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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bhodge10bhodge10 Posts: 2
    Hello, if I can get a 2012 CR-V EL-RES 2 wheel drive with OEM remote starter installed and destination fee for $27,000, would that be a good price?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,603
    That's a nasty term "collusion price"!

    It's the MARKET that determines pricing. CRV's are great cars that the dealers have trouble keeping in stock. If a dealer or a group of dealers chooses to not cheao sell their cars, that is their choice and not "collusion"

    There are other makes of cars that dealers will deeply discount because that is what they are worth in the prevailing marketplace.
  • jfb03jfb03 Posts: 1
    I want to thank everyone for their information. The prices have surely helped but I noticed most responses are midwest to back east or Florida. Let me give you an idea what it is like in Utah and Idaho. I was able to make a deal for a 2012 CR-V EX AWD at $24900 plus t/l/f, basically dealer invoice. I had to beg and plea for this deal with 6 different dealerships, through their internet sales and in person to get this deal done. No one else wanted to match it or beat it, they turned me away. The average going price for these units in this area is $600 over invoice to MSRP and above. If you ask for an internet quote, they give you the MSRP. They can't keep them on their lots and have huge waiting lists for preorders! If I wanted to drive 500 miles, I could get $24350 for only the unit they had on their lot, no choice on color. Anyone out there getting better the dealer invoice is doing really well...
  • ktinsleyktinsley Posts: 2
    This is Honda's current cash cow, so dealing at least here in Houston is hard, but yesterday we were able to get an EX-L with pro pack, body side moldings, door guards, and spoiler for $29,200 drive out (6.25% sales tax + t & l) from Gillman Honda here in Houston.....I tried to use a couple of prices listed on this forum, but with supply and demand here, the dealers are not as negotiable as other places in the country....we also were comparing this car with the new Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring package but could only get that for $30,200 drive out as it is a new model with very limited availability.
  • Was it AWD or FWD, what was the MSRP?
  • jackybanjackyban Posts: 7
    Does anyone have any recent OTD prices for EXL w/ leather in CA?

  • at Jeff Wyler Honda in Cinti, Ohio today. Got EXL model, AWD no navigation or entertainment package. Got the side body molding and cargo mat added. Paid 26,800 (includes destination charges) with those 2 add ons. Add $250 for doc fee, $33 for tags plus 6.5 percent tax, and I was out the door. Thanks to lots of internet research with other local dealers, I used their quotes to get the price where I wanted it. Took copies of their emailed quotes with me to the dealership to prove I wasn't trying to misrepresent what I had been told. Took copy of my credit report that I got online today with me (of course they ran their own, but helped show them that I was serious and well qualified/ informed buyer), and I managed to get 2.75 percent interest rate (my credit union quoted 2.95). I love my ride, and think I got a pretty good deal.
  • My wife and I are in the market for a new 2012 CRV EXL. Based upon research, our goal is a firm out-the-door price of $26,500. Has anyone worked with any dealers in Dallas or have any leads of a dealer that would work with this price?
  • ktinsleyktinsley Posts: 2
    We just bought ours yesterday in Houston, so we would have the same Texas based 6.25% sales tax as well as title and dealer in the Houston area would touch that price of advice is to ask all internet managers for quotes, take the lowest and work backwards with the remaining dealers from that...
  • KettyKetty Posts: 14
    Hello, After reading all the messages, I can see the dealers don't lower the price of the HONDA CRVs very much. My daughter has a 2000 with about 120, 000 miles and would like to purchase a new CRV. Since she really doesn't need to buy would she be better off waiting until the 2013 comes out and then start looking? or would she start looking at RAV 4s or another brand. Are the cars compatible but more reasonable prices? My 16 year old granddaughter hopes to get my daughter's car....we pass all are cars around.
  • Below invoice with add-ons and even the doc fee? How could you do that? The best quote I could get in Minneapolis is $475 over. Am I being ripped off?
  • to Lion King- just so that I am clear- the 26,800 was for the vehicle (CR-V EXL AWD, no navi or entertainment pkg). This price included the destination fee. I had to pay doc fee (250) and license (33.50) plus tax on top of that price. I had lots of internet quotes, and I really think that made the difference. We were apart $300, and I got up and walked out. They found me in the parking lot, told me they would do it for my price and I went back in. Be prepared to walk out! It also helped to be a well qualified buyer (806 credit score). I had no trade in to negotiate- only thing they had to make money on was financing- I came in with my own from credit union, but they beat it (2.7 thru Capital One). Overall, I was really pleased with my deal, but I think alot of it has to do with where you are trying to purchase (I am seeing much higher prices in other parts of the country). Good luck!
  • Just purchased a 2012 Crv Ex Awd for $24155 including destination. Il tax, title, and license were extra. Bill Kay Honda in Bourbonnais,IL
  • Thanks for your reply. I believe the invoice for your CR-V is $27,129 so you got a below-invoice super deal.
  • midocmidoc Posts: 5
    edited March 2012
    Hello everybody, I'm going to the states for my phD.
    I'm looking for a EXL model possibly with navigation.

    The big problem is. I don't have any credit record in the US!!!

    So it means either I have to pay over 10% interest(If they even consider it) or buy the car without financing.

    Would it be more expensive or cheap If I say I'm paying full amount in cash??

    I'm looking for a figure somewhat around 2800.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,603
    Since you have no US credit, getting financing is going to be difficult if not impossible.

    I used to deal with a lot of immigrants that Microsoft would hire and they could often go through a company sponsered by Microsoft.

    Do not expect the same interest rates as a person who has lived in the US all of their life with good, established credit.

    And, I would maybe think about lowering your expectations a bit. You'll ahve a better chance of being approved for something more conservative such as a lesser model or maybe a Civic instead of the most expensive CRV that is made.

    The dealer could care less if you are financing or paying cash. they get paid the same either way.
  • My husband and I are in the middle of negotiating the price for a 2012 CRV-EX AWD. We are currently looking at $24,900 including the destiantion fee and all-weather mats and cargo tray included. They will also give 3 free oil changes and life state inspections and loaner car. Does this seem like a good price? We are in PA outside Philly. We are working with the internet sales dept and got quotes from 4 dealers ranging from $25,995 to $25,198. The dealer invoice for this car is about $24,668.
  • kopackopac Posts: 1
    I am getting ready to purchase a CR-V EXL, 2 WD, (No nav) package in the DC area for $28000 all inclusive (T/T/F), plus FREE lifetime oil changes, car wash, state emissions and inspections, tire rotations.

    Not sure if I should keep looking. This was through internet purchase.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,603
    Just remember, those "lifetime" oil changes are far from "FREE" along with those other things. They are simply rolled into the price of the car.

    Nothing is ever free.

    Sounds good though!
  • chjuxxchjuxx Posts: 3
    We just bought a 2012 CRV AWD EXL with Nav in DC area with the following accessories:

    Spoiler $296
    Wheel Locks $55
    Splash Guards $104
    Interior All Season Floor Mats $143
    Cargo Tray $114

    MSRP: $30,506 + destination, tax, tags and fee.

    We paid: $27,791 + destination, taxes, tags, processing fee.
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