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Nissan Armada



  • approximately 20,000. We averaged between 4000 and 5000 miles between repairs.
  • We were told that we had the permanent updated fix the last 2 times our brakes were fixed. Last month we were told by the tech that we will have the problem again, there is no fix available at (that) time.
  • are you going to get rid of it through the lemon law? i've had my brakes done twice...the first time at 6,000 miles, then again at 9,000 and the minute i drove off the lot they were squeaking everytime i put my foot on the told me they don't have a fix for it and that i just have to get used to the noise and that they don't have a way to fix the problem right now...give me a break...the new pads require me to press harder to brake so i can only imagine that these will wear out even faster..totally annoyed...
  • Don't know how difficult it is but we are going to try. Can't be going back to the dealer every 4000 miles!
  • norbnnorbn Posts: 70
    Well, I've decided to pass on the Armada, waited on the 05's but still seems like Nissan hasn't done anything. Good luck everybody.
  • I am new to this discussion, but have been following these posts for awhile now. Mt wife and I recently test drove the 2005 Armada and the Sequoia back to back and both really liked the Armada. Unfortunately, all of these reported brake issues have me fairly nervous as there was clearly a significant problem with the 2004's. I guess it is too early to determine if the 2005's will have the same problems. The salesman at our local dealer seemed to think that the brakes have been changed for the '05 models, but I can't really confirm that. Anyone out there looking at the '05 model have more solid information? This is by far my favorite large SUV, but I certainly do not want a vehicle with these major brake issues.
  • All I can tell you is that our Nissan tech said the same brakes are in the 05's as the 04's. Had they been changed then the 04's would be easy to fix. There have been 2 different upgrades, neither have worked in our 2004 Armada.
  • I am also ready to pull the trigger and keep asking the same question. The work I got was that there was some type of new Brackets that helped the brakes and that this solved the issue. Sound a bit suspicious. For those that had the brakes replaced, have you heard of these new brackets.

    Maybe I should wait until the resolution gets resolved in a 2005 Build.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
  • Per the last post, I am interested in a 2005 Armada LE w/ Tech Pkg and Entertainment. Local Dealers have 04' Infiniti QX56 that they will sell at or below invoice, but will still be ~$7K More then the Armada.

    Did anyone else face this decision and choose the Armada? The QX56 may have a better value long term, but then again, it's already technically 1 year old and cost a good $7K More. I plan to get an extended warranty anyway, so the Infiniti Warranty is not a selling point.

  • Our first updated repair consisted of new rotors and brake pads, 2nd newer updated repair consisted of new rotors, new pads and BOLTS. Made no difference rotors were still warped by about 4000 miles. ISSUE IS NOT FIXED!
  • All:

    I filed a lemon law claim on my Armada, and the response was that Nissan sent down the new "permanent" brake fix for installation. This is the newly designed, yet to be released kit with larger rotors, new calipers, pads, etc. From what I've been reading (and hearing from Nissan) the permanent fix will be issued to the general public in the next 30-60 days. Supposedly the '05's are getting the new brakes right off the line. The new brakes feel GREAT. It's nice to finally have this issue resolved. We got it done a couple of weeks ago, and they also fixed a bunch of other nagging rattles, etc. We're finally enjoying our early build- I'm so glad Nissan finally got it fixed.
  • I had the brakes done @ 10,000 miles. I now have 23,000 miles and have not had a brake issue since.
  • We just had our 04 Armada serviced for the first time for the brake vibration, a rattle in the dash, and a passenger seat that was loose.

    From looking at the other postings, the brake issue is the "big deal". They ended up turning both rotors in the front, they installed a brake kit, member torq(whatever that is), a bolt, and a boot kit.

    The service guy was unwilling to discuss if this would permanently fix this issue and was unwilling to discuss the issue much further. I think that he must have been told by his management to not admit that there is a problem. We will see if this corrects the problem or if we will be back in the near future.

    We will be looking into lemon laws if it is not permanately taken care of.

    The rattle was taken care of with some sort of foam kit that they installed in the dash.

    They are ordering a part to fix the loose passenger seat.

    Signed -- Not happy about spending over $30K for this!
  • I have read numerous times that the Dealer Service Turned Rotors. This surprises me as premature turning of the rotors would ultimately lead to you having to prematurely having to replace the rotors on your "own dime" down the road.

    Additionally, for a Rotor that is effectively already undersized, a turned rotor is even more undersized.

    For the gentlement that got the New Brake Rotors which was part of the permanent fix, are they any telling details that one can determine if they are in fact getting the permanent fix.
  • Would you happen to know the disc brake rotor size increase? Thanks
  • After dealing with Nissan 1 and an actual case worker, Nissan sent the new brake kit coming out to my dealer, and it was installed Monday. This is the new larger rotors and new brake calipers. My dealer said this kit was the first he had seen or heard of.

    The one side of the rotor is wider, and there is a new material on the caliper. New calipers were also installed on the back. My service Mgr. thought this would do it (I've had 3 previous brake repairs/replacements). Of course, he has nothing really to base that on. Nissan 1 claims they will buy my vehicle back if these don't work (but I couldn't get them to give me a mileage guarantee). Of course, right out of the shop they feel fine.....only time will tell. They are sending these brake kits out on a case by case basis.....they are trying to catch up with production, on the '05s and replacing '04's that are heading into lemon law claims.
  • Would you happen to have the parts #'s fro the repair order? Thanks
  • I just dropped mine off again for service this morning. I am at 2,600 miles since the last brake turning (before that rotors) and it just started shaking upon braking again. I also have a bad bump in the floor when you brake and hit a bump at the same time. It peaked this morning so I had to take it in. Not sure what it is, but there is something loose. I am hoping this has something to do with what is causing my steering wheel to flop back and forth when I hit a bump. (which I have been told is normal) I am hoping. I did ask them if the 2005 Armadas were having the same problem. They said yes that it hasn't been fixed yet. So if they are coming off the line with them like you said, then there is an even more serious problem than we are being told. He said the 2005 are having the same problem. At least this dealer is admitting it. The one I gave up was the one I bought from. They basically blew me off from any repairs and I have to go to a different dealer to get service. Same owners but totally different on how I am being treated.

    So this all being said, I have no idea when the "FIX" if there is one will be done. My service advisor did tell me that they might not do anything to my brakes this time. He said they are being told a "FIX" is coming but it isn't available yet. So it seems there are conflicting reports on this board about that. We are all being told something slightly different. Adjmcloon, give it time. They all feel good after the new rotors like I got before. It just doesn't last. I am glad though that you are finally enjoying your vehicle. I did get a few things repaired on mine that sure helped. The roof fix alone was an amazing difference. It worked and I am hoping it holds.
  • I am interested in knowing how your dealer solved your sunroof shade pull noise. Do you have any idea? I thought mine was the only one. I just repeatedly push it up to stop it. Thanks for any info you might have.
  • They fixed mine after a half dozen trips to them by replacing the whole sunroof shade assembly
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