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Dodge Magnum



  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,854
    We're trying to move away from some of the mega-discussions to make it easier for folks to find the info they're after. So we have a new one in the group titled Magnum Tire Questions & Suggestions and I've moved a recent thread of postings about tires to that discussion.

    More discussions will be appearing over time.

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  • 2005rtmag2005rtmag Posts: 7
    Wednesday July 5, I bought a new 2005 RT Magnum. It stickered $31,420 and I bought it for $22,249. I am registering it in NC, so I still have to pay NC sales tax (3%) and registration. It had 1,445 miles on it. Jim Burke Dodge here in Birmingham AL still has two more RTs. One is black with a sticker of $35k and 9k miles. One is Cool Vanilla and stickers for about $34k.
  • 2005rtmag2005rtmag Posts: 7
    If the freon is low, the evaporator will also freeze up. I suppose the dealer would have checked that????
  • ultraradultrarad Posts: 16
    Hey everyone - I've been reading this post for a while now and am wondering whether a used 2005 Magnum is a good idea?! There is a credit union near me who has one for around $21,000 - RT/ sunroof, Boston Acoustic, no navigation - 20k miles on it. Any words of wisdom for you guys and gals? I would like to upgrade from my 1991 Acura Legend Coupe and not kiss the ground every time I drive in Dallas traffic - *grin* I'm starting to wonder if I should just keep saving my cash and wait til the 2007's come out. Any tips/help would be GREATLY appreciated.

  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,854
    Congratulations on your new Magnum! Post your first impressions here!

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  • 2005rtmag2005rtmag Posts: 7
    July 5,2006, I bought a new leftover 2005 Magnum RT. It stickered for $31,420 and I bought it for $22,249 out the door in AL. Then I paid $690 to NC for taxes and registration. It was new, never titled, but it did have 1,445 miles on it.
    It replaced a 95 Mark VIII Lincoln that was an incredible car in my opinion.

    The RT is quiet, powerful, plenty of leg room front and back. I find the seat to be a little hard, but with the adjustable pedals, telescoping/tilt steering wheel and the 8 way power seat, I was able to be quite comfortable. I drove it 565 miles each way from AL to NC and back. My Mark (280hp) usually got 28mpg going and 26 coming back(premium). I checked one tank going and it averaged 22.4mpg. The tires were at 32psig. I pumped up those contiseals to 45psig coming back and it averaged 22.8mpg for the whole trip back. Most of the trip is interstate 20 with a 70mph speed limt. I set the cruise on 80 everywhere possible. I did NOT experience the pull to the right that many drivers speak of. The check engine light came on at one point. I think it did that so I wouldn't miss my Mark so much. I may not have tightened the gas cap enough. It went away and has not reappeared. It appears to use a little oil. It was 1/3 qt. low when I bought it and after driving it 700 or so miles including the interstate trip to NC, it was 1/2 qt low. My Mark did not use any oil even with 113k miles on it.
    Overall, I think it is a worthy replacement for my Mark that I owned for 9 years. I am very happy so far.
  • I bought a used '05 (on eBay for $17k). Very happy. Bought it @11k miles, at 18k the rear pinion seal developed a leak, dealer repaired free under warranty. Otherwise flawless.

  • rolo77rolo77 Posts: 31
    Looking to buy the magnum 07 steel blue with road and track package, a couple of questions if I install a Mopar Cold air intake, will the car still be covered under warranty I heard that there are problems of water sucking up into the engine, if so would the warranty cover this if its mopar intake. Also thinking about adding Trailer Tow Prep Group, basically for better cooling, since I will be living in a hot place San Antonio and will have a lot of stop and go driving will this package help at all. Also with the 07 any chance dodge will follow suit with ford and extend their warranties, thanks I have been overseas Military last 6 years coming home and looking for a Car, tried buying a MKZ 07, but was told by the overseas dealer the car may not be ready by NOV 15th the day of my return, so the Magnum is the choice

  • bbfd86bbfd86 Posts: 42
    I have an AFE cold air intake on my 2005 Magnum R/T AWD. There's no problem with water getting into the engine as the AFE CAI replaces the standard air filter and uses the same air inflow as the stock filter. Check out the AFE website ( The CAI sounds awesome with the Hemi at full throttle. It is supposed to add 10 more horse power and give a bit better gas mileage, but both are hard to measure.
  • rolo77rolo77 Posts: 31
    Thanks for the help
  • rolo77rolo77 Posts: 31
    Military overseas just priced with the dealer the Magnum 07

    are you ready for this the road and track package

    performance group msrp 3192.00 and will be available

    after OCT 1st, so I ran back to the Lincoln side of

    the house and put a down payment on the MKZ 07

    the price of the magnum was worth it but only 1700.00

    MSRP, the Great warranty at Lincoln was just to hard to

    pass up and they gave me 3450.00 off MSRP, but boy

    I wanted to hear this magnum cat purr!!

    See my post in Lincoln for the new MKZ colors for 07

  • Let me beg you ... don't buy the dodge magnum ... I bought a 2005 brand new june 30th and it's been in the shop 11 days since ... it rattles, vibrates, generally a big expensive piece of crap and chrysler won't help ... this is the 3rd chrysler product purchased in less than a year totalling $80,000 in sticker values... wouldn't you think I'd be a good customer? Wrong -- Chrysler doesn't care and won't help me ... oh, forgot to add -- does OK on gas mileage... however, poor quality, poor customer service, poor dealer support ... what else can you ask for?

  • Oh, let me say, I'll never buy another dodge or chrysler product after my nightmare with my brand new 2005 dodge magnum. this is the 3rd brand new chrysler product in less than a year, stickers totalling $80,000, so I thought I would be a good customer? NOPE! They don't care! The dodge magnum is the biggest piece of crap I've ever owned and unable to get the rattles, vibrations, noises out of it. Just a poorly made car ... let me beg you -- don't buy one of these! You'll be sorry --- bad quality, bad (or no) customer support -- would I come back? I think Not!

  • Do you know why there are no more than 3 magnums driving around your area? Cause people don't want them. They are a poorly made, poorly designed big piece of crap car ... if you havent bought, stop, stop and dont buy ... save your headaches, money and time and buy something else ... you'll be sorry if you buy one of these monstrosities...
  • bbfd86bbfd86 Posts: 42
    I too had a rocky start with my Magnum R/T AWD. The car was in the shop 14 times in 5 months (see my earlier postings). However, the car has settled down now and hasn't had any problems for 3 whole months!

    There are plenty of reasons to buy a Magnum: it's a hoot to drive. It's one of the the coolest looking cars on the road today - I've had many people come up to me to admire and enquire about the car (that never happened with all the Saabs and Volvos I've owned). The price is awesome compared to all other high performance wagons out there (i.e. Saab 9-5 Aero or Volvo V70R at $48,000). The Hemi sounds great with a CAI. It's very roomy and comfortable and has a lot of trunk space. Its got great safety ratings (important to an ex-Saab/Volvo owner). The Magnum performs extremely well with AWD and four Continental snow tires in the severe winter weather conditions of Upstate NY and Vermont. It's a hoot to drive (did I say that already?). The local Dodge dealer here in Rochester, NY has been good about servicing the numerous problems at the start. As this is my first American car ever, I did purchase a bumper-to-bumper extended warranty out to 7 years or 100K miles to be safe (I drive 20K miles a year).

    To sum it up, I love my Magnum. I was disappointed with the quality and reliability for the first 4-5 months, but the local Dodge dealer was good about fixing the issues. It seems to be doing well since then and I've got my fingers crossed. The only real downer is the gas mileage at $3.15 per gallon. I get at most 16mpg around town and 19-20mpg on the highway at 75mph.
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    I respectfully disagree. I bought my 2005 Magnum RT in October of 2004. The only significant issue I have had with it was the crappy Continental tires that came standard on it and only lasted 16000 miles. The car drives great, is solid and quiet as a bank vault, hauls our stuff, goes like a bat out of you know where yet still can get 25MPG on the highway, and is so distinctive on the road. There is nothing out there that can compare with the Magnum RT's value, practicality, and performance for anywhere within $20,000 of the price. I am sorry that you got a lemon, because my experience with this car has been superb. If mine was stolen tomorrow I would be getting another one just like it ASAP.
  • peterskmpeterskm Posts: 79
    A little background would be nice.
  • edvmedvm Posts: 2
    My 2005 Magnum (3.5L) 60K miles. Had car alignment checked - ok, tires changed twice ($750), balanced. I even had both front bearing replaced (at $280 each..ouch!). Still I experience a noticable VIBRATION in the steering wheel, floor, dash and seat. It becomes more noticable from 40 MPH and up. It is getting more noticable in the last 2K miles. Cannot figure if it is a harmonic problem (transmission -rear wheel drive). Feels like bad bearings (but both are now brand new). Note: when my mechanic ordered them they were on back order nation wide. Are others needing new ones this soon? I begin to wonder if the bearing design is flawed. The front bearing use a roller bearing on the inside and a ball bearing (like bycicle bearings) on the outer. Any one else experience the same problem? It's extremely frustrating feeling the constant vibration. Any solutions?

  • I am having this EXACT same problem, AND along with my ESP/BAS lights are on. I purchased my 2006 Magnum RT about a month ago with 18k miles. Started noticing the bad vibration - only way I can describe is like when you're on the highway and you get too close to the side and the grooves in the road make your car vibrate. That's what my Magnum does and it almost seems as if it is having a hard time switching gears. Like yours, the problem has progressively become worse - especially in the last few weeks of holiday driving. I'm dreading taking my car to the dealership so bad I'm just about in tears. I dread the whole, "We've fixed this and we've fixed that, but can't seem to remedy your problem. We'll just have to keep it another 2 weeks and figure it out." I plan on researching it some more online, but if you could, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep me updated on your progress and if/how your Magnum gets fixed. Thanks and good luck!
  • Water the in transmission caused my 2005 RT to shudder at 40 mph. I have been following this thread for quite a while and want to share my own experiences with everyone. I ran through standing water in Mentor Ohio and the shuddering started immediately. The dealer there knew nothing and said I had water in a spark plug well. This was not the problem (no way, Jose) and the shuddering continued. After I returned to Illinois the problem was gone until I hit more standing water a few months later. Again the shuddering started almost immediately but this time it did not go away. The dealer in Libertyville didn’t know about the TSB until I brought it to his attention (the problem is the leaky 0-ring and affects certain 2005 RT’s). The dealer then said he couldn’t reproduce the problem and gave me the run around. Thoroughly ticked off and thinking I would never get any satisfaction I took the car to Gurnee Dodge. Their tech, Colin, took the car for a drive with me as passenger and made it flunk half a dozen tests. The car made noises I hadn’t heard before. I have rebuilt transmissions and as far as I am concerned he is one of the very best: he advises other dealerships and provides input to the engineering department at the factory. Daimler Benz refused to exchange the transmission (our first option) so we performed the TSB: fluid change, filters and new seal at the dipstick tube. This didn’t work because water-contaminated fluid remained in the torque converter. Colin then replaced the converter and went through the transmission, replacing the pump seal only. He told me that the Mercedes transmission has an excellent reputation and the clutch in the torque converter is what chatters and causes the shuddering. I was concerned that he didn’t replace all of the clutches in the transmission as well because I thought contaminated fluid would get into all of the clutch linings. After the repairs there was slight shuddering on the 4th-5th gear change. I trust Colin’s judgment so I kept on driving the car. A week later it is as good as the day I bought it. A few days ago it rained hard again and I was hydroplaning across the puddles. Still no problems. My Magnum is still perfect! I hope this account helps anyone else that may have had or is still having the same problem.
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