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Dodge Magnum



  • peterskmpeterskm Posts: 79
    Glad to hear it worked for you.
  • exfordmanexfordman Posts: 9
    What this about resetting the throttle???? Does this make it more responsive??
    OOOhhhhh sounds like something I'd dig..
    Please inform me
    Was at a street light the other day...some kid in a 2000-2004 ford Mustang GT pulled up next to me and started reving the hell out of his engine..definetely a challange to my RT..At first I said to myself " let it go Brian..your too old for this [non-permissible content removed]", then I thought ahh hell why not. When the light turned green he was already half a car lenght ahead of me because of he had a stick and he was rocking back and forth waiting for the green.
    When it turned green I punched it...Within 100 feet I was ahead of him and was able to get in front of him in his lane by 200 feet..
    Basically these RT's are Mustang Killers...Dont know about the new 300hp 05's though
    Poor kid must have felt like an idiot getting smoked by a wagon!
  • 4bells4bells Posts: 5
    I'll have to look back through the posts and find the link for you.

  • c5400hpc5400hp Posts: 11
    I found the instructions for reseting throttle response.

    1 Pull off road shut off car
    2 turn key to the on position (dont dtart car ) and wait for idiot lights to go off
    3 press down accelerator and let it back up do this quickly.
    4 turn ignition off pull key out.
    5 Re statrt your car and drive to see if it is effected.

    6 depebding on how fast or slow you do step 3 ,your throttle will become more or less responsive.

    It worked on my car after breaking it in like a grandma I did this and the car reset and throttle become more responsive.

    I drive an RT AWD
  • c5400hpc5400hp Posts: 11
    Layout front-engine / rear-wheel-drive
    Drag Coefficient [cd] 0.35 0.34
    Curb Weight [lb (kg)] 4046 (1836) 3767 (1710)
    Weight Distribution [%f / r] 54 / 46 53 / 47
    Trunk Space [cu ft.] 15.6

    Overall Length [in. (mm)] 196.8 (4999)
    Overall Width [in. (mm)] 74.1 (1881)
    Overall Height [in. (mm)] 58.4 (1483)
    Wheelbase [in. (mm)] 120.0 (3048)
    Track Front [in. (mm)] 63.0 (1600)
    Track Rear [in. (mm)] 63.1 (1603)

    Steering Rack & Pinion; power-assisted
    Turning Radius [ft. (m)] 19.5 (6.1)
    Tires front 225/60 R18 215/65 R17
    Tires rear 225/60 R18 215/65 R17


    Type V8; cast iron block
    and aluminum heads V6; aluminum block and heads
    Valvetrain OHV 2-valve/cyl. SOHC 4-valve/cyl.
    Displacement [cc] 5654 3518
    Bore & Stroke [mm] 99.5 x 90.9 96.0 x 81.0
    Compression Ratio 9.6:1 9.9:1
    Redline [rpm] 5800 6800

    Max. Power [Bhp at rpm] 340 at 5000 250 at 6400
    Max. Torque [lb-ft (Nm) at rpm] 390 (525) at 4000 250 (340) at 3800
    Bhp/Liter 59.6 70.0


    Seating Capacity 5
    Front Head Room [in. (mm)] 38.7 (983)
    Front Leg Room [in. (mm)] 41.8 (1061)
    Rear Head Room [in. (mm)] 38.0 (965)
    Rear Leg Room [in. (mm)] 40.2 (1020)

    Interior Noise

    Idle in neutral [dBA] 45
    70 mph coasting [dBA] 69

    Gear Ratios

    1st 3.59:1 2.84:1
    2nd 2.19:1 1.57:1
    3rd 1.41:1 1.00:1
    4th 1.00:1 0.69:1
    5th 0.83:1 NA
    Final drive 2.82:1 3.64:1


    Front Independent; upper A-arm, lateral and diagonal lower links, coil springs, anti-roll bar
    Rear Multilink; coil springs (anti-roll bar for 300C)


    Front - Brakes 13.6 in. (345 mm)
    ventilated discs 12.6 in. (320 mm)
    ventilated discs
    Rear - Brakes 12.6 in. (320 mm)
    ventilated discs 12.6 in. (320 mm)
    solid discs
    70 - 0 mph [ft (m)] 184 (57.2) NA
    60 - 0 mph [ft (m)] 126 (39.2) 133 (41.3)


    0 - 60 mph [secs] 5.3 8.0
    0 - 100 mph [secs] 13.4 22.3
    1/4 mile [secs at mph] 13.9 at 102.0 16.1 at 87.2

    Top Speed [mph] 130
    Lateral acceleration [g] 0.79 0.75

    Fuel Economy [City/Hwy in mpg] 17 / 25 19 / 27
  • rtracerrtracer Posts: 6
    Thanks for the info on the throttle thing...will try out, as I too have been babying her...most of the time.
    Where did you get your performance your Mag. modified?
    0-60 in 5.3 & 1/4 mile @ 13.4 ????
    Dodge says something like 6.3 and 14 secs
    I like your numbers though
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  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    Has anyone successfully put three (3) car seats across in their Magnum?
  • 4bells4bells Posts: 5
    yup...though it was tight and probably not very safe (did a test fit).

    Worked better with two standard car seats and a booster chair.

  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    Thanks Ed.
  • I noticed that when you mentioned the rear anti-sway bar you listed it as only available in the 300C. Is this correct? Has anyone out there installed a rear anti-sway bar in their Magnum? Though I love my '06 R/T I am disapponted in the handling, though I do keep telling myself it is a wagon afterall. I was wondering if anyone has installed a rear anti-sway bar if it improved the handling? Keep up the good info.
  • rtracerrtracer Posts: 6
    Dont know about the anti-sway bar...
    I have a '05 rt. I think she handles extremely well..a bit heavy though
    The Continental tires do suck..they sure are squealers. I have found that with the ESP on you can pretty much stick any turn. Keep the pedal to the metal.
  • You're right about it being a bit heavy. The [non-permissible content removed] end wants to come around like a SUV, though not as bad. I guess I want my cake and eat it too!! Hopefully someone will give us the good info. that adding a sway bar will help with the rear end issue
  • So out of all the Hemi magnum owners out there, none of you will help a fellow owner out with the test. Its very easy to do. Are you afraid you might find smoke? Or are you just an_ _ _ _ _ _

    Would you RT hemi owners do a test for me and let me know the results?

    Start car cold, completely cold.
    Idle for 30 seconds. Turn off.
    Wait 30 minutes and re start. See if oil smoke comes out the exhaust.
    They wait time can be a little more or less, but the run time must not get it warm or even close, so sta around 30 seconds.
  • I tried this morning and did not see any smoke.

    I posted a message yesterday regarding this and some questions that the members of the LX forum had but the message is gone??? :confuse:

    05 RT RWD Magnesium Pearl
  • I tried this and did not get any smoke.
  • peterskmpeterskm Posts: 79
    I was gonna try it...before you called me a "_ _ _ _ _ _"
  • Thankyou, Now I know I am not an idiot when i tell the dealer it still does it and its not right.
  • Got me an Idaho lawyer to take action.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    SeadooSandi, if you haven't yet you should check your email.
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