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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,026
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  • sarayalesarayale Posts: 15
    Sorry Coast Honda is in Sea Girt, NJ not Wall as previously posted.
  • sandyk62sandyk62 Posts: 2
    Ourisman Honda in Bethesda offered April price of 23590 not incl. dest. fee in their response to my quote request. They then agreed to split half with me. College Park Honda agreed to drop all of the dest. fee. Before this, I obtained cost through Costco Auto Program. That was $100 under invoice and did include dest. fee. My deal better.
  • I waited until the end of the month, as suggested here and I received these two quotes from a dealer in NC.

    2013 EXL 2WD without Nav

    $24, 500
    add 3% tax
    assessories, mudguards and a few other things

    Final price $27, 640 OTD

    She also quoted:

    2013 EXL 2WD with Nav
    $25, 965 selling price + tax and the other items listed above

    Final Price $29 086 OTD

    Are these quotes in the ballpark??
  • nc_carfindernc_carfinder Posts: 8
    edited April 2013
    Here are the dealer invoice prices on the above vehicles.

    EXL 2wd $25860
    EXL with Navi 2wd $27264

    Doc fees $600
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  • amk116amk116 Posts: 3
    I finally pulled the trigger on a 2013 CR-V LX AWD after a few days of negotiation via Email and phone with a few dealers. I purchased it from College Park Honda, MD. Here is my breakup:

    +22,840 sale price incl. destn.
    -500 discount since we financed with AFHC
    +199 dealer process fee
    + 91 Tags/title (to be registered in PA)
    + 1370 (6% PA Sales Tax)

    Total OTD Price = 24,000

    The transaction was not as smooth as we expected since they did not have the color we wanted (Mountain Air Metallic) even though they promised us that they have it on their lot. We had to compromise and get the Twilight Blue.

    Thanks to everyone on this forum for their help. Car buying is not fun. Thank God we only have to do it once every few years.
  • sarayalesarayale Posts: 15
    Just a quick follow up. I did indeed get my CRV LX AWD from Coast Honda in Sea Girt NJ. I must say it was the best car buying experience I ever had. The car was there in the color promised, the price was what we had agreed to on the phone, and there was no high pressure at all for add ons. I had an appt and we got through the whole process in around 25 minutes. Super nice people. I dealt with Chris. If you are near NJ, I highly recommend this dealership, but make sure to call Chris because I do not know about how the other salesmen are. Chris is the internet manager. P.S. He is a strong republican, probably won't hurt your negotiating if you drop a few pro Republican lines. Also, they let me put $4,000 on credit card. If you have good credit, sign up for a card that has a big bonus offer, meet the minimum spend with the deposit for the car. Those points can be worth up to $500 in gift cards and travel. Great savings right there.
  • bryanl1bryanl1 Posts: 3
    Your's is the best one i've seen so far for the LX.

    I'm guessing they applied 500/750 flex cash for financing your car.

    Even then 24k OTD seems like a solid deal.
  • bryanl1bryanl1 Posts: 3
    edited April 2013
    Your doc fee seems low compared to other dealers :) Will need to work on negotiating it when I purchase

    Oh I also shot an email over to Chris as a backup plan.
  • funsize1funsize1 Posts: 1
    I received this from a dealer: CRV EX-L w/ navigation: Invoice-28100, holdback 590, Total dealer cost= 27510. My price= 27499 $750 down payment assistance to be added at time of purchase. This did not seem like such a great deal. Help from someone more knowledgable about these matters appreciated.
  • I got my CRV EX AWD from Brown's in Glen Bernie for $23,300 including the destination fee.
  • ellenellellenell Posts: 2
    After test driving and researching several small SUVs, I decided to buy the CR-V. I am living and working in Montgomery County, MD, and did my shopping in this area. Having not had to buy a new car in 11 years, I was surprised at how difficult it still is to obtain a firm price from dealers, not just Honda, but all of them. For some of the dealerships that have links "Click Here For Internet Price," it is only a ruse to get your email, but they refuse to give a price unless you come into the dealership. Once in the dealerships, I encountered endless strategies designed to get me to buy immediately.

    I chose to buy my CR-V at Ourisman Honda in Bethesda. The salesman sent me a very good price via email, and it is one block from my office. If you shop there, the salesman was very respectful, but the other financial staff are sharks. More on that later.

    The price quoted via email for the CR-V EX-L without Navigation was $25,895. According to the dealership's online inventory, there were several autos in stock, all listed online at the same MSRP. However, when I was at the dealership, I learned that all but one of the EX-Ls were equipped an added "Dealership Protection Package," full of extras that I would never pay for, like stripes on the side of the car and wheel locks. They were charging $995 for this package, but I managed to get the sales people to remove the charge, partially by using that mysterious $750 Honda rebate that other users have mentioned on this forum. However, I notice on my invoice that I paid tax on it :(.

    I added the protective coating package, which was approx $1000 (I didn't receive an itemized bill of sale), because I don't have a garage, and I want to do what I can to protect the exterior.

    I was charged tax on the dealer's delivery and processing charges, which doesn't seem right to me. Have others had a similar experience?

    The financial sharks managed to sell me an extended warranty, but then when I read it at home, I saw that there was a deductible that wasn't disclosed during the sale. Plus, the amount added to my monthly payment was not truthfully disclosed. I went back the next day to cancel the extended warranty, and the shark put additional pressure on me to keep it. Offered to remove the deductible. When I insisted that it be cancelled, he said that they could only take the charge off the last months of the loan, and that the change wouldn't show up in my account for several months.

    Here's what my new car cost:
    CR-V EX-L Red w/ grey leather interior: 25,895
    Delivery charge: 830
    Dealer processing charge: 200
    Protective coating 1,000 (approx)
    Tax 1,722
    Registration/Title 287

    OUT THE DOOR AT $29,934
  • billy3554billy3554 Posts: 147
    Some Honda dealers in Maryland do provide good pricing information. I have found those include Criswell, Sport, O'Donnel. Ourisman, in my opinion, is not one of those dealers.

    I visited Ourisman once and ran into the $995 package of useless stuff they kindly add to seemingly every vehicle. I ran away and will never go back.

    Of course the price dealers provide over the internet is rarely the best price but it, at least, allows a buyer to judge a dealer's overall pricing philosophy. I have found dealers who provide good pricing upfront are less likely to resort to tricks and are more transparent about pricing than those who refuse to provide such pricing. Personally, I avoid any dealer who will not provide a price in response to an internet inquiry.

    One thousand dollars for what is essentially wax with a fancy name is a dubious expense. Today's manufacturing processes provide great paint protection which really only requires a good paste wax or such every six months or so. My bet is the dealer made $700 to $800 profit out of that $1,000. Of course the dealer will point to the so-called insurance which comes with the products. However, most likely no person has ever truly benefited from such insurance, too much small print.

    Unfortunately for the buyer, that particular F&I product is not refundable as it is now part of the vehicle, a hard product. F&I managers love such products as they will not usually see a charge back since the customer cannot cancel.

    Extended warranties are soft F&I products. They can be cancelled and the F&I folks will see a charge back, which impacts their pay. That is why they dislike having customers cancel such soft products.
  • will123will123 Posts: 8
    I want to purchase a car within a month and have read about the recommended strategy of making the purchase as close to month end as possible. This makes a lot of sense to me but here is my question. If I reach a deal on May 30 but the exact car I want isn't in inventory and will take a few days or longer to reach the dealership, will this count in the dealer's May or June sales figures? In other words, will the dealer only want to sell what is in their current inventory and less willing to deal on a car that is not in inventory? Thanks - I have learned so much from this forum!
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 2,011
    edited May 2013
    Many dealerships want you to buy from there lot inventory or they try to hit you with a small finder's fee 300 to 500 which is b.S.. Dont let them sucker you into the extra money. If they want your business make them find your model with no charge. The better dealerships will just find/ swap/ or order your vehicle if its not in there stock.

    To avoid this problem check the Dealers web sites and inventory before calling to inquire or to buy. Send emails out to several dealerships for a E price quote to get a feel of pricing in your area.. At the end of the month Call or visit these dealerships the last 2 days of any month for the sale.

    If your buyers Order/ Bill of Sale is written up Signed and paid for by the end of the month it counts for that months sale.. Vehicle does not have to be there.

    90 % of times i will have the buyers order faxed to me at my house on the last day of the month.. I then pick up the vehicle when dealers has prepped car and its ready for P/U. I am loyal to no dealership . My motto has always been best price closest to my house gets my business.

    2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2013 Accord EXL V-6, 2012 BMW x-5, 2012 ML350

  • will123will123 Posts: 8
    Hi Brian - thanks for your quick reply. I really appreciate it!
  • andyman1970andyman1970 Posts: 37
    Maybe not this year.

    Dealers in my area are a little more hungry this month. The best prices are now improved $500+ dollars on the CR-V quotes I received last month. Very tempting....
  • sfurqansfurqan Posts: 14
    Took delivery of my CRV AWD LX. Paid 23000 OTD with lifetime PowerTrain Warranty from a dealer in VA.
  • billy3554billy3554 Posts: 147
    A so called lifetime power train warranty is basically useless. No business could actually do this and remain in business. The small print and requirements are designed to assure no payouts are made. Such warranties are intended to make the buyer believe they are getting something for nothing and, I suppose, trick some buyers into paying more for the vehicle. As with any product offered by a dealer, it is best to check out independent reviews on the internet.
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