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Nissan Armada



  • cdogcdog Posts: 12
    Someone asked for a desciption of the resonance. Occurs when you drive over a bunch of little bumps together at about 40 mph. Sounds like it rises up the walls around the second row of seats and then thunders overhead and fills the cabin. Sales guy tonight said "It's like you're driving down a mountain." You feel pressure in your eardrum and hear a very deep, low booming sound; not nearly as loud, but akin to the low booming sound of those oversized woofers that kids crank. Sounds and feels like an old VW Beetle with one rear window open.

    Test drove two Armadas today. The truck I was interested in arrived at the lot yesterday and wasn't ready to drive yet. We drove another. Resonance was noticeable on our bumpy California boulevards at about 40 mph. Not ear-popping, but definitely there. Improved noticeably on the freeway.

    Had an idea. Stood on step rail and tapped straight down on roof over the second row seats, near the center channel. Easily 1/4 inch of give and bounce. Salesman tried and was surprised, too. Was like a tin drum.

    Did the same thing on the truck that had just arrived. Interesting - definitely rigid over the second row. Big difference! But sounded like tin thunder over the rear third of the truck, with the same amount of give and bounce. Still, given the difference and the fact that this was about as hot off the grill as they get, my hopes were up. We scheduled a return trip this evening so they could remove the white bug paper that it gets delivered in.

    Sadly, the resonance was terrible in the brand new vehicle. Had a headache by the time we finished the drive. Salesman couldn't believe his ears.

    While headed back for the second test drive, a salesman from another dealer, who has driven a few with me, called. He said a Nissan rep was there today to talk about the Murano, Armada and a few others. Asked the guys whether they had experienced, or whether any customers had complained about resonance.

    So we know Nissan is on board. Now, can they fix it? And when?

    I love this truck. Anything else would feel like a big compromise. But won't put down 40 Gs for a headache. Will keep looking and hoping.
  • (i had asked about the resonance)

    that is pretty much what i am starting to experience... she was perfect when i first started driving her!! ah...

    fortunately, i haven't developed any headaches, but then again, i have a constant headache all day so it might be hard to tell ;)

    i noticed how weak the roof is, as well. my 1989 blazer can hold my weight on the roof (don't ask), yet i am afraid to put my cat up there... not that this is a common occurance...
  • (bare with me, never had any "auto" or "special" suspension of any kind).

    Had to park on a ditch to drop off some friends, the ditch was a lot steeper than it looked. As my friends stepped out, two of them fell - weren't expecting the drop off being so deep. My truck was almost leveled out in the rear!!

    I have noticed it kick in while running over a curb about three times, as well (still not fully used to the length and wheelbase). Besides a jolt equivilant to that of a small bump, my baby hasn't even noticed them. Back in my Blazer, any and every curb or elevation felt like the thing was about to tip over...

    -- Just figured a more positive outlook on things might lighten my mood. For anyone looking, definately get the Bose and Tow packages!!

    Anyone else with (hopefully positive) experiences?
  • popinjaypopinjay Posts: 50
    At least not yet anyway. Maybe this has been addressed in a previous post, and if it has I apologize for wasting everyone's time here....but why do some of these things have the resonance problem while others do not? I've got an SE, purchased November 1st, with almost 4k miles, and no resonance. Is it inevitable that I get the resonance problem? Why was I one of the lucky ones? I know there are a lot of complaints about it here, but it's tough to get a feel for what percentage of these vehicles are experiencing the problem.
  • that is a really good question. at first, it seemed as though almost all problems applied to Armada's with sunroofs, but now all, even the QX56's are affected.

    Personally, it seems like all have it, but the drivers might not be as susceptible to it as others... While test-driving one really bad Armada, only one other of my 5 friends noticed the noise.
  • popinjaypopinjay Posts: 50
    The way it's been described, I would think the noise and the pressure change deal would be quite noticeable to everyone in the vehicle. I've had as many as 7 in my Armada, and no one's ever said a thing. Now when someone rolls down a back window, I definitely hear and feel that. I almost feel like going and doing some more test driving at the dealer to see if I can find a bad one.
  • adjmcloonadjmcloon Posts: 70
    Since the resonance is such a low frequency, it makes sense that some folks hear it and some don't. Human hearing on average begins around 30hz, but some can hear lower. The resonance is definitely around 20-30hz.

    I am going to take my spectrum analyzer and get a capture of the road noise. That should tell us precisely what frequencies are resonating and how loudly for my particular vehicle. I'll post the results when I get the chance.

    I noticed yesterday not only the resonance, but also for the first time a distinctive pressure in my ears. Know when you get on a flight and they pressurize the cabin? It's like that, but it comes on much more gradually.

  • dboogiedboogie Posts: 71
    but is rolling down the window to get the problem REALLY the same thing?? I believe people are getting the resonance problem with the windows rolled UP. I think rolling the windows down to get that effect is "normal" wind buffetting that MAY occur from time to time in just about any vehicle.
    I've yet to experience the resonance problem in my vehicle or any of the other 5 or 6 that I test drove, but SOMETIMES if i rolled one of the rear windows down I will get that "helicopter blades in motion" sound and feeling in my ears which I think is just wind buffeting. The "helicopter blades in motion" feeling is an uncomfortable pressure in my ears and across my body. I've gotten that exact same sound and feeling in my Mitsubishi Eclipse from time to time when I'd roll down a window
  • popinjaypopinjay Posts: 50
    I was only referencing the window because I thought that the 2 sensations might be similar.
    I would think that even if I can't hear the noise associated with the resonance, I would still feel the 'popping' sensation in my ears that everyone describes.
    On a much more serious note, I've still yet to receive my 'Grinch' DVD that was stuck in the DVD player when it failed 3 months ago.
  • tiggerguytiggerguy Posts: 76
    I'll never forget the first time I rolled down the rear passenger window in my Mom's suburban (Yes, my mother drives a suburban) I thought the roof was going to explode! Needless to say, it seems you can get some good 'copter noise going in anything if you open the right window. After reading the prior posts I had to run outside and do the "pop n fresh dough" test on my roof, sure enough, it weebles and wobbles. But then, I haven't seen a solid roof panel since my '66 Pontiac. (THAT was some solid steel) It would be interesting to know the precentage of people who OWN Armadas that truly have the resonance problem. I see a couple running around, but have yet to talk to another owner in person . There's one at the local Toyota dealer on the front turntable with 3000 miles on it, I didn't ask WHY it was traded (didn't want to go there) I have had enough different people in mine to honestly say there is no earth shattering ka-boom in my Armada, who the heck knows why, this could become one of those mysteries that Poirot would be needed to solve. (To bad Peter Hustonov died =o(
  • ksloan77ksloan77 Posts: 28
    i was just on the phone with nissan hq in the last hour trying to get an answer from them about fixing the roof of my vehicle -- because they have to go through 4 steps before they get to the "buy-back" step. she informed me that the engineers are working on designing parts to fix the roof problem now, and that a tb will be issued as soon as the part(s) are ready...and tested/approved. she indicated at least 4-6 weeks. more on this later.
  • adjmcloonadjmcloon Posts: 70
    Thanks for the info..any details on what kind of parts, etc.? I was under the impression they were going to glue the roof to the supports.

  • adjmcloonadjmcloon Posts: 70
    Here's hoping they can fix the problem. If it weren't for the resonance issue, this really would be the SUV of all SUV's. I love it all except the noise.
  • tiggerguytiggerguy Posts: 76
    Sounds like they are maybe coming up with an extra cross brace or something to that effect to shove in there to stiffen up the structure- maybe they are gonna have us all put roll bars in them LOL at least it's something different to hear-
  • adjmcloonadjmcloon Posts: 70
    Hey y'all,

    I'm about 6'5", so it's fairly easy for me to see the top of the vehicle while standing on flat ground. Tonight I headed out to the beast to get my wallet. On a whim I opened the back door up (fairly quickly) and my roof buckled like I was in the San Fran earthquake. Aaha! Same thing when I shut the door. It was quite obvious at that point. I've never seen a vehicle do this to this extreme.

    Try it out- it might make you laugh (to keep from crying) :)
  • Hey I saw your post about the purge control valve taking care of the helicopter noise. I am taking mine in first thing in the morning. They told me to print out this information on here since they don't have any experience with the problem. It is one of those that comes and goes but always comes back each time you drive. Sorta sounds like a loud exhaust leak. Thanks for the update. Is it still ok?
  • You has asked me a long time ago to post when I found the rattle in my dash. I don't think I have yet. It turned out to be the overhead console. Front section. It sounds just like it is coming from the steering column. I guess the sound travels. Anyway, mine was busted anyway around the front screw when I got it. I guess maybe this is causing the problem, not sure but if you put your hand on the drivers overhead light and press the sound stops. The console was on order since the first of January. Finally!
  • I am taking the Armada in because of the items I just posted but also for the popping in the rear end. dboobie, thanks for the post on this. I am sure it will help greatly. Has anyone else heard the popping/clicking sound when you first take off. Sounds like something is in a bind and the only time you hear it is on takeoff. This forum will help me out alot. If I get these things fixed, the only thing left is the resonance problem. Since they say they haven't heard of it, I didn't get anywhere before. It is pretty bad though. I washed the Armada today and for the first time pushed down on the roof and you guys are right, it sure is flimsy. Surprised me and for sure is the problem. It is just bouncing when we drive.
  • cdogcdog Posts: 12
    Perform pop-n-fresh dough test for detection of potential drum flutter.

    Dboogie: Seems to make no difference whether any windows are open.

    Adjmcloon: My wife says she has not noticed it. My teenage son says he hears it. Salespeople say they hear it -- but only after I point it out. Wish I were one that doesn't. Beyond that, wonder if our poorly maintained California roads factor in.

    Wonder why they could fasten down the roof half-way back, but not all the way to the rear gate. Maybe some molded cross-support is needed. Sure wish they'd figure it out soon. I want to buy one.
  • nitemasknitemask Posts: 33
    I noticed it after it had warmed up. I'd be sitting at a light, or parked and you ould hear it. It still works fine. It is more noticeable from the driver's side, than from the passenger's.

    They tested it out by turning it off with the computer, turned it back on and the noise came back. Still no noise anymore.
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