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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sam230sam230 Posts: 3
    i got few quotes for CRV LX FWD (Base model ; no add ons)for
    $21,800 + title , registration, and fees. is it good deal?.

    Please suggest me?
  • pubudupubudu Posts: 23
    Is this 2012 LX ? I think it is a good deal. Where is this location and who are the dealers ?
  • sam230sam230 Posts: 3
    it is Don Jacobs Honda Lexington KY
  • vcsubsvcvcsubsvc Posts: 2
    Got a black/black EXL AWD for OTD $29,164 without accessories. Most other dealers were not willing to go below $29,700 on this trim. I was hoping to get some accessories thrown in, but I guess the price was ok. This forum was very helpful, specially some quotes from user jaa37jaa37.

    Car $26,499
    Tax $ 1,862
    Luxury Tax $ 105
    Doc fee $ 399
    Reg $ 299
  • buyer4271buyer4271 Posts: 8
    edited July 2012
    Purchased a 2012 HONDA CRV EX-L w/Navi (white diamond perl) for OTD price $30,200 without accessories.

    Break down:
    Invoice = ~28,000.00
    Sales tax = ~$1750.00 (MA Rate 6.25%)
    Doc fee= ~$350.00
    Reg = $100
  • leosikleosik Posts: 11
    If you don't mind telling me, where did you get this price? I live in mass as well.
  • buyer4271buyer4271 Posts: 8
    Honda Cars of Boston
  • dzyr4ttdzyr4tt Posts: 21
    My Turn

    Total Vehicle selling Price : $27,374
    Trade in : 2007 Honda Accord SE V4 with 71K miles : $9500 ( Could have done better? )

    Other fee:

    1) NY Tire fee $10
    2) NY 30 day permit : $12.50
    3) Doc fee : $75.00 ( for handling DMV transfer of plates - Which I dont like to pay)
    4) Registration fee : $250 upfront - will refund minus what ever is actual DMV fee.

    So Total I paid for the vehicle : $27,375 + $75 --> $27,450
    And the dealer made out good on the trade in price as well. Atleast I saved $700 in taxes at a tax rate of 7%.

    I could have sweetened the deal even more but I am very bad at haggling and it was for my wife so...
  • I was researching to buy a CRV-EXL and found your post. Can you forward me the initial offer from them.

    I can probably use that to negotiate with their sales department. I am in Miami and willing to drive up there to get a good price. Thanks.
  • Hello All

    check out this website. july4th_honda&mktid=nl61545293&msite=w

    There is a 500 dollor cash incentive special for 4th of July Honda CRV sale....
  • practicalbuypracticalbuy Posts: 72
    edited July 2012

    Earlier....When I posted the link for the $500 CRV Cash incentive for 4th of July... the $500 incentive existed in the rebate column... july4th_honda&mktid=nl61545293&msite=w

    NOW I DO NOT SEE this $500 incentive ANY MORE in the above link.....

    What Happend ...?

    FUNNY... I STILL have that window OPEN on my computer which says upto $500 against Honda CRV.. under the Rebates Column.

    Honda 4th of July Incentives
    $500 Bonus Cash, Low APR Financing for:

    Accord, Civic, Insight, CR-V, Pilot, Ridgeline, Fit, Odyssey

    Restrictions: Vehicle must be financed through Honda Financial Services. See participating dealer for details


    Manufacturer to Customer Rebates Financing Leasing Manufacturer to Dealer Other

    2012 Honda Accord Up to $500 As low as 0.9% Available Up to $1,250

    2012 Honda CR-V Up to $500 Available
  • kfx2005kfx2005 Posts: 6
    would you mind share the store name?
  • Is $25740 a good price including fees (not tax, licence, registration) for a AWD EX?
  • contactnycontactny Posts: 7
    Which dealership did you go to?
  • What is the best OTD for EX-L in Columbus, OH ?

    I got a quote of 29420 OTD for this. Is that good, bad, ok?
  • Ken Garff Honda in Utah.
  • Purchased a 2012 CR-V EX-L with Navigation, AWD ("throw ins": mud guards, door guards, wheel locks, cargo tray, pinstripe -- i.e. already on the car, presumably, nominally listing for $995 in extras). Out the door for $30,995 (all cash): $27,895 plus $200 doc processing, $830 destination, $295 MD tags & title, 6% MD sales tax (DC area). [Edmunds True Market Value showed $29,456; this price + destination = $28,725. Invoice is $28,983, Honda dealer holdback appears to be 2% of MSRP or $616]. Navi system is sat-linked, new this year, and very good.

    Painless, fast, and efficient process; excellent response from Ourisman in Bethesda. I made it clear (courteously) that I was seeking Internet quotes through Edmunds, understood the holdback system, was paying cash, and I was ready to buy right now.
  • sonoma34sonoma34 Posts: 5
    Purchase/Lease from Connecticut Dealership

    After much negotiation both out of state and in state our Basque Red CRV was delivered 7/2/12.

    MSRP: $$29,325.00
    Purchase Price: $26,881.84

    Chose to go with a one payment lease 3 years, 45,000 miles: $12,194.85 includes $728.28 Sales Use Tax and $595.00 acquisition fee. Plus Registration/Transfer plate Fee $101.00, plus Doc Fee/Tax $430.75.

    Total out the door price = $12,726.60

    Thanks to all the posters difinitely helped in securing what I feel is a great price. Saved over $2000.00 from another CT dealership.

    Do your homework and you can find favorable prices.
  • fuzzy123fuzzy123 Posts: 2
    Live in suburban Philadelphia and want to buy a 2WD crv ex. Only sell AWD in our area and I would have to travel approx. 3 hrs to Maryland for a 2WD. A dealer near us said he could get use a vehicle for $24,178. Which is almost the dealer price and with taxes and tags the total price would be $25, 846. Is this a good price?
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