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Nissan Armada



  • I don't know what they called the kind of balancing but he did show me. He said that instead of putting a center piece locking the wheel down, their machine threads using bolts to imitate lug nuts. They tighted it down to give more of a true road feel he said. The tires were pretty smooth. One has a slight jump but he said it wasn't enough to cause a problem. He said the wheels were running straight also. I don't know. I think I have to agree on it not doing it all the time but at certain speeds that if it was the suspension you think it would do it all the time. I will know next week. I might try discount tire also just in case for a second opinion. They have a location near where I live. I recently bought 2 sets of tires from them for my other 2 cars. I drove it again this afternoon and man did it shake at high speeds. I guess I could always drive it under 60 and wouldn't have a problem. Maybe they can make that a new TSB. No speed over 60! I really want to enjoy the vehicle. The brakes for now are great like they should be. Brake dust is a flyin' though. I washed it yesterday and the wheels are black today. I was hoping their new pads would have been better. I am going to try and find some of those shields to block the brake dust. Surely someone makes them for this thing.
  • norbnnorbn Posts: 70
    Nope that's not it. The GSP9700 puts a load on the tire. There is a metal cylinder that presses on the tire while it spins to simulate actual road condition. Much much more acurate than a spin balance.
  • Check post 2983 and 2982, I believe that person had a similar problem and they had to tighten something on his steering column. Also the contential tires are know to have problems with being out of round. Ford uses the same tires on the expedition and they has similar shaking issues. Just read the expy forums. You might need to replace all the tires and I see that someone has recommended a road force balancing for your tires, the Toyota sequoia's have had a few shaking problems and that is how thay have fixed it.
  • Yep, the brake dust is annoying. I'm going to go to a metallic pad and that will solve that. $60/pair at most auto parts stores.

    I've been hearing that Stillen is going to make a brake kit for the Titan/Armada with bigger rotors, metallic pads, and adapters for the stock calipers so it won't be so pricey. Won't that be nice!

    You're almost there soldaustin..hang in there man, you'll end up really enjoying your ride soon.
  • Thanks for the help. I will give this a try and see how it goes.
  • I am going to go to discount tire monday to see if they can do the road force thing. I will call them first to make sure they can do it. I have a NTB near my house also. I think it has to be the tires now. I have Goodyear. I checked and was told that Goodyear and Continental are the only makers of this size now. I really would like to have Michelins on it. Maybe soon they will come out with some. If I could get the shake out, I would feel much better about this thing. Granted when I went over bumps the steering wheel moves more than I think it should, but it didn't shake like a tire balance issue until recently. I wonder if the 4 wheel alignment being off like it was and causing weird tire wear could have screwed up the tires. Well, I will know monday so again thanks for the tips. Oh, also post when you hear about the brake upgrades. I would be interested in doing that also. I figure if past history holds, these will be ready to replace in about 4-5,000 miles, including the new rotors. I did tell the dealer about the front end fix someone posted and they wouldn't even pull it in the shop to check it. They said it did shake over bumps but that was normal. (I printed out a copy of the post but it didn't do me any good) I guess I have to be optimistic and hope the extra parts they put in will solve the problem. I really appreciate all of the tips you guys post.
  • Except, my Nissan dealer wanted me to pay for my replacement brakes @ 9,000.00 miles..

    Yep, they were already turned @ 7,000 miles..Now they are telling me that my brake fluid is low bec' my brakes are low and need to replace the brakes they want me to pay. I already know they will probably have to do something with the roters again, cause I am getting the shaking of the steering wheel...

    After telling them this is not acceptable, the brakes are on "Order"..

    It has been a month, waiting for the brakes, my dash board is till lighting up like it is christmas.. I am still waiting for other parts ordered from 5 months ago, nothing..

    The funny thing is, I do not drive it often, I live in a rural area, so I take the commuter bus to work..average drive a day, 4 miles and that is stretching it...

    I am now looking at the tires for uneven wear..only time will tell.

    In the meantime, I will be printing out all these suggestions...

    I have had so many problems..My twin toddlers (2 yrs old) plicked off the antenna connectors in the back ($800.00). The dealer swears to remove the connectors is difficult bec it is welded.

    Well, they must use bubble gum for soldering materal. If I even look at all the connectors in the back of this tonka the wrong way, I swear it would pop and blow up just by glaring at it.

    I feel like an absolute idiot because I paid it off.

    I would of rather spent that money on plastic surgery on myself...
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    Bowke28, what you are essentially telling all these people is "Do not buy first year models! Wait two or three years and you should get a relatively good vehicle from Nissan! Not much of a consolation to somebody who spend $ 35K + on this vehicle, only to have one problem after another.

    What if nobody bought any of the first year new model vehicles? Would Nissan start improving their quality ASAP?
  • Your rotors should be turned everytime you get new pads. Of course they shouldn't have to have new pads put on after 7k miles either. The rotors should also be able get turned at least half a dozen times or more before getting replaced. If you are experiencing a vibration when you apply the brakes it's almost certainly due to warped rotors which will not be fixed by having the rotors turned.

    For the people who are having to replace the pads you might think about going with Praise Dyno pads. Very good and a lot of guys with Suburbans use them. Although it will not solve the problem of warping rotors.

    Personally I think the 05's will have to be discounted too. People aren't going to want to jump in on them anytime soon until they know for sure that the QC has improved.
  • I have the same problem with my driver side window. I'll be taking my Armanda back in to service this week. Was your problem resolved and is something I need to tell the service tech to get this resolved quicker?
  • Yes my problem was finally resolved after 3 visits to the service department, at least so far I have not had the same problem. I am fairly confident that the problem has been corrected. To be honest I am not sure what they did to repair the window, I know they replaced some internal part and they then used some adhesive to glue the pieces together. I have two recommendations first call Nissan consumer relations at 800 nissan1 and explain the problem to them and secondly you could call my dealer Bancroft Motors (Nissan) in Worcester Mass and ask for Nuno in the service dept (he is the service mgr) and have him explain the fix to your service dept. he was very instrumental in the repair. Nissan corporate really did not have a fix for the problem but you will get treated better by your service dept. if you through up a flag at corporate.
  • Thanks for the info. I'll be pretty straight forward with the service man about the window by letting him know about the known problems with the window.
  • Brake update!!!!!!!!!! 4000 miles later - pulsating is returning and we have a terrible brake squeeling when they are applied like they didn't put any anti-squeel compound on the back of the pads. Nissan Corp. has been called and a case manager is involved. Now my dealer (Woodfield Nissan in Hoffman Estates, Il.) says that it has no loaner cars due to remodeling work and I can rent one at my expense if they do not consider my Armada to have a problem. This is the 4th time with the same problem even after the TSB fix!!!!!!!!!!!! Believe me -I'm letting everyone know about Nissan Corp and Woodfield Nissan!
  • Shoulda bought a Suburban.
  • Has anyone had any transmission problems? With all I have had so far I am hoping this is not my case but it isn't looking good. I started the Armada up this morning and when I put it in reverse to pull out as normal, I gave it gas and it didn't do anything but rev up then it popped into gear and lunged back. I thought it was a fluke so when I was in the driveway, I put it back into drive and it didn't go anywhere then jumped as it went into gear. I went ahead and drove it all day and it seemed ok, until I stopped for gas and again the same thing. I had to go out into a hilly section in a community about 15-20 miles where I live and when I went down the steep hills on the highway, it would kick down into a lower gear and rev up over 3k rpm. Why would it drop down into a lower gear going down hill? It did this last week with me but I didn't think anything about it. So on every steep hill (there are many there) I went down, it would kick down into a lower gear and rev really high. I am going to wait and see what it does. Unless it is falling out and I can haul the pieces in laying in the back, they won't believe anything is wrong and blow me off like usual. Anyway, I will keep an eye and an ear out. If it does it again in the morning, something is for sure wrong. Almost acted like it was very low on transmission fluid. I will check it in the morning before I start it up. I just had it serviced by the dealer last week so it should be ok. (when they put the new brakes and rotors on) If anyone has had a problem, how did it act? Is this stuff normal?
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    "Why would it drop down into a lower gear going down hill?"

    thats the descent control. LOTS of trucks and SUVs have this technology. it downshifts to keep you from going too fast down a steep grade. this is normal.
  • After so many problems, I am getting a little paranoid. So this explains why it did it down the hills. Now I am hoping it doesn't not go into gear again and then go into gear after giving it gas. It was fine this morning. Maybe a fluke. I hope so. I still have other things to worry about with it.
  • galvanggalvang Posts: 156
    Mine does the samething, its normal. My previous Acura also operated the same way. When going down hill and if I press the brakes it goes into a lower gear. Probabbly to help save those cheap brakes. Doesn't help any, though.
  • cppcpp Posts: 36
    thats the descent control. LOTS of trucks and SUVs have this technology. it downshifts to keep you from going too fast down a steep grade. this is normal.

    I'm amazed Nissan doesn't make a bigger deal about this feature. It's a major claim to fame for Land Rover, and I couldn't even find mention of it on the Armada site. Also surprising is that it would kick in during highway driving. Usually this is something that is driver-activated, and is used only for very low-speed, very steep off road descents.

    I would be much more inclined to believe that either the tow-haul mode is activated (I haven't driven with it, but I wouldn't think it would downshift unless you were braking) or something's wrong.

  • No when I went down the hills that day, I didn't brake. The armada just downshifted and was for sure in a lower gear as the rpms went up to 3k and you could hear the engine wind as it went into the lower gear. It did it everytime. I guess this is normal. I just have never had a vehicle do it before. I actually didn't want to slow down and gave it more gas to speed it back up but it stayed into the lower gear until I got back to more level ground. Then it didn't do it again until I went down the next hill. I wish I could turn this off. If I was on Pikes Peak coming down, I could understand it would be a brake saver for sure, but not normal driving.
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