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Does the Protege compare in reliability to Civic or Corolla?



  • chicagoprochicagopro Posts: 1,009
    Go check out the Protege boards--in both Sedans and Maintenance & Repair--here in Town Hall and see what you think.

    Yes, people have had issues, but so do all car owners. I think you'll find, however, that in general the issues have been minor.

    I've had no problems with my 2000 ES. I'm close to 20,000 miles now, and very happy.

    Good luck making your decision!
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,028
    ......has gone downhill in the last 3 years, or that it's not on the same level as the Civic or the Corolla. JD powers is an even less reputable source than CR in my book.
  • zueslewiszueslewis Posts: 2,353
    not the statistics people.
  • the mileage sure sucks. I'm sure somebody will say something is wrong, but the car runs great. Last gas up gave me about 22mpg/city. I do drive it hard, usually 4k rpm between shifts, but still that's pretty lousy numbers. I also know winter formula lowers mileage. I really do like the car but for its size and 5 sp to boot, mileage should be a lot better. The civic or corolla would beat these numbers but the pro sure is a lot of fun to drive. And I wouldn't dare take it to a dealer so they could tinker with it. Like I said it runs great and I'll just live with it.
  • zueslewiszueslewis Posts: 2,353
    Most people lose 15-20% because of the winter fuel.
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,028
    I'd say the mileage your experiencing is probably the exception, not the rule. I bet if all or many of the pro owners chimed in here with their mileage figures, they'd probably be quite a bit higher. I'm not saying anything is wrong with your car either. That's just one of those things that can vary from car to car, even with the same models. The same thing happens with performance cars. One 'Vette may run a 13.6 1/4 mile, while the very next one off the assembly line might run 12.9. No two cars are ever exactly the same.
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    2001 5sp ES, 100% city driving, winter fuel.
  • Those are the kind of numbers I would like to have. Maybe if I lightened up that right foot a little... but I just can't do it. Got that "Zoom, Zoom, Zoom" stuck in my head. LOL.
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    Do you have a P5 or Sedan? Auto or manual?
  • It's a 2k ES sedan 5 sp. 1.8 liter. Is your's a 2.0?
  • Reading comments here regarding this topic and I believe anyone thinking that a Protege is a great car must be crazy. The car isn't in the same league as the Corolla or the Civic. If it was, people would be flocking to Mazda dealerships in droves.

    Let's face it, Mazda is nothing more than a mid level car company at best!
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,028
    And the facts you have to back up your statement would be? What?
  • dinu01dinu01 Posts: 2,586
    People are like sheep - they follow.

    Hence the herd goes to Honda and Toyota for reliable, but very average vehicles in terms of driving fun.

    Have you ever driven a Protege (ES, P5, MP3) and a Corolla S or Civic LX back to back?

    I know you haven't b/c if you did, you wouldn't have posted that message.

    Well, enjoy the herd :)

  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    fritz--I have the 2.0L.

    mott--go hide under a bridge.
  • zueslewiszueslewis Posts: 2,353
    That's not a real claim.
  • even more impressive. The 1.8 should at least equal them. I'm going to keep track of my mpg over a month or so just to get a better feel for my true mileage.
  • boggseboggse Posts: 1,048
    I think all of these cars are very close in reliability. I certainly haven't had any problems with my Protege. There are more important issues in my mind.

    Having driven the Automatic versions of the 2003 Corolla, Civic, and Protege5 (and 2001 Protege sedan) this week while shopping for a new car for my wife, I can say that the Honda and the Mazda seem tighter and more solidly built. The Corolla was quietest on the highway, but it is a buzzy affair getting there. The Civic had the best engine/transmission combo and highway ride. The Protege had the best seating position by far(don't even get me started on the Corolla), best handling, and scored poorly only in fuel economy. Well, I will take the hit in fuel economy to actually have a car that is comfortable to drive, especially over long distances. When talking about Japanese (the Protege being the only one actually built in Japan any more) economy sedans, these are the issues that are important. Reliability was perfected by these companies long ago.
  • Come on people, the horn trumpeting regarding the Protege is hilarious. I see a lot of Corollas and Civics on the road each day and I am lucky to see one Protege every two weeks or so.

    If the Protege was as great as everyone says it is, how come customers are not flocking to Mazda dealerships in the hundreds? A month or so ago, I so zero percent financing by Mazda for 5 years,
    how come I haven't seen Protege's all over the road?

    Mazda was trying to give them away and no one went for the carrot. The next thing you people will start telling me is that the Yugo was the forerunner to the Protege and it was just as good a car!
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    Sales volume = Best car?

    What makes the Civic and Corolla so much better? Do they handle better than the Protege? Are they more fun to drive? Do they look better? Are they a better value? Are they built in Japan? Do they come with 4 wheel disc brakes? No, no, no, no, no, and no. Thanks! Come again!
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