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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi Pagan1234,

    That's a good deal! I am wondering if you have bought the car or not? I also live in Baltimore area and would like to buy the same car as you did. Please let me know. Thanks a lot!

  • What options came with the car besides the roof rails?
  • deshcydeshcy Posts: 3
    Does 26,200 OTD include TTL? Or is it car price + destination + doc fee?
  • deshcydeshcy Posts: 3
    Got a quote today.
    OTD from dealer (does not include TTL)
    Car price, destination, doc fee, splash guard and pinstripes - $25099
    Is it a good deal?
  • Get in touch with Weir Canyon Honda in Anaheim. Got a CR-V Ex 2wd couple a week ago for $23630 price included destination charge. Tax and license extra. I negotiated the deal before I stepped in the showroom.
  • Hi Jack,
    The deal didn't pan out as expected so i'm still looking. I will let you know if anything changes.
  • I realize I'm looking for a car in January, but does anyone have a good idea of what a good OTD price is in Central Virginia? I have one quote for $26350 OTD and other for less but they aren't OTD pricing, but based on this forum it seems high to me. Thoughts?
  • kki000kki000 Posts: 17
    Just wanted to give results from my friend who just go this.
    EXL Awd
    Price was 27,8000 + tax, all fees incl
    Was shooting for 26,500 like what was posted a few pages back, but no dice.
    Had my friend use pen fed for the loan and the car buying service.
    His apr is .99 for 60 months.
    I would NOT recommend this dealer (Paragon in queens) as the manager tried to scuttle even this deal at the last minute.
    I think they assumed he would go with honda finance, even though he had the print out of pen fed car buying service and his loan was already approved. They actually sold the car with the Vin on the loan right from under neath him and he had to threaten lawsuits etc to get everything done. I think there is a dlr incentive for the finance?

    The pen fed service i would recommend, he actually got lower offers but chose this one since it was down the st. (dealer in jersey had for 27,020 with the .99 through penfed)
    I would go this route since nobody seems to be discounting these much and the 60month apr of .99 vs 2.9 saves about a grand over the life of the loan.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 2,424
    I bought a 2003 Honda pilot from Hidy honda in Ohio. they were suposed to flatbed it to me for 400 dollars but Hidy decide to reroute one to Paragon honda in Queens so i could pick it up there. Almost same story.. I signed all fax paperwork etc with Vin number of truck and the week i was picking it up the Ohio dealer told me Pargan honda sold my truck and what they did was illegal. So did not recieve truck for 3 more weeks. That stunt Paragon pulled got the 400 dollar reroute charged knocked off my bill and Pargaon thru me in some extra's chrome tips, oil filters and 5 free oil changes for my trouble. I see things never change. The good thing about Paragon honda is if you could get a low price from them there doc fee's are only $75 dollars.

    2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2013 Accord EXL V-6, 2012 BMW x-5, 2012 ML350

  • Thank you very much for sharing this information. It was really useful.
    is it financed or a cash deal?. What is the color.

    I'm in Atlanta and debating whether to buy a used certified 2010 CRV LX 2WD ($19,400 OTD) or a new one.

    Thanks again.
  • Hello,
    Thank you so much for this information. I'm also in Atlanta. May I know who was the dealer you bought the car from?

    $23,112 drive out seems to be a very good deal.
  • 2013 Honda CR-V EXL w/Navi. The MSRP is $29,775.00.

    Upfront Internet pricing including destination and handling charge is $26,851.00.

    With our dealer added accessories your price is $27,999.00.

    Those accessories are Window Tint, Pinstripe, Wheel Locks, Trunk Tray, Splash Guards and Nitrogen tire up-grade*.

    Is this a good price for a 2013 CR-V EX-L 2wd with Nav. Wanting to buy this week.
  • deshcydeshcy Posts: 3
    I got pinstripe, splash guard, tint and nitrogen tyre upgrade free for my EX model.
  • 2013hondacrv2013hondacrv Posts: 4
    edited January 2013
    Just got an 2013 EX-L 2WD today (near San Gabriel) for $23,685.00 OTD
    Only got the floor mats for free.
    Thanks for all your posts.
  • That's an excellant price. ONLY $3,000 less than the best price I've gotten working with approx 25 dealers out here in DC area. Would be real interested in knowing how you did that.
  • Was that with Navigation?
  • sambesambe Posts: 6
    Can you please provide any details please. Which dealer/sales person, what was the price breakdown, etc.
  • Got lucky because dealer has lot of EX-L's and end of month quota?
    Also call and deal with the fleet manager only.
    Good luck.
  • $23K+ is off the charts for the car by itself. Considering your price is OTD and includes tax, tag and title I would say you hit it out of the park. I got a deal like that on a pathfinder once....When I asked the sales manager how he could sell it for $3.5K below invoice he said you made my quota for the month and quarter. Selling that car got me an additional 30K in profit. As my dad used to say "Even a blind hog finds an acorn once in a while". I purchased an EX-L today and did not even get close to 23K but compared to the rest of the prices posted here I think I did fine and am very comfortable with my purchase. In Georgia, I purchased an EX-L 2WD for $25,875. Dealer doc fee was 579 which brought total to $26,454 plus tax and title. Invoice including destination was ~$26,690. Assuming Honda hold back is 2% of dealer invoice, the true dealer cost is ~$26,111. I assume the dealer is making around 250 plus any hidden incentives, i.e. floor plan reimbursements, by adding in the doc fee. My thinking is they need to make something and that amount is fine with me. I was pleasantly surprised by the quotes as most were at the same price point and $800 below what I was prepared to pay based on this board and my research. The car had the usual dealer junk on it, nitrogen in the tires, mud guards, wheel locks, trunk tray, sun roof wind deflector, paint protection, and body side moldings (I wanted the side moldings). They threw all of the dealer add on's in for free. To purchase I emailed internet sales at 5 dealers, got quotes, and then chatted on the phone with the top two dealers. Thanks for posting here. Point of sale information was very useful given "invoice" price doesn't mean the same thing it did a few years ago.

    Quick summary:
    EX-L Silver 25,875 included destination charge
    Doc fee 579
    Total before taxes 26,454

    Again I consider this a good price...hey I bought it didn't I, and assume Honda is trying to get units out before the new RAV4 comes out and is also feeling pressure from the Koreans hence the deal
  • 2013hondacrv2013hondacrv Posts: 4
    edited January 2013
    It's Norm Reeves Honda West Covina , CA / David or Richard

    Honda CR-V LX

    MSRP 22695 + 830 (destination and handling)
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