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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bob596bob596 Posts: 2

    I have just started Looking for a new SUV and have preference for CRV. One of the Dealer offered me 28950 on my first visit as the initial offering without any negotiations. What OTD (including taxes and fees) should I pay for a 2014 2WD CRV EXL without navigation in the Houston Area? Also what would be the invoice price for the same?

  • lionking27lionking27 Posts: 2
    edited January 19

    Hi Guys,

    This forum has been very helpful for me to make my decision about buying a new car. I am considering buying a 2014 CRV LX AWD in Colorado in a few days. My sister bought a similar vehicle in Florida with FWD (2WD) last year. Following is the breakdown of what she paid:

    • Vehicle Price: 20751
    • Dealer fees: 699
    • State Fees: 71.25
    • Rebate (Loyalty): -500
    • Taxes (6%): 1261
    • Registration: 470
    • Total: 22752

    Since I want AWD instead of FWD I am willing to pay extra 1000 on the vehicle price which brings the Total in Colorado as follows:

    • Vehicle Price: 21751
    • Dealer fees: 399
    • State Fees: 80.25
    • Flex Cash (Or Whatever): -500
    • Taxes (8.25%): 1816
    • Registration: 456
    • Total:** 23969 **

    Based on your experience is it a good price or should I target lower/higher ? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work of sharing your buying experiences.

  • @zenexscrider said: Hello, I received a quote from Austin dealer for a EX-L AWD. It was 29588 OTD with Honda financing. Austin folks, what is the best price for 2014 EX-L AWD? Could you provide me with the details?


    I am also looking for a similar vehicle. Could you please share the price breakdown of that quote that you received ? Thanks !!

  • senrasusenrasu Posts: 1

    Hi.. Could you please tell me the deal you got? What is OTD for CRV EX AWD 2014?

  • budgetbuyerbudgetbuyer MIPosts: 15
    edited January 25

    Hello Everyone,

    Been reading this post with great interest, and amazed by the guidance rendered by Brian.

    I just got a quote from a dealer for LX AWD CR-V for $24,333 O.T.D, with Honda Financing. what do you think?

    Any input will help.


  • citizenkanecitizenkane Posts: 1
    edited January 26

    Used this site to purchase my vehicle so thought I'd give some back to the community.

    Some ideas i bounced around. I looked through the entire thread for the type of vehicle I wanted and how much the lowest someone paid was. Then I spent a couple days (2-3) 2-3hr sessions of hacking it out with sales in 2 separate dealers. Finally, i took what i thought was the lowest price possible and inventory checked nearby dealers for the vehicle I wanted. I then internet price quoted those dealers and told them what I thought was a fair OTD price and just went back and forth. I started 1 week into Jan and then broke them down and just got it 1 week before the end of the month. Yea it takes time but I kinda enjoy the process. Its always fun watching the sales go back and seeing what excuses they can come up with to raise/lower the price.

    My friend in the LA region recently just got a 2014 CRV LX 2WD that was $22500 OTD. 9% Tax. Don't know the MSRP on my friends vehicle. I personally just got a 2014 Honda CRV 2WD EX-L w/navi for ~29,8XX OTD in the LA region (9% Tax). Had to negotiate hard with a few dealers and found one that would go that low. I think i did pretty good for this time of year on a 2014. Of course as you get closer to June it gets better and you should aim lower than this. Hopefully this helps some of you guys out. Window price on this vehicle was $30,025.

    Both deals required financing.

  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 2,408
    edited January 29


    To guage your deal you need to provide the correct info. Otd pricing differs from state to state due to taxes and dmv fee's , and dealers doc fee charges.

    Info needed is..... Selling price w dest charge included

    dealers doc fee charge.

    any added accessories in vehicle and dealers price

    Your target price to buy should be between 500 below invoice to 1500 below before taxes, dmv, and doc fee's. Supply and demand and your area will effect prices.

    any rebates/ incentives should be minused off your agreed price.

    2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2013 Accord EXL V-6, 2012 BMW x-5, 2012 ML350

  • budgetbuyerbudgetbuyer MIPosts: 15
    edited February 9

    Hello Brian,

    Thanks for your reply Brian :)

    We bought our CRV AWD 2014 today, the msrp sticker price was $25,025. incl. destination.

    We paid 23,832.15 O.T.D (used college grad and flex cash discounts). We transferred our old plates. There was no trade in car involved. We live in Michigan

    Our dealer charged $200 doc. fees and would not budge on it because he said that we were already getting enough discounts.

    There were no additional features installed by the dealer on the crv.

    Final figures are:

    Selling Price = 23,180.86, +Taxable fees 24.00, +Doc Fee 200.00, +Tax 1,404.29,

    +Non Tax Fees 23.00

    Total Balance before discounts = 24,832.15

    Less: 500 (Graduation Disc.),

    Less 500 (Flex Cash)

    Final figure 23,832.15

    Dealer said he had to charge tax on whole amount, before deducting the flex cash and grad disc.

    We got Honda Financing of 1.9 % for 5 years.

    We declined any additional warranties, as we did not have good experience with it in the past.

    I do understand that I could have gotten a better deal at the end of the month, but needed a car bad, and could not wait that long.

    Thanks for all the tips you and the rest kept giving on this forum again and again. I hope the information I have provided will similarly help others too

    Best Regards


  • bals19bals19 Posts: 1

    Hi I recently purchased a Honda CR V EX 2WD model for 25,780 OTD (All inclusive). Just wanted to check if thats a fair price or I paid more than what I should have?



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