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Dodge Magnum



  • rtracerrtracer Posts: 6
    Question for anyone who has installed an aftermarket cold intake system...K&N ect..
    Any Hp gain...that you can feel?
    I heard they add some sound to the Mag..please describe..
    Thanks much
    Anyone added one of those Cat back exhaust systems..hows she sound.
  • kowalskikowalski Posts: 94
    Man that info helps Ill have to get a bra asap ..
    Thankyou for the info ...

  • kowalskikowalski Posts: 94
    Im running a drop in K & N it does very liitle from what I can see I get a little more low end grunt..
    The drop in suits me fine but its a preference.

    My SS caprice 9c1 benifited from all the intake mods and lower temp theromsat it was an LT1 thought and it wanted to breath .. rotate the MAS about 80 degrees and take out the baffle filter ,That s all for an LT1 though not an hemi..
    May help abit on the hemi though...........

    This magnum is as fast or faster than my 1996 Caprice SS 9c1.
    And that car was a monster when you punched it,it still had all the cop goodies on it too boot and was mintit had 45k on it and was a detectives car.
    The magnum filled its shoes nicely.

    Im sure id you get rid of that stock air box youll get a few more ponies ..
    I bet youll off set the MPG a bit though soley because youll be wanting to hear that unreal sucking sound from the intake..
    If you do an filter system try to place it close to a corner of the front end.
    Youll get better air there instaed of right at the engine.

    I have read that the intake nozzle is set right under the front bumper and it does suck water in so anything higher up in the engine comp will be a good thing.Keep in mind you dont want to do what most people do suck hot air from the engine into the intake youll actually decrease power..

    Stay away from standing water with the Magnum go around it not thru it or youll find out the hard way ..

    I looked at several systems and found it to be a waste of $ esspecially gas MPG with me stopping the pedal all the time.

    Do your homework...............
  • kowalskikowalski Posts: 94
    Each cylinder has an ignition coil pack over one spark plug, and a regular plug wire connected to the other spark plug. Further, the coil pack also has a plug wire attached to it that extends to the opposite cylinder bank. It appears that each cylinder shares a coil pack with another cylinder.

    It appears that each of the two plugs on a given cylinder is fired by a separate coil. One plug has a coil directly attached, and the other is fired via an ignition wire connected to a coil located on another cylinder on the opposite bank. The benefits would be one-half the number of coils (8 vs. 16) compared to each plug having its own coil, and of course less weight. What I'm wondering is how is this scheme is implemented in terms of how/when the coils are fired. I can think of two possibilities. One is that the coils could contain two sets of windings that are insulated from each other and operate separately (one winding set for the plug directly underneath and another for the plug attached on the other bank). The other approach would be a coil with a single set of windings, and timing such that when the coil is firing a plug on the other bank, the cylinder under the coil would be on the exhaust stroke and that plug would fire also but with no effect.
  • I found out that when asking for non-binding arbitration that my sales deal was done as an employee purchase by the dealer to get more money back from Chrysler. They did this without my knowledge. But it has the result of making only BINDING arbitration available to employee purchase people. And get this! I am NOT an employee of Dodge, Chrysler, or any of its affiliates. I am an accountant for a Real Estate place. At the time I bought the car I was UNEMPLOYED. This was done by Sundance Dodge in Boise, ID. So here it is, Chrysler has done nothing to help me customer serivce wise on a replacement. I cannot use Binding arbitration (we all know its rigged), and my only option is to sue in real court. Great customer service, huh? You might think twice about a Dodge. :sick: :sick: :sick:
  • 1997montez341997montez34 Posts: 201
    Wow, that is really unethical!

    We've been very pleased with our Magnum. I'd more likely steer clear of that dealership instead of DCX in general.
  • c5400hpc5400hp Posts: 11
    What did they find out when they check the oil and engine components?
  • At first the dealer said it was rings and gave me a partially rebuilt engine. But it still smokes with no change. After going back to TS&S 3 times they said "take your car and we don't want it back" "we are through with it and won't work on it anymore" . So here I sit, a defective lemon that has numerous problems and smokes, no dealer to help me, no factory to help me, and no regional reps to help me. Every one of those mentioned have passed the buck, and/or said they can't help me. I can't use arbitration. Both the dealer in Bend and Boise have commited fraud. Who is going to help?
    :sick: :sick:
  • c5400hpc5400hp Posts: 11
    Man , sounds like the same thing I went thru with my hot tub a Thermospas.
    I suggest The BBB and also the States attorney generals office will be able to assist you .
    The States attorneys office will step in asap ..I assure you of that .
    I know what your going thru to some degree and it is very disturbing when you get the run around like you did.
    I feel some dealers do the ole run around to get your temper up so to refuse you service,like I stated Thermospas did just that to me on a 10,000 tub.
    I couldnt take the run around after the 35th call and just blew! they wanted that so to refuse any service etc.
    I got the attorney generals office on it and they are all over them as we speak .
    I have seen nothing yet from either party but knowing the law is working for me somewhat of a comfort .
    Call them get the forms fill them out and get thing going with the Better business bureau also ..

    Call DC customer service # dont give up talk to and record every name of every person you speak with and what date and time helps also ..
    Keep a log of issues and all records for the states attorney .
    Is there a lemon law in your state?
    Man I can understand your grief and I hope some of this info helps.
    keep me informed..
  • c5400hpc5400hp Posts: 11
    Does your state have a lemon law?
  • Both Oregon and Idaho have lemon laws. Since the arbitration panel will not let me have non-binding arbitration, my only option is to sue. :sick:
  • exfordmanexfordman Posts: 9
    Hey all...Doing a little survey here
    Just was curious what people paid for their Magnum RT's, and what area in the country did you buy it.
    I'm interested in the agreed upon price, not including tax and License.
    Just the price including the stupid destination charge.
    I went to a local dodge dealership yesterday, and couldnt help but notice how much better the R/T badge on the back of the 06's is compared to the 05's..
    I was also happy to find that I do not like the Charger as much as my magnum
    I paid $26,500 for my base R/T. Only option was the Inferno Red. I live in the SF bay area
  • observer22observer22 Posts: 41
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    Get a copy of your local court rules.
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  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    In a case as complex as taking on a giant multinational corporation to get it to buy back your car via your state's lemon law or any other law, the owner who represents himself/herself has a fool for a client. Besides, most lemon laws provide for the company to pay the owner's attorney fees if he/she is successful.
  • c5400hpc5400hp Posts: 11
    paid 33400 Rt AWD loaded .Except nav,trailer group and roof rack ....
    Thats with tax out the door.
  • rtracerrtracer Posts: 6
    What part of the country?
  • c5400hpc5400hp Posts: 11
    Chicago Southside .
  • c5400hpc5400hp Posts: 11
    Agreed , Ill try to get that badge for my magnum .It should be a stick on .

    The Mag beats the charger in looks in many ways.I diggin mine every day its like the most comfortable car I could get for 33k.
    Cant wait for winter to see how the awd is.I did some off roading on a two track it was awsome.Good clearance too ran down a couple of small trees not a smudge on the front spoiler.
    Good sturdy family hauler.Fast when needed.

    Im happy I got the 05 the 06s have no 7/70.Only 3/36.

    I know theyll have more dash kit options soon for us after market people.
  • tjf2000tjf2000 Posts: 61
    Paid 31k out the door for RT (2wd,no nav, roof rack, or trailer pkg.) in the MA area. For the money this is really a great car and it cruises the highways with ease. I have only had it for a week and have over 1k miles on it. I did not buy it for the gas mileage but the first tank was over 21 mpg. Will be loading up the family next week for a 12 hour one way trip to Williamsburg VA... should be fun.
  • 4bells4bells Posts: 5
    Hi all--

    A few weeks back some posted a link to a site that covered activating the auto-on/wiper-on lighting feature in Magnums with the dual A/C controls and on how to reset the electronic throttle.

    Although I only have the 2.7L V-6, the throttle reset worked. Perked it right up.

    Thanks if only I could figure out how to get daytime headlights it would be grand.'s an '05 Minerla Gray SE purchased in Kansas with 19000 on it. I was out on the 15 here in CA making 80-85 mph with out difficultly. The kids love it!

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