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Dodge Magnum



  • morselandmorseland Posts: 25
    The wife and I just love our new Magnum R/T in Magnesium Pearl Coat. I'll post some pictures when I get my website going. The car is rock solid and handles like a car half its size. The car's street presence alone blows off any BMW or Audi in my opinion, but buy those those cars if you want. But at least 20 people of all ages have stopped and given us raving positive comments about the car since we have gotten it (Three Days!!)
         The rear storage area is great for groceries and when the rear seats go down you have plenty of room for cargo. The overall quality both interior and exterior is superior to our 300M (which I may keep and must repair since someone in a White Navigator backed into the rear quarter panel the day before we were going to trade in the 300M. We ended up paying for the the car without a trade in.)
         The Hemi engine just keeps on accelerating stronger and stronger as speed goes well beyond legal speed limits. Gas mileage is not much different from the 300M if you don't get on it too much.
         Each day I drive the car I enjoy it more. For $32,000 you get quite a vehicle.
  • microrepairmicrorepair Eastern MassachusettsPosts: 508
    Then run to your local Dodge dealer and order one of these Magnum Train models. EVERYONE will get out of your way if they see you coming!! - pisode_44.html
  • heinzh2heinzh2 Posts: 49
    After much debate ... with myself, I have decided on the Magnum over the 300C. The available room and they way rear roof line is designed is just too appealing. If this thing was squared off in the rear for just a little bit more room, then I would believe it would take away from the overall appeal. Just depends on what ones personal preference is ... room or bruteful art. I decided on the Magnum since I just can't see myself going to the hardware store etc. in the 300, or trips or doing any outdoor sports. And with one baby in tow, I think the Magnum will fit the bill perfectly on all levels. I would wish more of the interior as well, but the materials will do until I work my way up (one day) to those cars that do cost an arm & leg. I have yet to see a Magnum with an interior that was faulty in anyway. I would be hard pressed to assume every Magnum had poor interior quality based off of just one Magnum. There is one thing I would have loved to have seen as an option ... which would have been a motorized hatch door. And although the interior is a little plain (I guess it's called sporty), I have no doubt that Mopar, or others, will offer numerous options to dress that interior up shortly down the road.

    As for placing an order today, I did look in to the Costco Auto program that was mentioned, but I did not see the savings that was posted! After all the options, the dealer was only going to come down $500 off the MSRP. I checked with another dealership and they were willing to at least match that discount ... so much for a good discount program. So I will be off to one more dealer to see if they can get lower than the $500 off MSRP. Fingers crossed :-)
  • snicklesnickle Posts: 147
    There are many options to dress up the interior coming out soon. Also various other mods as well. It truns out to get autoheadlights on the RT, all you have do is replce the switch with the one from the 300C. A $40 dollar mod.
  • cacwbycacwby Posts: 7
    What is the recall on? Does anyone know- my wife saw something on the news but has no clue what it was.
  • heinzh2heinzh2 Posts: 49
    DETROIT July 2, 2004; The AP reported that DaimlerChrysler AG is recalling at least 20,000 vehicles because of safety defects, the company said Friday.

    The recall affects 2005 models of the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Magnum and 2004 models of the Chrysler Sebring and Jeep Liberty.

    Chrysler Group spokesman Max Gates said the company wants to inspect and possibly repair the battery cable connections on 20,060 vehicles, tighten safety belt attachments on 12,211 vehicles and inspect and possibly repair the child seat anchor systems on 12 vehicles.

    Gates said some of the models may have one or more defects and some may have none at all. The company is still determining which vehicles are affected, he said.

    Chrysler said it will begin notifying customers about the recalls next week. Customers will get repairs for free, he said.

    Chrysler Group,
  • t15212jt15212j Posts: 7
    I spoke with the dealer here in North Carolina and he is still taking orders for Magnums @ $200 over dealer invoice plus $299 DOC fees.

    He will sell a stock car at $500 over.
  • andreaandrea Posts: 4
    We have two Audi A6's: a 96 wagon and a 95 sedan. Each was purchased used, just off 36 month leases. Each car now has various mechanical and electrical issues. We're considering buying one new car now and one next year. So, this car purchase can be either the 'good' one (powerful engine for long road trips (over snowy roads) with 4 passengers, 2 dogs and some luggage). Or the 'cheap chic' one - for little trips around town (including the beach), but still with the interior capacity for all of us + dogs.

    I would like for ONE of these cars to be American. I had high hopes for the new DCs. But I LOVE the look and feel and build quality of the Audis (just not the poor reliablity in the out years - as we've learned). Still, I trust the Quattro. I have no doubts about it's ability to deliver superior control in the snow (it's been tested many times). This RWD + traction control with the Magnum scares me. Does it work even nearly as well as Quattro in snow? If we have to wait to order the AWD version of the Magnum I think we may just get the Audi Allroad. I have no idea what AWD will do to the price of the Dodge. I don't want to pay anywhere near the Allroad price for a Dodge. That's the whole point, you know? The Dodge is supposed to deliver the same performance for less $. There's no point in having to pay $36K+ for a Canadian Dodge when the German Audi Allroad is available for $40K - and will hold it's value much better.

    Oh, and there's NO WAY we'll consider a $3000 ad fee or any such nonsense. This is exactly what I was worried about. American car dealers get a half way decent product in their showroom and all they can think to do is gouge. It's sickening, really.

    Are people paying sticker for the RTs?

    Here's our list: any thoughts?

    Good car: Audi Allroad or Dodge Magnum RT. Cheap chic: Toyota Scion or Honda Element.
  • peterskmpeterskm Posts: 79
    andrea said:

    Oh, and there's NO WAY we'll consider a $3000 ad fee or any such nonsense. This is exactly what I was worried about. American car dealers get a half way decent product in their showroom and all they can think to do is gouge. It's sickening, really.

    I agree totally. I have no idea why the hell dealers do this. I guess the consumers are to blameas they want the product bad enough to overpay. I will not be ripped off just because the car is different and in demand. I can't see paying msrp, let alone, msrp+. D-C does offer discounts to certain companys and there employees. I just found out my wifes company offers a plan that lets us get any D-C product for 1% below invoice.
  • enygma6enygma6 Posts: 35
    It's the dealer's perogative, whether or not they feel the local market will support such gouging. Around me there are many dealers, most of whom will gladly add extra fees to hot new models. Fortunately I found a local dealer whose policy is to NEVER sell vehicles above sticker, and according to their sales manager they manage to move quite a few of them at MSRP simply because everyone else is selling for more. The only drawback is the customer has to wait for the orders to come in.
    (I did catch them breaking this rule on one vehicle: they had a Ram SRT-10 with a $4000 "market adjustment" to the price. However seeing as the next closest Dodge dealer had 4 SRT-10's with $7000 markups, I figured it wasn't worth harassing them about. This other dealer also had 7 Magnums all with $2000 "A.D.P" markups - my guess is that stands for "Added Dealer Profit." My moneys going to the guys who don't do that.)
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 487
    Please realize that I am not trying to be anti-Magnum as I really do like these vehicles, but since you were thinking about other vehicles have you considered Subaru?

    We have a Subaru Forester XT (with the turbo) and we love it. AWD for snow or light off roading, a lot of power, good reliability, best in class safety and OK passenger and good cargo room (My two big dogs fit fine). The new Legacy and Outback are pretty hot also. Unfortunately, for the larger vehicle size and extra cost you do not pick up much additional interior space as compared to the Forester.

    I know Subaru's are ugly, geeky, etc. etc., and if you are used to driving an Audi you probably can't imagine being caught dead in one, but you really owe it to your self to check one out. And I for one do not think the new Legacy / Outback is really all that ugly anyway.

    Sorry for the Subaru pitch Magnum fans, but I was just responding to her question. I really do like the Magnum. And now, back to regularly scheduled programing.
  • heinzh2heinzh2 Posts: 49
    At least I can speak on behalf of the Atlanta market in that none of the cars have been marked up over MSRP ... this goes for the 300 as well. Maybe it's just the market here or something. I have been told by a couple of dealerships now that there is a $500 rebate (or something to that nature) on the Magnum now ... "but may go away soon".

    By the way ... thank you "snickle" for the mod info. I think that is something I will take advantage of when I decide to buy. Be sure to post any other info like that in future. Also thank you to "t15212j" for the Costco info. Could you email me with that dealer info, just in case, since NC is not that far off to save that much money. Might even be enough savings to have the car delivered too?
  • morselandmorseland Posts: 25
    I always enjoyed our 300M, its a great road car with loads of interior room. I always loved the styling and other 300Ms still catch my eye when one goes by, I still haven't decided which color I like best.
         But the new Magnum, especially with the Hemi powerplant, brings driving to a much higher level. Its a large efficient car with performance and comfort, a huge back seat, and practical cargo space thats easy to get to. It seats five adults easily. And I like the styling even better than the 300M.
         The original sticker for our 1999 300M was about the same as our new R/T although we paid about $3000 below sticker at the time. All R/T's around here are going for full sticker unless they get you at the other end with your trade in. When we financed through Chrysler we got a $500 rebate and $500 reduction in a four year bumper to bumper warranty (whatever that means). After financing with Chysler for three payments you can buy out the loan at no penalty if you can get a better rate somewhere else. Getting a 300C with a few options on it at sticker is still difficult. I live south of Boston.
  • An all AWD Magnum is not necessarily necessary considering how well the Magnum and its sibliing the 300, perform in winter weather. The links below are video's from Chrysler's Ride n' Drive program that allowed 50 people to test the Magnum and 300 in blizzard like conditions. _Ride_Drive_300k.wvx _Ride_Drive_P2_300k.wvx
  • t15212jt15212j Posts: 7
    701-709 S MAIN ST POB350
    HIGH POINT, NC 27260

    Ask for Joe, order 300 or Magnum for $200 over dealer cost or $500 over dealer cost on stock units.
  • bhhbhh Posts: 1
    Comparing a Subaru Forester to a Magnum is a big stretch by most measurements, Consider:

    Gas mileage – worse in the smaller Subaru.
    Cargo room – Magnum is 7.5 cu. ft. more, with a width and rear opening size more real-world usable.
    Legroom – Magnum is 6.5 inches more for rear passengers. “Not much more interior space”? This is a huge difference.
    Shoulder/hip room – Magnum 4-5 inches more – again a huge difference.

    Besides the obvious size differences, there are a lot of standard features on the Magnum that are not even an option on the Forester, and options for the Magnum also not even available on the Forester (do a quick compare at Carsdirect to see these).

    The Magnum will ride better, quieter, and be safer, from size alone. The Forester is a nice little car, but for MORE money than all but the Magnum RT model with similar options (and even there it gets close) the small Subaru cannot compare.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,231
    I have a similar opinion. The Magnum is nearly as roomy as our Tahoe. Width is very important to me and nearly every other wagon or even most SUV's are lacking in that department. Three passengers in the back seat is not comfortable in most vehicles. I recently looked at a Passat wagon and a Magnum side by side. The Magnum is quite large and three can fit nicely in the back. Three passengers in the Passat would be miserable in short order.
  • rusty104rusty104 Posts: 39
    Has anyone cranked up the BA system in the Magnum? If so what is your opinion of the sound?
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 487

    I'm not trying to start a war, but I just to clarify a few points on my post.

    1. I was not comparing the Forester to a Magnum. Andrea was looking for ideas for vehicles, including one larger and more expensive vehicle and one smaller one. Reading what she was looking for, I thought a Legacy / Outback or a Forester might be good choices for her.

    2. My statement was that the Outback / Legacy did not have much more interior room than a Forester, even though the Outback Legacy is a larger vehicle. I concede that the Magnum has more space, particularly in regards to passenger space. The advantage in cargo room for the Magnum is reduced due to the slope of the roof. Sorry if my wording was vague.

    3. 2004 Turbo Forester with the 5 speed is rated at 18/23, auto is rated at 19/23. Hemi Magnum is rated at 17/24, which is pretty darn good for a V8, but is a draw economy wise. My understanding is that the 2005 Outback Legacy is actually rated slightly higher, and the 2005 Forester has been revised slightly upward. My guess is the Hemi Magnum with AWD will be a little lower.

    The Forester and Outbacks are top rated in safety. Like I said, I am not trying to start a war as I like Subarus and I like the 300C and Magnum. They are all excellent cars that will appeal to different folks for different reasons. I was just trying to respond to the post (#403) from Andrea.
  • morselandmorseland Posts: 25
    Dear Rusty,

         The basic sound system is terrific with easy controls and great bass, midrange and high sound, tight and not boomy. You can fade the sound very effectively to the rear of the vehicle if you desire a softer sound or for rear passengers.
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