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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • The dealer is Bill Kay Honda in Bourbonnais,IL
  • euhwangeuhwang Posts: 1
    Hey, is your $23,200 out the door price? If not, what was your out the door price?
  • Can you elaborate more on the ordering process? I put a deposit down on a new a 2012 CR-V, but the wait time is like 7 weeks. Thanks in advance.
  • I am also looking in Austin for a 2012 EX-L without RES or NAV and haven't had a ton of luck with getting anywhere near the price reported in this forum. I would be willing to go to Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, etc for a better deal. Anyone have a recommendation on dealers / salespeople? Feel free to email me at sprlah -at- gmail -dot- com. Thanks in advance.
  • Just got a crv with dvd 2wd for 29,000 OTD what you guys think?
  • Funny, this is my first time on this forum and this is the first post that I see. I am from Lincoln, NE and I'm currently in the market for a CRV LX. Would you mind telling me the name of the salesperson you are working with?
  • gethondagethonda Posts: 1

    The dealer quoted me $28400/- OTD for EX-L AWD, is this better deal or not please let me know.
  • lzntexaslzntexas Posts: 2
    Anyone have dealer pricing on a EXL with 2 wd without nav and dvd? Thank you !
  • dent_girldent_girl Posts: 3
    edited April 2012
    this is what I was quoted for EX-L black and black and realized it's a little bit too much after reading here

    sale price: 25595
    doc fee: 599.75
    state and local taxes: 1833.63
    total license and fees: 21
    total price (OTD) : 28049.38

    I am really trying to get it down to 26500, do you think it's realistic? I am in atlanta area.
  • xicanoxicano Posts: 8
    Hi All,

    I am interested in purchasing a 2012 CRV - EX in the Southern California area - Riverside and surrounding cities, or in the Central Valley (Bakersfield). I am curious as to what the OTD pricing has been in these areas. I would like to pay 21500 or 22000 for this model. Is this a reasonable expectation?
  • in DC area, best I've gotten for the same car is $26,800 (includes everything but taxes and tags).
  • garybuy1garybuy1 Posts: 4
    Paid 26,299 for the EX-L with body side molding. They threw in all weather mats, cargo tray, and splash guards too. OTD was 28,308. started at Wyler but got Joe Morgan and King's to match. King's did the best with the accessories. Other dealers wouldn't come close.
  • I just received a $59 refund check from my dealer. Don't know what this is about.
  • urutoraurutora Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    I'm going to buy a CRV LX 2WD in Los Angeles area, 25 miles within beverly hills. Does anyone know what OTD price is reasonable, including destination fee, TTL, etc.? Or if excluding the destination fee, TTL, etc., what price is reasonable? Thanks.
  • rsedmndsrsedmnds Posts: 1
    edited April 2012
    2012 CRV EX-L AWD


    invoice : $26, 125
    acc and labor: $ 2, 492
    Tax : $ 1, 789
    Doc/Reg etc : $ 350
    Total : $ 30, 756

    Extended Warranty [6 years 75k miles]: $1100


    wheel locks
    door visors
    moon roof visor
    splash guards
    door edge guards
    cargo tray
    body side molding
    all season mats
    Sky-link vehicle locator
    tinted windows
    Paint protection package

    Not sure if it's the best deal that i got but, was in a hurry.
  • kws1414kws1414 Posts: 1
    Has anyone heard if Honda will be offering any special financing on the 2012 CRV? I know production has been slow but wondering if it has increased recently. I have a 2009 Honda Civic coming off a lease but am holding out to see if Honda offers anything enticing.

  • paul_p2paul_p2 Posts: 1
    The total invoice price for 2012 CR-V EX model is $23,928 (invoice of $23098 + destination fee of $830,) so your aim for its OTD pricing in Southern California (vehicle price + tax + license + document fee) of $22,000 max is not reasonable. You may have to pay approximately $25,000 OTD to get the EX model in South CA. Alternatively, the LX model is at least $2,000 cheaper.
  • A little advice for new person here...

    A local dealer is advertising 27 month lease for $169 with $1995 down on 2012 Honda CR-V LX AWD. Is this a good deal or should I stay clear? Low monthly payment is what catches my attention...

    Thanks in advance.
  • mnsistermnsister Posts: 1
    Looking for the best price for a 2012 AWD EX-L in the Twin Cities.

    Best I've gotten is 27,695 with no options. They won't even throw in mats.

    Could buy right now.
  • Just bought a CRV in Utah with RES for 20250 Out the door. I was told by several dealers that Honda juat had an increase on the invoice of the CRVs of 3 to 5%. this was about $1000 to $1500 additional, but only applied to cars with the newer invoice. It was a bit of a pain to find the car I wanted with the older invoice. Not sure if this is a nation wide increase or not, but you may want to check when making any deals.
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