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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dev111dev111 Posts: 1
    Hey I am looking to buy a Honda CRv 2012 Ex-L AWD.... I liked the price you mentioned. So it would b great if u could please mention d name and contact info. of d dealer ......
  • the best price I've gotten so far is $27950 OTD on black on black, EX-L. Is this a good deal? I don't know if I can find a dealer that will go down more. I am in atlanta area.
  • atroutatrout Posts: 1
    Just purchased in Florence KY. I think I could have saved a couple hundred by going across the river into Cincy. But, I like having the dealer close to home.

    22050 car
    830 destination fee
    299 doc fee
    90 tags
    1327 sales tax
  • lakerat83lakerat83 Posts: 11
    edited April 2012
    I bought a black on black, 2WD, EX L WITH Nav for $26,499 (4 miles on the odomete,r and that price included destination charges, splash guards and the rear cargo tray - had to add tax, title, and the dealers $599 doc fee to the $26,499) - I bought it at Mall of GA Honda (outside Atlanta), but be sure to go through their internet department - Honda has increased prices on the CRV's $220 since then (sticker on my model in Feb. was $29,355, plus options and fees; now sticker is $29,575 plus options and fees) so my price should be a pretty good benchmark to aim for...
  • Hi mnsister,

    Bought one this month here in Twin Cities with same specs as you mentiones and paid 27,625 and no doc fee (usually $75). This was after some lengthy back and forth emailing though.

    CRV is a great car and good luck!
  • Typo on the price, 29250, not 20250. My ipad typing is a little weak.:)
  • So I just got my lx last night black on black lx fwd for 22740 Ltd. Was that a pretty good price? No options except for tank of gas and destination, tax and license plus doc fee. The Edmunds tmv price was much higher and most dealers in so Cal wanted 22300 otd
  • graham766graham766 Posts: 12
    edited April 2012
    Ordered my 20th Honda today, a CR-V EX-L (no Navi or RES) Basque Red Pearl for $27,300 OTD in NC. Price included Mud Flaps, Body Side Molding (I’m installing) Pinstripe, Autoguard protection inside and out, 1st Oil change free, spare key, Touch up Paint, and nitrogen in the tires. Also included destination charge, 3% sales tax, $499 doc fee, and $118 efile tag service. Salesman was the best Honda Internet Salesman I’ve ever dealt with - very efficient and customer orientated.
  • bethpabethpa Posts: 20
    edited April 2012
    I am seeing the prices on this board coming in around 26,000 with destination included in the better deals posted. I found a dealer in MD, Northwest Honda, advertising EXL awd for $25841 but no destination for an approximate total of $26,700 before doc fees ad sales tax. All my local Pennsylvania dealers (two of which I previously bought Hondas) either walked away and one came in at $27,200. The dealers act like these $26,000 prices are crazy for EXL awd cars. Should I keep shopping or is this a regional thing I'm dealing with? Also, does diamond white go for more than other colors. Thanks for any helpful advice.
  • nicenfitnicenfit Posts: 2
    Hi what dealership in NJ did you go to. I am looking for the same Awd crv 2012. I am in ny . Got a quote for 23000 with destination ny... No doc fee or that addl charge is safety package 299.99 ....I think NJ has a mandatory doc fee of 398.00 and that safety fee of 299.99. With that said I negotiated a price of 22500 with destination fee in nj but I'm afraid the mandatory fees of NJ will bring me to 23197.....that would be 200 more than ny price quoted....which doesn't include the DMV and taxes. My NJ out the door price would be about 25000 that is 1000 more than you got it for...ny would be appx 25300......if you can name the dealership in NJ.....I can get the better deal....much appreciated....thanks
  • nicenfitnicenfit Posts: 2
    What dealership did you go to.....I negotiated a price of 22500 with destination fee in NJ as well garden state Honda...but with mandatory fee of 299 and doc fee of 398 brings the price to 23197 befor tax and DMV fees.....price quoted in ny was 23000 with destination fee, no doc fee or safety package fee of 299' with that said ny price is better by 197.00. NJ out the door price would be 25,173 which is 1173 more than the 24000 out the door price you paid.....ny price would be 24963...almost 1000 more than your out the door price of 24000.... I would love to save another 1000.... Please disclose the dealership. Thank you
  • 115david115david Posts: 7
    Hello, All,
    Could any one in Maryland let me know the Honda CRV buying experiment? What is the price for 4dr FWD or AWD?
    Thank you.
  • 115david115david Posts: 7
    Hello, All,
    Could any one in Maryland let me know the Honda CRV buying experiment? What is the price for 4dr FWD or AWD? Would you please detaile the dealship if possible?
    Thank you. I appreciate all the advice.
  • Hi, can anyone tell me the best price OTD for LX CRV AWD Automatic iyear 2012..
    n the State of Michigan. I am looking for one right now.
  • rep05rep05 Posts: 1
    check out Costco's auto buying program - I just looked at a CRV- EX in northern California and the price was $250 over invoice, $24,409.
  • schdealschdeal Posts: 2
    After reading all the information here. It's my time to share my purchase price.
    I was quoting on CR-V EX-L FWD, and got $26218 plus TTL. The price include
    Window tint, wheel lock, mudguards, trunk tray, door edge guards, N2 for the tires, accent stripe, first application of Zaktek paint sealant and two year road side assistance.
    After I arrived at dealer, they don't have the color I like, the only color I liked is a AWD with RES. There are cross bar and side molding installed.
    After few hours negotiation, I traded in my 2000 Accord for 3360. Here are the breaking down.
    Price: 28043
    Trade in:-3360
    Fees: $395 Doc, $5 Tire tax, License plates $482.5
  • mk1980mk1980 Posts: 1
    Hey Graham766
    Thats a pretty sweet deal, Congratulations!!
    can you please give me dealer info and zip code please?
  • It was Open Road Honda in Edison. 299 is for 4 years registration. In NJ you have to renew your car registration for 75 every year anyway. 398 is doc fee. These 2 fees are pretty much standard any dealers in NJ, and these should be after tax fees. You may have another 30 for title. Don't buy any security package or get it for free in your caculation. I had to drive the car home same day to get some kind of incentive (removed from lot) as part of deal.

    Good luck!
  • claudzhuclaudzhu Posts: 1
    Does anyone have purchasing experience of CR-V LX/EX AWD in MI? I got quotes from one dealer, car price incl. destination are about $500 over invoice. It seems the prices in MI are quite high. I do not have used vehicle to trade in. Any advises are appreciated.
  • garybuy1garybuy1 Posts: 4
    I did. King's Honda Cincinnati. google it.
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