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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am offered $24,155 (incl Honda Destination Charge) for a 2012 Honda AWD EX. Please share your inputs on how is this price?
  • Just pulled the trigger on this deal, I pick it up on Thursday.

    Price: 27,900
    Tax: 1,953 (7%)
    DMV Fees, etc: $748

    Total: 30,601 OTD

    Got them to throw in a free remote start as well :)
  • I just purchased 2012 CR-V EXL AWD w/RES for 30,800 OTD.
    I live in CT.
    It has remote start as well. Here is the break down.

    Price: 28,392
    Dealer Fee: 399
    Tax: 1828 (6.3%)
    Reg: 180

    I am going to get it this weekend. Hopefully, I got a good deal?
  • According to, $28392 is $327 over invoice price(28065). I think the market is cooling down now.
    I have got a quote for $26,437 for a CR-V 2WD EX-L and it is $200 over invoice. It is getting to a better price after a month's wait.
  • lu2012lu2012 Posts: 1
    edited February 2012
    make a deal already for 2012 crv ex $ 22,232.00 but the OTD is $ 25,870 I guest I reside in a expensive county (Palm Beach County Florida), however I not sing any paper yet because is only 1 white diamond pearl in the whole state reply if you can sales tax is 6 % in dealer fess is $ 699
  • cpan1cpan1 Posts: 3
    Is this for AWD or 2WD ? The dealer invoice price (including destination charge) for 2012 CR-V EX AWD is $24,924, so if you are being offered $24,155, it would be a very good below-invoice price.
  • Could you provide dealership name?
  • hi
    i am looking for a 2012 AWD EXL with no other options. the MSRP + destination comes to 29105. the best i have got is $500 off. to 28600. can some one post new purchases and how many percentages below the MSRP was paid in and around the area.. if Minneapolis, the dealership? i see east coast having around 2k off..
  • Its Liberty Honda
  • I just paid 27800 for the same exact setup so its very close to my deal which I thought was very good. I am in NJ.
  • What seems to be the OTD pricing you see or experienced yourself ?
  • I live in Cleveland, Ohio (CRV Birth place is East Liberty, OH!).
    I got 2012 CRV EX AWD with roof rails, racks and wheel locks for $25350 plus taxes(7.75%) and title fee = $27350 OTD. Its been 2 weeks since I closed my deal and picked up my car.

    Could some one please comment on my case?
    Do you think its a rip off?
  • hi Lu
    What is the dealer name in palm beach?
  • I bought my new 2012 honda crv exl 2wd with navigation 3 weeks ago and I had a great experience at Ourisman Honda of Laurel MD. The internet salesman JP was great. Here is the breakdown of the deal:

    SALE PRICE $26697.63
    Freight $810.00
    PROCESS FEES $200.00
    MD. TAXES 6% $1662.46
    MD. TAGS $324.00

    TOTAL OUT THE DOOR $29,694.09

    I talked to JP on the internet and gave him a price I thought was reasonable, He e-mailed me a breakdown and I was told they would throw in dealer installed accessories already on the vehicle for free if I come in and purchase the vehicle that day. They had pinstripe, splash guards, mats, rear cargo tray, rear tailgate spoiler. I went for a test drive and loved it. It was a great experience for the most part except dealing with the finance guy trying to upsell me the additional warranty. I did my own financing and they still wanted a credit report. I think that is totally unnecessary. For the most part it was a good experience and I would do it again. I think this was a great deal, Any thoughts? :D
  • georgebush1georgebush1 Posts: 22
    edited February 2012
    I'll point out a few things:

    1. You were taxed on the destination, tag, dealer fee....which should NOT happen. Tax should be on the vehicle alone. To give you an example of where I currently am in negotiations, here is how I calculated it. Keep in mind, mine is an EX, FWD model:

    Invoice Price - $22699
    Current Market - $200 (area market currently paying $200 above invoice)
    Sales Tax (6%)
    Title - $21
    Destination - $710
    Dealer Fee - $599
    $25,602.94 OTD price

    Im not willing to pay that price for the vehicle. I want to get it for $24,500 OTD. I see the dealer fee is bogus, but all the dealers are charging it. So, I will wait a month or 2 and get it for $24,500.

    On another note, be careful on trade-in's. States calculate it differently so look it up. But in my area here is how the dealer SHOULD be calculating trade-in's.

    New Car = 22,699
    Trade-In = $5,000
    $22,699 - $5,000 = $17,699
    $17,699 is what your tax SHOULD be based on

    However, some dealers will tax you on the $22,699. Be careful to look for this.

    Also, for those that care (me being one of them), if the VIN starts with a J it was manufactured in Japan. If it starts with a 5 it was manufactured in North America.
  • Sorry for the delay in my reply. I really liked my experience dealing with Honda of Poway internet sales. They offered me a good deal once I quoted them the KBB fair price for the vehicle.

    They didn't have the color/options combo we wanted however, but, I was able to use their quote with Fuller Honda in Chula Vista to match against, and they did have the color and options that I really wanted.

    Hope that helps. Let me know how it goes for you
  • Just picked up my new CR-V EXL in urban titanium from Valley Honda in Aurora, IL.....
    here's what I paid (no trade, 3% financing):
    $26610 car
    $150 splash guards (I know I over paid, but overall they were the cheapest place around)
    $161 doc fee
    $1885 tax (7%)
    $194 title and reg

    $29000 out the door.... of the 5 or so dealerships I talked with, they were the cheapest, nice place in and out in 2.5 hours. for this area, thats pretty low. Good luck!!! :)
  • Hi,
    It looks like a great deal....Is it a 2WD or 4WD?
  • Sorry, it is AWD...... MSRP $29105.
  • Thanks for the quick reply..
    I think that is the best deal you can get..I have been trying to get some quotes this price is atleast $500.xx less than all the other dealers..
    Enjoy your SUV
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