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Dodge Magnum



  • rolo77rolo77 Posts: 31
    Did you ever find out if the Road and Track package will be
    offered with the AWD.

  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    Still don't know about that. Will have to wait and see when the dealers get more info.
  • mitchwaasmitchwaas Posts: 2
    Hey all,

    Brand new to these forums... 38 year old, real big guy from Fort Lauderdale FL. Was originally in the market to buy a new Honda Element, but found the engine pathetically anemic. Tried my 2nd choice, the Toyota RAV4, but found the seating to be pretty tight for me. Tested about a dozen other vehicles and during the process, I fell in love with the Magnum SXT AWD. I found the Magnum's combination of fuel economy, safety, and super cool looks totally irresistable.

    I'm going to be going in and special ordering a fairly loaded 2006 SXT AWD in Black Crystal Pearl this Saturday, and had a few questions to ask. I just read thru the last 8 pages on here and didn't see any of these answered, so figured I'd ask, and will hopefully get a response before I goto buy on Sat.

    1) Any problems with the self-sealing tires? Are these the "garbage" Continental tires everyone is mentioning? I read something about tire drift to the right in the 2005 RT model; would my current model have the same issue?

    2) Any problems or issues with the load leveling and height control?

    3) Are the power adjustable pedals worth getting? The model I test drove didn't have them, but I'm wondering if they really make much of a difference?

    4) I would LOVE to get the Electronics Convenience Group, which seems (SADLY) to only be available on the RT and SRT8 models... sucks :( Does anyone happen to know if, since I'm special ordering this car anyway, Dodge will let me get it installed anyway? I'm hoping so, but haven't asked the dealer yet. I REALLY REALLY want the trip computer and info center... if it's a no go, might anyone know of a suitable aftermarket add-on I could use that handles this job adequately? I'm a TOTAL gadget freak and would love to have this on my ride!

    Any other issues I should be on the lookout for?


    Mitch =O )
  • sxtawdguysxtawdguy Posts: 4
    Hey Mitch

    Got my 2006 SXT AWD 4 weeks ago, had test driven a lot of cars before, the last was a Dodge Caliber R/T, but car is too small for me. Like you, I felled in love with the Magnum.
    I don’t know if really need AWD (I live in Quebec, so it’s better to own an AWD), but pay attention to the fuel consummation. I have only driven 2000 miles with the car (50% city and 50% highway at 70 mph) and got an average of 18mpg (city 15mpg, highway 22 mpg), hope it will be better after the first oil change.

    Unfortunately most in this board is about Magnum R/T, so it is difficult to get an opinion on SE or SXT.

    I don’t have self-sealing tires or load leveling and height control, so I can’t tell you about, but I don’t think you need power adjustable pedals, unless you are less then 5’-0. :confuse:

    Anyway the SXT AWD is a great car :blush:
  • lennyskylennysky Posts: 8
    I wanted to find out what kind of gas people are using in their Maggies and if there are any problems with it. The owners manual recommends using the mid-grade (89 octane) but says you can use the 87 octane (low grade). There is about 10 - 15 cent different in price per gallon, so I want to see if anyone found any problems with the lower grade gas. Let me know if you had any problems or found worse gas mileage or performance problems.
  • madtownmagmadtownmag Posts: 1
    Well it finally happens next week. I take possession of a Blue 2006 RT AWD, (a used 10K mileage), DCX Program car. It has every option except the roof rack, listed for $40,110, and I am paying $30K and will become the first titled owner with 26 months left on the warranty. I think/hope this is a decent deal. I have been reading this forum for about six months and am quite excited to join the "family". I live in Madison, WI. home to Subarus, Audis & Volvos; haven't seen more than 3 Magnums driving around here. :shades:
  • lennyskylennysky Posts: 8
    Welcome to the family! Sounds like you're getting quite a girl! And, a pretty good deal! Enjoy and let us know how it feels to be the owner of a Maggie!
  • mike5806mike5806 Posts: 12
    I just brought home a 2005 special edition Magnum SXT which was a dealer demo (4800 miles on it). It is pretty much loaded (sticker $29310). My cost was $22995. Do not know how many of them are still out there. The 2005 also had the 7yr./70000 power train warranty, which has now been discontinued. Good luck.
  • andre1andre1 Posts: 78
    Does anyone know the following information regarding leasing a new 2005 or 2006 Magnum R/T RWD? My local dealers have a number of 2005 and 2006 on the lot and I was wondering if Chrysler is providing any subsidized leases.

    Residual and money factor for the following:

    24 month for 12K and 15K miles per year
    36 month for 12K and 15K miles per year
  • homerkchomerkc Posts: 113
    I will read back, but considering a Magnum and wondering about real work MPG with the 3.5 vs the Hemi. Can owners share their experience?
  • mike5806mike5806 Posts: 12
    I have only had my 3.5 for a short while but am averaging 25-26 mpg on the road and 22-23 in mixed driving. My Magnum has about 5000 miles on it
  • sxtawdguysxtawdguy Posts: 4
    Look at message 1735

    Have now 1000 miles more, city goes up to 17 mpg, highway is stable at 22 mpg.

    But remember it's a AWD and I drive it hard :shades:
  • lennyskylennysky Posts: 8
    I've had my 5.7L Hemi for about 3 months so far. Most of my mileage is city....and I get between 16 - 18 mpg. I have the electronics group, and it shows your running MPG, so when I do drive more highway, I can see the mileage increase. Wouldn't think it was as high as the 25 mpg they claim on the sticker.

    What type of gas do people use in your cars? I was using 89 octane (mid grade) but switched to 87 due to price per gallon. Let me know if anyone has seen any problems with this.
  • bbfd86bbfd86 Posts: 42
    I have an '05 R/T AWD with 11,500 miles on the odometer. I installed an AFE cold air intake a month ago. I use 89 octane as several people whom I consider knowledgable warned me against using either higher or lower grades of octane.

    With the Hemi I get between 14 and 16 mpg around town. On a recent round trip on the highway from Rochester to Boston I got 20 mpg at speeds between 75 and 85 mph.

    I used to get 28 mpg on the highway with my 2000 Saab 9-5 Aero Wagon, but the Magnum is much more fun to drive!
  • gboomergboomer Posts: 6
    Bought my 2006 SXT RWD 3.5L yesterday. Tate Dodge - Annapolis Maryland
    Base Price $22,680
    Customer Preferred Pckg 27G $2,890
    3.5L V6 Engine $1,100
    Sirrius Satellite Radio $195
    Destination Charge $675
    Total MSRP $27,540

    I paid $25,051
    price includes $1000 Chrysler Financial Bonus Cash
    Does not include tax, tags, title

    I've also got a family on the way and this is a little more than I was initially looking to spend, but I decided it was worth a few more $$'s each month to walk into the parking lot and see the car I'd always wanted vs. the car that got better gas mileage or had a little more room. You could probably get them down another few hundred if you do your research and get some internet quotes. Walking into the dealer knowing the invoice price and what others are paying is invaluable.
  • coolridercoolrider Posts: 84
    06 r/t is what I bought. I sometimes forget about the fuel octane needs of my beast and have been doing fine on 87. My mileage is not up to EPA specs even with my right foot in my pocket. The engine sounds fine ith no knocking or pinging noticed. I have an alltime fuel high of 30.1 mpg following my moving truck 500 miles @ 55-60. This has not happened since nor anywhere near my 14 city 18 hwy that seems to be my norm. Have you done better or worse? Please all of you R/T"ers let me know your mpg's!
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    I just got back from a road trip to Texas. 1700 miles, lots of high speed driving (75-80 MPH) with city driving thrown in (Houston, Galveston, San Antonio). Average for the whole trip was 22 MPG. Use 89 octane in my '05 RWD RT. Car was fully loaded with family & gear.
  • lennyskylennysky Posts: 8
    I've had my R/T since February. If I can squeak out a longer trip, I can get up to 18 MPG. However, most of my driving is city, and I'm usually in the high 16's or low 17's. I usually use 89 octane. But.....with the temperature rising, and turning on the A/C more (even at the "auto" temp setting), I'm only getting 14 - 15 something MPG.
  • I have the 06' AWD Hemi and I only use the 91 octane. The dealer (Dodge) I purchased the car from recommended with the 6/8 cylinder engine to use high octane gas. I have a friend with a SXT and he uses low grade gas and on take-offs it seems a bit sluggish.
  • romannumalromannumal Posts: 21
    the dvd player would be nice for my son and friends on long drivers to river. how much do you want for it? i have not problem giving up dome light. could you send pictures of it i have a e-mail. :)
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