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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • charles_guycharles_guy Posts: 55
    doc fee ca max 80 state mandate. been this way for years. then they hit you with state tax :(
  • ken117ken117 Posts: 189
    It is important to understand dealers make a profit off financing, dealer reserve. There are times when a dealer will sell a vehicle for less if they believe they will make a profit on financing.

    Astute buyers can use this to their advantage. If the dealer offers financing at or below the rate you can obtain elsewhere, finance with the dealer with the lower selling price.

    Even if you are paying cash. If you can save $500 on the sales price letting the dealer finance, better to finance with the dealer. You can always pay the loan within the next week and not have to pay much interest.
  • jim573jim573 Posts: 1
    Looking to buy CR-V EX-L FWD in Houston area over the next couple of weeks. Would appreciate any comments on prices paid in the area and experiences with various dealers.

    Thanks to all for any help...
  • ucbsupaflyucbsupafly Posts: 9
    LA Area
    CR-V LX 2WD
    Received an offer of $21343 through TrueCar.
    $23675 out the door with alarm thrown in at the last minute to seal the deal because the color available on the lot was not our top choice. No back and forth. Overall a fairly pleasant experience. Got 0.9% APR as well.
  • hellounohellouno Posts: 5
    Got an offer of $23,715 (price including $830 destination)through USAA auto insurance from spreen honda in Loma Linda, CA (southern Cali)
    I was also able to get a San diego dealer here in San Diego to match it, they (The San Diego dealer) say they'll also through in 10% Off of any repair. Note the USAA price automatically includes the destination charge of $830. Also there are supposedly no other hidden cost (besides the normal tax and license). I bought a civic from Spreen 3 years ago and had a top notch experience but the salesman that I dealt with no longer works there. So I'm still debating on the dealer but I plan to make a choice in a day or 2. Side note I asked a mazda dealer to match this price on an 2014 mazda CX-5, AWD touring. He couldn't go a dollar below invoice. Don't think I would've gotten the cx-5 anyway due to its lack of cargo space but just a little FYI.
  • crv_buyercrv_buyer Posts: 4
    edited May 2013
    Looking to lease a 2013 CRV EX-L. First went to a dealer that kept me 2 hours and paraded 5 different sales guys into/out of room ... classic run around.

    Then went to TrueCar and got quote for $25,6xx which would be a $0 down, $300/mo lease. Going tomorrow. So, if:

    Cap Cost is $25,6xx
    Residual at 61% MSRP ($17,308) -- adjusting down from 64% b/c I want 15k mi/yr.
    Money factor of .00145, as read in these forums.
    Lease is 35 months.

    What should I pay out of pocket for Tax, Title & Registration -- looks like some people are getting those covered by the dealer. Is that using incentives like Flex Cash and Loyalty?

    Thanks for the help!
  • charles_guycharles_guy Posts: 55
    ---You can always pay the loan within the next week and not have to pay much interest.---

  • charles_guycharles_guy Posts: 55
    --- Then went to TrueCar and got quote for $25,6xx which would be a $0 down, $300/mo lease. Going tomorrow---

    lease tough to do with spredsheet. you get that lease let us know where. probly socal or dc area huh

    normal lease is 36 mos

    friendly dealers may absorb oop with dmv n tax n stuff. go for sign n drive with 35 mos payments

    weymouth shows 319 before tax sign n drivex35 2wd

    if you get 300+tax times 35 seems like good deal 2wd. awd be 324+tax. whats tax 6 7 10 perr cent

    flex seems to be maybe 750 probly 500. loyalty conquest 500 for may crv

    good luck
  • crv_buyercrv_buyer Posts: 4
    Hi Charles Guy!

    Well you're right, they told me $0 down and $300/mo on the phone, but when I went in, the sales manager couldn't make that work for the price they quoted me ($25,6xx). He said the internet manager must have been quoting an EX model. To their credit, they held to the TrueCar price. But took some money out by devaluing my trade in at (-$731 negative equity). In the end, it was $329/month for 36 months, and I had to put down $2000 for T/T/L. Tax here is 9%. I'm in Norcal. They had no flex cash left, but I did "remind them" of the loyalty bonus. Also found they were not calculating the residual based on MSRP. All kinds of tricks they try to pull. What do you think about that deal?
  • crv_buyercrv_buyer Posts: 4
    P.S. That monthly payment ($329) includes tax. Only things where I think I got screwed:
    -- He would only give me .59 residual (due to me wanting 15,000 miles instead of 12,000
    -- I think my car was worth $1200 or so to them, that's what another dealership was going to make. He said they had to pay for body work to rear bumper and to replace two tires. I'm thinking they get that stuff free, right?

    Regardless, I learned a TON from this forum, the lease calculator here, the keasing spreadsheet I downloaded based on a recommendation here, and the Weymouth calculator.
  • jduerbuschjduerbusch Posts: 9
    Hi I just bought a new CRV EXL AWD on Tuesday, May 28, 2013.
    Seem like a good deal. This is for the car only, no taxes, titles or dealer add-on's:

    Your Desired Vehicle Request:

    2013 Honda CR-V EXL AWD MSRP $29,625
    Internet e-Price is $26,367**.

    An administrative fee of $199 will be applied to the final selling price (this is standard in the industry and all dealerships charge this fee).

    We have no hidden fees!

    *With approved credit. Not all buyers will qualify. **The price shown does not reflect any upgrades or options that may have been added to the vehicle. The destination charge is included in the price quote.

    Honda is also offering an extra $500 off the above price if you currently have one of the following vehicles, 2003 or newer, in your household: Honda, Acura, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Ford, Chevy, Subaru, Jeep, Kia, VW, or Saturn!

    So I paid $25867 out the door with .09% for 48 Months.

    Joe K0BX
  • ken117ken117 Posts: 189
    An administrative fee is not standard in the industry and not all dealers charge such a fee. This is simply an increase to the selling price which the dealer is attempting a bit of deception by calling it a fee. The word fee is intended to give it a bit of authority. Many people associate the word fee with a legal cost.

    The fact is the dealer must include the fee on all contracts or be subject to discrimination. However, that does not mean all buyers actually pay the fee.

    For example, I just bought a new vehicle and the dealer hit me with a $500 fee. I told them I would only buy the vehicle if they reduced the price by $500 to compensate for the fee.

    Really, how many dealers will let a deal walk over such fees. Interestingly, another buyer was sitting at the next table and also achieved a price reduction to compensate for the fee.
  • njp2smommynjp2smommy Posts: 1
    Hi, this is a great price. Did anyone ever find out what dealership this was? Looking to buy a crv this week and am trying to see how low I can get the dealer to go. Thanks!
  • 2013 EX-L AWD

    Sale Price: $26,937.00
    Dest: $830.00
    Doc Fee Plus ERT: 189.30
    Tax @ 7%: $1,919.14
    Plate Xfer: $120.00
    Flex: - $500.00
    Incentive: -$500.00
    OTD: $28,455.44

    Had to get 0.9% for 60 months to get Flex cash.

    90 minutes in dealership total.
  • steverajsteveraj Posts: 9
    Tru Car pricing (least available ) is 23,109 How you got that price? what is the zip code? and which dealer.

  • ayayayyayayayy Posts: 1
    edited June 2013
    Got a 2013 CRV EX 2WD on may 25 via costco auto buying program:

    dealer wanted $23548 for car, haggled it down to $100 lower :P
    final $23448 plus tax ( I think this is lower than costco's)
    91791 zip area.
    moonroof, alloy wheels, alarm standard. and $50 costco voucher good for accessories
    at dealership.

    THANKS GUYS and I hope this was a good deal
  • May I ask what dealership you purchased CR-V EXL AWD 2013? I live in New York and I will use your OTD price as a bench mark. thanks for your help.
  • glv2glv2 Posts: 7
    I am looking to buy my wife a CRV EX in Northeast Ohio within the next month or so. She is interested in the AWD because she wanted a Subaru. What is a good OTD price before tax? Also is the CRV’s AWD recommended over the 2WD. We do have a fair amount of inclement weather in this area?
  • neubiecrvneubiecrv Posts: 3
    Just for reference, I purchased a 2012 CR-V EX AWD back in August of 2012.
    My OTD price with taxes was $27,200.00. I could have gotten it for $150 less at another dealership somewhat close to home but I chose to purchase from dealership in area of workplace in Bethesda, MD (expensive area to rent and buy homes). Which was the same dealership the 1995 FWD Accord, which I still drive primarily, was purchased. After adding the fabric protectant and paint protectant and addl warranty to the CR-V price, I ended up paying $28,600. I'm not into yelling and screaming or sleeping on their showroom floor but I have to admit that's what would have had to happen in order to get out if there without purchasing extras, so I caved in to their sales tactics. They weren't giving me the keys until I bought something to add to the OTD price. I do perfectly okay with my FWD Accord in the DC MD area even with the ice storms. I just kept the gears in 2nd or even 1st on one occasion going up a steep hill with a small pickup truck sliding toward me from ahead. I was able to stay out of his way and slowly inch up the icy hill. So, as long as you don't try to be superman and do your best to stay off the roads in those conditions anyway, a FWD is fine but I happen to work for 'Type A workaholics with no common sense. Also, I don't know if the FWD CR-V has the backup camera which I absolutely love on the AWD EX CR-V and I feel is worth the money I paid in 'extras'. Do your best to not give in to the fabric protection and added warranty, my thoughts are if it's a Honda why would I need any other warranty? Those cars roll no matter what hits them or happens. (At least in my experience). None of the ones I had left me stranded, they all got me home when there was no way possible that they should have. My former VW, couldn't touch my Honda (other than I was completely unharmed in an accident). Parts are too expensive for an insurance company to want to repair if in an accident, they rather declare it's 'totaled' than repair and risk other issues later. Hondas are very 'insurance friendly'.
  • I have an offer for $27k for CRV EXL OTD, but plus DMV fees. I haven't gone in to sign paperwork yet and am afraid they will pester me to buy a bunch of stuff. Any ideas for how to avoid that? I'm a single mom and don't have the time or money to deal with haggling any further. I got my quote via email.
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