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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rth121rth121 Posts: 4
    Replying to myself, made some internet eprice/quotes and best I was able to get for a 2012 Honda CR-V EX AWD was around $27,700 OTD. Northern California.

    Asking price: $25,491 + tax.

    Anyone think any Honda dealer would do $26,500-$27,000 OTD?
  • steph1122steph1122 Posts: 1
    I am looking to buy the 2WD 2012 EX-L version of the CR-V in Texas. My sales tax rate is 7% where I live and was wondering what would be considered a good OTD price for this car? I have gotten quotes for OTD for around @ 29K. I think I can do better, but wanted to make sure I wasn't just being hopeful. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • lapepperlapepper Posts: 3
    Chris, does the price of $20,912.57 include destination fee? If yes, I would like to buy one too. :)
  • cboothe70cboothe70 Posts: 3
    That price included the destination fee.

  • lapepperlapepper Posts: 3
    thanks! WOW, great deal. It's even worth to drive there from New Orleans. :)))
  • kmoran1kmoran1 Posts: 1
    Chris, would you share the name of the dealership? Thanks!
  • cboothe70cboothe70 Posts: 3
    Lucas Honda on Blanding. See post 11247 for details.

  • ksayersksayers Posts: 59
    Check for pricing
  • euonymuseuonymus Posts: 1
    body side molding
    rear back up sensors

    OTD $27,843 Does anyone know if this great, good, or average deal?
  • deedeecdeedeec Posts: 3
    I am in the middle of negotiations on a CR-V ELX with Nav. Are you saying you paid 27,483 OTD and this vehicle has TV but not Nav, right? This dealer so far does not want to budge at over $29,000 and that is not including taxes, title. I'm figuring we should be able to get it for $28,200.
  • deedeecdeedeec Posts: 3
    I am in Citrus County Florida and have been negotiating on a Honda CRV-EXL with Nav. I don't want to pay more than $28,200 plus taxes and title. As of now they want $29,800 and would not budge so we walked. There is possibly a trade in involved which they have agreed to pay a fair price on, $1,000 below what, Kelly Blue Book and one other site gave as a trade in price. Any thoughts from someone that has purchased this same vehicle and what price did you pay?
  • jan2012jan2012 Posts: 2
    Not sure where you're located but I'm in central CT and just received an email from a dealership offering the 2012 CRV AWD EX-L w/RES for $26,800 before tax, title etc. The name of the dealership is Schaller Honda and is located in New Britain, CT. Hope this helps with negotiating a price in your area.
  • meridagalmeridagal Posts: 2
    Before I sign on the dotted line, I want to find out if y'all think this is a good deal. 2012 CR-V LX 2wd for $24,775 - OTD. This includes the dealer adding after market leather. I don't care about sunroof and the rest of the bells and whistles, but I wanted leather. They will also give me $3K for my 2003 maxima with 197K, so after trade I will be paying $21,775 OTD. How much more do you think I can get off the OTD price of $24,775 before factoring in my trade?

    I'm in Houston, TX
  • 2012crv2012crv Posts: 4
    In Mass, CRV AWD EX-L w/NAV quoted/purchased $27,800 including dest + $299 doc fee, before introduced trade. Not exact same vehicle but close enough to +/- option differences.
  • 2012crv2012crv Posts: 4
    You sure that includes destination charge ?
  • xicanoxicano Posts: 8
    Just bought a CRV EX OTD for 26750. Good deal?
  • jimdrewjimdrew Posts: 84
    Best I could do was $27700.00 OTD with CRV EXL with NAV. Decided to chqange directions and get the V6 Camry SE for the same price....wanted the V6 that sounds like a super deal..
  • lapepperlapepper Posts: 3
    edited May 2012
    I just got my CRV LX, silver/gray. I first wanted to follow Chris and buy from Jacksonville, FL, but hubby was against the idea, so we bought it from Baton Rouge Team Honda, an hour away from New Orleans (Couldn't get any decent offer from local). The price is $20905+ destination, tax, tag/license = $23816 OTD plus a cargo tray and chrome tip. Very nice service. They have quite some in stock.
  • meridagalmeridagal Posts: 2
    I'm in TX, too. We just bought our 2012 CRV EX-L 2WD (NO NAVI/RES) for $28,488.23 OTD, but we had a trade, and they actually gave us $1K more than the KBB value, so it was more like $27,488 OTD. Good luck!
  • deedeecdeedeec Posts: 3
    Thanks for your input! I did end up purchasing just what I wanted for the price I wanted. After dealing with Love Honda 1st, then Honda of Ocala (anyone looking in Ocala please don't use this dealer) we purchased from Ocean Honda in Port Richey, Florida. What a fast and easy transaction. Sounds like you got a very nice deal on yours.
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