edited May 2011
    $22,783 internet pricing at Main Line Honda for 2011 Honda CRV SE 4WD. Ended up getting car at Piazza Pottstown similar pricing better offer for my trade-in.
  • bpaliwalbpaliwal Posts: 4
    Here's what I got @ Honda of Hayward
    0 down
    799 (1st month payment + fees) --> **I did not pay anything else at drive off.**
    330+tax monthly
    residual: 16180.75 (60%)
    maintenance: 4 oil changes
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