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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • padypady Posts: 10
    edited March 2012
    1. Sell Price: $22,900.00
    2. Dealer Fee: $699.00
    3. Electronic filing fee (for tags):...
    4. Tire Disposal Fee: couple bucks
    5. Battery Waste Fee: couple bucks
    4. Sales tax (items1-5 are taxable): 6%
    5. New License Plate Cost: $450.00
    6. Lemon Law Fee: couple bucks
    7. Out the Door Price: $25,597
    what do you guy think?
  • padypady Posts: 10
    It is a 2WD
  • pubudupubudu Posts: 23
    I am in Portland and looking for a Honda CRV EX or EXL. I checked couple of dealerships and they were offering slightly higher than MSRP with dealler additions (base price is almost MSRP). Metalic Red is a must and looking for lower price. Have you guys have seen any lower pricess in Portland, OR ?

  • I just bought an EXL model no navi or RES for 27980 + taxes + doc fee. Total is close to $29500. I didn't research b4 i went to the dealer. They list MSRP close to 28K plus additional stuff like tail guard.., so the sticker was 29300. So I negotiated the price down to 27980. Now seeing this website I know I was ripped off by them. Is there anything I can do to get some money back?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,194
    You could make an appointment with the sales mgr and ask him to refund what you think is fair. Should not be a problem based on how things work in the car business. Most dealerships have a department dedicated to refunding money.
  • shamreshamre Posts: 3
    i never bought new car before. my first time for new car and i am all confused.
    local dealer gave me 28888.00
    invoice price is 28815.00
    is this a good price if they put remote starter for free.
    TX in advance
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,225
    Was that a straight cash price without trade? That's under invoice according to edmunds by about $300. I haven't found any dealers even close to that deal, best is $23,800 or $25,500 OTD on cash deal/no trade.
  • lakerat83lakerat83 Posts: 11
    Sorry you got ripped - but, no, there is nothing you can do but not shop there or recommend that anyone else shop ther...
  • lakerat83lakerat83 Posts: 11
    Yes, that would be an excellent price - jump on it...
  • ralloyd1ralloyd1 Posts: 1
    2012 CR-V EXL (red!) AWD

    Sale price $25,800 (list was 28 something)
    Sls tax - 3%
    Doc fee $399 (tried to negotiate down and they wouldn't)
    Title/Reg - 40.75
    Elec. filing - $10
    No trade, no dealer financing.

    How'd I do?
  • donutelladonutella Posts: 1
    edited April 2012
    Finally purchased my CR-V yesterday. Curious what you guys think of the deal. The sales guy acted like I a got a really good deal, but they're paid to do that right :) I got the black with black interior.

    $26,399 including $810 destination + taxes, license, & fees = 29096.09 OTD.
    It would have been $28812 OTD, but I was suckered into keeping the alarm system. They lowered my interest rate to cover it, and make my payments a few pennies less than it would have been. I had preapproval of 2.9 with my credit union, and Honda was able to do it for 2.49
  • great price, 2012 CRV EXL AWD, best price I've gotten in chicago is 26,300.00
    that includes freight. wow 25,800.00, hopefully good sign for better deals coming.
  • matwagsmatwags Posts: 20
    I am in C-bus and am looking for the same model. Could you tell me which dealer you went to?
  • jiezhongjiezhong Posts: 1
    Just signed document; 2012 Model CRV EX-L without (GPS and RES), 27700 + Tax + Title + document etc. + 1350 for extended 8year warantee.

    I am from Kirkland/WA

    Good luck
  • I got the EX today and I'm also from FL(6% sales tax). I paid 25489 out of door after 5 hours of negotiating.
  • I got OTD $24000 for CR-V LX AWD that includes:

    7% sale tax $1500
    Title and 4 years registration $330
    Doc fee $398
    Some Anti theft pack $299

    I don't know if Edmunds invoice includes destination fee or not. If not, this is much lower than the invoice.
  • ryzzyryzzy Posts: 1
    I totaled my 2010 EX-L two weeks ago. I still don't think there is any other car that compares with the CRV in terms of value and style, so I got another one this weekend.

    2012 CRV EX-L 2WD
    Black on Black
    $26,388 with destination
  • padypady Posts: 10
    edited April 2012
    Did you get a lifetime power train warrantee from the dealer? One dealer in southwest florida offer that. Similar to toyota dealers
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,194
    Lifetime power train warranty ? Valid only if you do the dealer recommended service packs. Very expensive. Honda power trains last as long as you will keep the car anyway.
  • cptklosscptkloss Posts: 2

    So you're saying you got your car for $21500 including $800 destination.
    That's a whooping $2000 less that this car is available at at huge majority of the dealers, and i'm talking best case scenario here ($23,500 + )TTL
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