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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jmsnycjmsnyc Posts: 6
    $36 months... $1500-$1700 down in NY. $399/mo

    Is that too high?
  • tjw7tjw7 Posts: 9
    jmsync, yes too too expensive. check out truecar
  • drr98drr98 Posts: 80
    What Acura did you buy?
  • appa531appa531 Posts: 10
    I emailed Valley Honda yesterday and I got a price quote of $27179 (w/Dest fees) on 2011 CR-V EX-L w/Leather and Navi 2 WD.
  • bbb99bbb99 Posts: 55
    The dealership said they can only give me msrp on a 2011 cr-v 2wd lx. Should I keep looking around to other dealerships?
  • No unfortunatly I'm not looking. That is a great price and I would have loved to come up to your beautiful area and drive it back to LA. Best of luck to you. I know what you mean about the CRV being kind of small. We'll see how it works out.
  • Darn! Yes, its a beautiful car, is literally everything we hoped it would be when we shopped for it, but.... too small for 3 kids AND a loaded down vehicle with gear. Other than that, you cannot beat the awd capability and gas mpg!
  • I am looking into buying either an 09 or 10 CR-V. The TMV ranges from high 17k to 26k, and local sale prices range from 17k to 20k for the base model.

    I am paying in cash, so all I care about is the bottom line price. What should I expect to pay, assuming the car has between 20k and 40k miles on it? And what would be a good price? I've read that cash isn't that enticing for a dealer, but I still feel like paying the entire thing up front should be good for a lower price.
  • I was quoted $27190 over the phone from a local Long Island dealer I am hoping to go there tonite for a better deal
  • jky1jky1 Posts: 2
    Does it include destination fee?
  • We just drove our new '11 CRV EX-L 2WD (no Navi) yesterday :)

    Price: 24,290 + destination, $810 = $25,100

    We compromised on our trade-in and accepted $500 less than what we wanted in exchange for over $600 in adds we wanted, which was a win-win for both of us I guess.

    We went through the internet sales department of Sterling McCall Honda in Kingwood, TX (Carla was very helpful). It was 45 minutes further than the closest dealership to us - but, this dealership was our top pick out of 7 in the area because they accepted our offer without haggling, returned calls promptly, and drove almost 200 miles in the rains of Tropical Storm Lee to pick up the model & color of our choice from another dealership for us. This supports the low-inventory claims made....and probably explains why we didn't get as many calls back from people on our offer. Maybe they just don't have much to sell. Either way - we got what we wanted and are happy with our new CRV (our 7th Honda).
  • itntitnt Posts: 2
    First time buyer here, I got an offer for CR-V SE 4WD for $23,237 in WA, around Seattle area. I'd like to know if it's a good price?

    Thanks in advance for any help,
  • Is this a good deal??

    2011 CR-V EX-L w/NAV

    $0 down

    $1700.00 Taxes and doc fees first payment $350.

    $350.00 a month before taxes = $375 w/tax NJ

    36mo./12k per year

    Free oil changes for 3 years.

    Comes to about $138 for every $10000 which is under the $150 for every $10000 calculation.

    Good deal???? TIA!!!
  • I had been a loyal Toyota owner (5 cars/truck/SUV) but have had recent problems with my 2002 Highlander that I had babied so figured I would give Honda a try.
    I just bought a 2011 CR-V AWD EX for $23,694 + $298 Documentation fee. I wanted a 2WD because I will not be driving much in snow but there were none available in the Northeast in the colors I found acceptable (without yellow interiors which I consider suicide with 2 grandson boys). I got Urban Titanium Metallic with black interior.
    The initial price was $23,992 but I talked them into dropping the Documentation fee which is on the form so they just lowered the price by $298 to $23,694. This is below both the Factory Invoice and the Dealer Cost.
    I used which is an incredible tool where you just punch in the car you want and you get pointed to several no-negotiation very low priced dealers in your area. Keep checking because the prices can change quite a bit. I ended up buying when the price dropped an additional $1,000 from the already low prices.
    The dealer I ended up with was Lundgren in Auburn MA which has additional benefits where you get a free extension to the drivetrain warranty to 7yr/100K miles as well as other dealer perks including several free no-paint dent pop-outs, service loaners, etc. the dealer had very good reviews.
    Since I will not be driving a lot I passed on the extended warranty but after shopping around the best price I found for a true Honda Care warranty was online at Saccucci Honda, which also had good reviews. The one I was considering was 8yr/100K/$0 deductible for $935. 8yr/120K/$0 deductible is $1,070.
    I hope my switch to Honda was a good decision. Happy shopping.
  • Found this most handy
    When coupled with TrueCar data, you will be quite empowered
  • I just got a random promo email from a local Honda dealer that all 2011's have to go. I wonder how well they are being priced to move? Anyone know when the 2012's come out and what do you expect an EX 4x4 to go for?
  • atlbravesatlbraves Posts: 2
    edited September 2011
    I have received following offer - best quote so far for 2011 Honda CRV FWD LX model:
    20609 (destination\Regional Adv fees included) + 489 dealer fees + TAG + TAX .

    I'm hoping i may be able to reduce dealer fees somewhat when i personally visit them, but this is the best quote so far via email\phone follow up. How does this look? Any other tips? I'm in new car market for the first time, and would appreciate any help i can get.
  • I just got an SE. I paid $60 more than you, but I got the 0.9% 60 month financing.
  • .9 for 60 months wow.

    What was your OTD price for the SE 4x4?
  • itntitnt Posts: 2
    Woah, that's nice, mind if I ask you where you got it from?
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