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Honda Civic Si/SiR Maintenance and Repair



  • Which of course, begs the question, "Where does Handa Accessories get their parts from?"
  • Try another dealer by phone. I don't believe they would discontinue this part. I think they just blew you off. Too lazy, chump change part, don't bother me, don't have time, I don't care about your molding. You know, the attitude we all know and love.

    Keep tryin'. If you get the same story from 3 dealers, okay then, I give up and eat my hat.
  • who recommends what manuals for the 08 si??

    i dont want cd's but hardcopy service/repair manuals...thanks......i want it for the do ityourself stuff that may come about, and also to understand the various technolgies on this car........thanks all.....

  • kork13kork13 Posts: 90
    barrett, i had the same problem with my '07 si. I brought it into the dealer and they replaced something with my front strut (i'm not much of a mechanical-type, so i'm not sure exactly) -- they seemed to know exactly what it was when i described it to them, so it's probably a bit more wide-spread than might be preferred...
  • I took delivery of a 008 Civic SI sedan 07/04/08, and within a couple of days I noticed exactly what you described in your 007, a slight chucking noise when going over slight roughness. I took it back to the dealer (Redwood City Honda) and they diagnosed a defective left front strut, ordered one, and replaced it within a few days. The noise was gone.

    Unfortunately, I also have the cracking noise (like noisy human joints!) when parking, and I haven't decided whether this requires another trip to the dealer.
  • cz75cz75 Posts: 210
    Helm Inc. sells factory service manuals.
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