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viclr33viclr33 Posts: 4
The z4 has been out for almost a month now, or maybe two. Any complaints rollbacks or any other problem that people should know about? failing breaks etc.

and no, problems with its looks are not counted :P


  • I bought mine the week they came out and I have no complaints whatsoever. It is fun to drive and a really solid car. Everything is well laid out and I am looking forward to Summer!
  • lurker01lurker01 Posts: 103
    This forum seems a bit dead. The only discussion in the other thread seems more like a S2000 owner forum. Anyone want to talk about the Z4? Impressions from owners? (details please)

    Hellooooo... (cricket, cricket)
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,420
    I'll tweak the title of the topic a bit and perhaps you could post an interesting link now and then and we can get the topic rolling.


  • ...I'm a current Z3 owner and test drove the Z4. (2.5, manual transmission)

    It appears larger on the outside than the Z3, but the interior dimensions are pretty much the same. The interior quality seems to have improved compared to the Z3. However, it still wasn't quite where I wanted it to be. Some plastic interior pieces had same cheap feel found in the Z3. (And boy, does the Z3's rattling interior give GM a run for its money.) The brushed metal on the dashboard sometimes creates unpleasant glare while driving with the top down. (I believe it is an option, so I would probably order the vehicle without it.)

    Driving the car redeemed it in my eyes. Maybe I'm used to driving this kind of vehicle, but I immediately 'felt at home'. Shift points were exactly where I thought it would be, and the car never surprised me during my (somewhat aggressive) testdrive.
    Where the Z3's rear suspension can be a little of a challenge sometimes, giving the car somewhat of a darty feel on bad road conditions or load changes, the Z4 stays nicely planted.
    The only negative impression was the very light clutch, which felt really odd. Engagement was very precise, and the car was very easy to drive.The brakes were typcial BMW: simply excellent.
    The proven 2.5L I6 feel gives the car just the right amount of power, from my point of view. No surprises here. It doesn't have the aggressive snarl of the 3.0, but I don't necessarily need that.

    I have mixed feelings about the exterior. The rear styling looks absolutely great, and the front has a nice aggressive look. (Only the shark teeth are missing.)
    The Z-line on the side of the vehicle is something else, as it breaks the otherwise clean lines of the car.

    So, you may ask why I still haven't bought it ?

    a) I'm on a still on a twelve-step program to cure my automotive addiction.
    b) The interior hasn't convinced me yet.
    c) My wife likes the looks of the Z3 better than the Z4. (veto)
    d) I have experience the mid-engine handling of the Porsche Boxter. (Also vetoed by wife due to interior space constraints.)

    Other than that, I think it is actually a decent amount of car for the money. The dealer was immediately willing to negotiate price, something I haven't seen at BMW for a long time.

    I may still come back to it...
  • Every car I have owned has been practical. Now in my 50's, I decided I deserved a fun car. I went to a BMW dealer to see the Z4. The dealer had a blue Z4 sitting on a three foot stand under bright sunshine. I think that Z4 was one of the most beautiful cars I have ever seen. I went into the show room where there was a black and a silver Z4. Neither looked so impressive in the show room. I sat in the Z4 and could not find a comfortable seating position. I'm close to 200 pounds and was wearing a winter jacket, but the large center console was pressing against my right. The irregular shaped door was close to my left leg. There wasn't enough room for my feet. I almost felt claustrophobia. Are all roadsters like this? Or am I just to big? Or is it just a matter of getting used to it?
  • drewodrewo Posts: 1
    Getting close to purchasing something but am leaning toward the Z4. I like the MB SLK 320 (year old) for the same price, a two yr old Boxster S or a great deal on an Audi TT roadster as sales continue to fall.

    All are fun, about the same price, completely impractical except for the midlife crisis value.

    What would you by?
  • must mean that the z4 is better built than the z3 as no one is complaining yet and its been a good 3 months since its release
  • Just orderd a Z-4, 2.5 Sterling grey,Beige Soft top,PP, Conv.P, Heated seats and Fog lights. I plan on keeping my Olds intrigue as a winter car but I was wondering how the Z-4 would be in snow? Also any advice on keeping the top clean?

    Thank you
  • nomadnycnomadnyc Posts: 36
    Check the Z4 out. They had a Silver/Black/black 3.0. I thought the car was absolutely beautiful. I decided to start saving my pennies for a 2004 as a weekend car to be babied.
  • nomadnycnomadnyc Posts: 36
    I would imagine that the car, like most bimmers, suck in the snow. The fact that the car is lower to the ground will only add to the fun factor. I would keep the car garaged (or at least covered) in the event of snow.
  • dave000k,
    I am 6 foot tall and weigh 225 and I bought a Z4. I think it is a very comfortable roadster. They are all a bit tight, it is the way roadsters are made. It has more interior room than a Z3. In particular, I'm glad they added more headroom. It needed it.
    Think twice about the MB. It is about $5k more and they are coming out with a new body style next year. Until this year, the Boxster had a plexiglass rear windshield. The Audi's 4 cylinder is no match for the BMW 3.0i.
    I bought my Z4 in November the first week it was available. I have driven all of the other roadsters and the Porsche Boxster was the only one that measured up. But since it was $8K more comparably equipped, I couldn't justify that. I've put about 3000 miles on my Z4 already and I love it more each time I drive it. Good luck all.
  • Does anyone know what the dealer programmable options for the 2.5 consist of?
    Thank you
  • hlee1169hlee1169 Posts: 3
    I have owned the Z4 for about 3 months and have 4800 miles on it. I got the Sterling Gray/black 3.0, auto, with premiuem/convenience/sports pkg.

    The look: originally I was going for the Titanium Silver, but after seeing the Sterling Gray I felt it's a much better looking color. The Sports Pkg comes with 18" wheels, which looks very good in my opinion. So far I have received nothing but compliments on the look of the car. You need to see the car in person to appreciate it. So many strangers just walked to me to compliment on my car.

    Ride and handling
    The ride could be harsh on bad pavements, and I have heard that it's partially due to the run-flat tires of Z4. The handling is very good, the brake excellent. As for acceleration, Z4 moves. With the sports button that comes with the Sports Pkg, it alters the acceleration curve and turns Z4 into a different animal.

    I have been very happy with Z4 so far, except the problem I just ran into with the drive-by-wire mechanism. See this thread for details: &page=1

    Basically it could be a faulty throttle or shorted wiring, which I heard is quite common on BMW cars. Of course, it's surprising to see this on a brand new car.
  • kevin111kevin111 Posts: 991
    Have seen both the Z4 with and without Sports Pkg. If you are worried about looks, please get the sports package (and do not get maroon!!). With the bigger wheels, it gives the car a muscular and agressive look. With the base wheels, the car looks funny, IMHO.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 7,418
    There aren't many Z4s here in NYC. I've only seen one, but it is a gorgeous car. I was never a fan of the previous Z3, but with its looks coupled with the dynamics of the E46 Chassis the car has got to be great. Congrats to all of you who own one of these beautiful cars. I liked it in the photos in the magazines and even more that I see the car in person.

    2001 Honda Prelude Type SH/ 2011 BMW 328xi / 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L w/ Navigation

  • clogozmclogozm Posts: 3
    i have a quick question - i currently have a deposit on a titanium silver z4. the closest color that i could get to white since it didn't seem like it comes in white. however, now, I'm seeing "alpine white" as an option in several different websites (like edmunds). can anyone confirm that the Z4 will indeed be available in more colors anytime soon? if so- i'm going to take back my deposit and wait.... does anyone know?
  • Clogozm, according to BMW's site, it doesn't come in white. Unless things have changed, and they haven't updated the site, it most likely doesn't come in white.
  • 72tii72tii Posts: 1
    I have heard that beginning with April production, several new colors, including Alpine White, will be available. Check with your dealer, or send BMW an e-mail through their site.
  • clogozmclogozm Posts: 3
    thanks for the feedback 72tii. i called BMW today and they said that they are infact coming out with 3 new colors - Toledo Blue, Alpine White, and Bright Red, in the April production. Which means they probably won't be available til a few months after April.... and that is waaaay too long for me to wait so I'm going to go ahead and buy my titanium silver Z4 and join the rest of the happy Z4 owners!
  • johnw12johnw12 Posts: 2
    I am planning to purchase a BMW Z4 2.5, but would like to know if anyone has had any luck negotiating a price? I am planning to purchase the convenience and premium packages. I notice that some of you have ordered the sports package as well. What are your thoughts on the sports package for a 2.5? I look forward to hearing replies regarding my 2 questions.
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