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Nissan Titan



  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,592
    I have had the brake problem just like everyone else has had.Yes gas mileage stinks. I heard you shoud start getting better after a few thousand miles or so but I have 24000 and still get 13.5. I drive pretty hard and it is pretty much 50/50 City/Hwy.

    First off, not everyone has had the brake problem. I've had 2 Titans and in 20k miles never had a problem with the brakes.

    Second off, what gas mileage did you expect out of a V8 engine? If gas mileage is a concern you are driving the WRONG vehicle.
  • handsrlifehandsrlife Posts: 2
    Well, gas mileage is not a big concern, obviously I have driven the truck pretty hard. if you can make it better shouldn't you try? That was all my post was for. The dude saying not to buy the Titan.

    Also, I would take your truck in and have it checked if you have an 04 because in all estimates you don't know you have the brake problem. I didn't. They checked it at the 15000 mile service and found they needed to repair them.
  • alaska1alaska1 Posts: 5
    I have read on a couple of websites that a relay and fuse are required and that if your truck didn't come with them from the factory, you have to purchase them from the dealer or the wiring won't work. Did you have this problem or any problem with the wiring for the trailer hookup? :confuse:
  • alaska1alaska1 Posts: 5
    I recently purchased an '04 Titan XE King Cab 4x4. I recently sold my 92 Corvette with LT1 engine. This is a good replacement for my performance withdrawl. This truck really hauls!!! My last truck was a '95 Toyota T100 4x4...not exactly a barn burner, but a damn good truck from a reliability standpoint...I hope the Titan proves as good, we'll see.

    The truck had 8800 miles on it and I got it for $21,500. That was really why I got it. It seemed like a terrific deal and I figured if I didn't like it, I could sell it and either make a little or lose a little. Call it an extended test drive. :)

    I am a little disappointed in the fuel economy. It was rated at 14/18 and I'm only getting about 13, but that could be my excessively heavy right foot...the truck is too fun!!

    After reading some of the posts here, I'm pretty concerned about the brakes. I have not felt anything at this point...maybe they were already replaced, but I'll crawl underneath it tonight and have a look.

    Mine came without power windows and am thinking about putting some in...anybody know of a good website and/or experience doing this job... I've done a lot of my own mechanical work.

    In the gas mileage area...has anyone tried Mobil1 in both engine and differentials? I'm definitely going to put it in the engine...that stuff is phenomenal for longetivity. I tore my LT1 down after 90K and still had hatch marks in the cylinder walls. Hard to beat that.

    What is the "tornado" and where can I find one?

    Thanks for the forum.
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,592
    Also, I would take your truck in and have it checked if you have an 04 because in all estimates you don't know you have the brake problem. I didn't. They checked it at the 15000 mile service and found they needed to repair them

    The brakes were just checked at 8k miles and no problems at all. Went 15k in my other Titan with no brake problems at all. Not all Titans are affected.
  • benitslubenitslu Posts: 5
    I have an 04 Titan CC and have absolutely no problems with my truck as of yet, 14k miles. I have never owned a new vehicle with a warranty. You can just take your truck into the dealership at 15k miles for a FREE tune up/check up??

    I love this truck and cannot think of any thing better to own at this time!
  • goliatingoliatin Posts: 2
    Just wanted to add my 2 cents-worth on this Titan brake judder issue. I own an 04 Titan....had to have a brake job done at 6,000 miles AND at 12,000....AND now with only 15,000, I am about to return to dealer again with serious judder!! So far, Bankston Nissan, Dallas, has made repairs at no charge...but they continue to "repair" them with the same substandard parts/service! This time the rotors are at minimum thickness and will have to be replaced. When will they recall? Dealer says they will recall soon but did not say where he got his info. Signed: a "Wish-I-had-bought-a-Frontier" Titan owner.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    A reporter is interested in pickup buyers’ views on the Japanese offerings – both people who would definitely consider a vehicle like a Toyota Tundra, Nissan Titan or Honda Ridgeline as well as people who wouldn’t – and why or why not?

    Please respond to with your daytime contact information and a few words summarizing your opinion no later than Wednesday, June 8, 2005.

    Jeannine Fallon
  • sailor3sailor3 Posts: 4
    Ready to buy SE 4x4, but still trying to decide on the king or quad cab. Can someone please comment on the back seat room and door ease of operation on the king cab? I have teenage kids that would ride back there occasionally. They want me to buy the quad, but I'd really like, but don't really need, the longer bed area. Thanks!

    Also, does anyone else think the "chrome" plastic door handles feel "cheesy"? They almost drove me to another truck!

    Thanks! :)
  • roobsterroobster Posts: 6
    I just bought a 05 LE CC with the Big Tow package. What a difference in room between the King and the Crew Cab. The crew has much more leg room than all the other brand trucks I tried. If you don't use the bed every day for work go with the crew & the smaller bed. Even if you need to put 4 x 8 sheets of plywood back there you can always buy the bed extender.
    I like the cheesy chrome handles, give a little pazzass to the truck. Chrome adds a lot of class to any vehicle. I'm from the old school "If your chrome don't shine it ain't cool" :)
  • sailor3sailor3 Posts: 4
    Thanks! I think I'll go with the crew..... gotta live with the kids..
    BTW, I agree the handles look good, they just "feel" cheap.

    Been reading the "problems" forum -- have they fixed the brake problem for the '05's?
  • splashsplash Posts: 9
    Purchased new 4X2 CC one week ago. First tank of gas all highway miles averaging 70 mph, going easy on the throttle, got 17.5 mpg. If this improves once the engine is broken in, I'll be psyched to get such efficiency out of its performance V-8.

    Unless one needs the longer bed daily, I think the CC is much better. The rear is huge! - especially with the seats folded up. For occasional really large loads, rent a trailer from U-Haul for $20-30 per day. With an SE CC or higher, you'll get the automatic rear window standard which is an awesome feature. If the rebates are still going, aim for around $5500 off MSRP for CC and $6000 off MSRP for KC. Good luck.
  • jadstoyjadstoy Posts: 2
    Does anyone know what cable I need to buy in order to connect an Apple iPod to the stereo via the AUX jack?

  • bradzoombradzoom Posts: 1
    I use a dual 3.5mm audio cable along with a belkin car power adapter and belkin tunedok. I like using the belkin power adapter because it has a 3.5mm output connector which eliminates using my ipod to adjust the volume. If you use the power adapter be sure to plug it into the outlet that turns off when you turn your truck off, your ipod will automatically stop when it senses a power source change, just like when you unplug your headphones.
  • They have a fix for the brake problems. I have an '04 XE Titan. I have been in four times to have brakes fixed. No problem from dealer fixing them. I have 27,000miles. My new set of brakes are coming in next week. They have them, but are trying to give them to customers that have had extensive or multiple brake issues.
  • stevenlgtsstevenlgts Posts: 11
    Just a general fact for those to remember concerning gas mileage. The big tow equipped Titan's come with a 3.36:1 final drive ratio whereas the Titan's without the big tow package have 2.94:1. The higher gear ratio will burn more gas, even though this is not reflected in the mileage reported on the window sticker!!
  • splashsplash Posts: 9
    I do have the big tow package. There is a switch in the cab to be used when towing, what do you think that does if not affect the gear ratio?
  • coveredicoveredi Posts: 20
    That switch should change shift points in the tranny. Will generally hold a gear longer before an upshift, and should downshift quicker. At one time, a tow/haul switch kept the transmission from going into it's final overdrive setting, but that's generally not the case anymore.
  • splashsplash Posts: 9
    I'm starting to get it. I guess the gear ratio is determined by the physical size of the gears. What exactly is the ratio? Does 3.36:1 mean that the gear turns 3.36 times for every revolution of the wheels? Apart from increasing low end power and using more gas, how would the higher gear ratio affect performance? Does it affect acceleration? Thanks.
  • dirkworkdirkwork Posts: 210
    basically, a higher NUMERIC gear ratio (not to be confused with someone talking of "shifting into HIGH gear" and other phrases) provides more turns of the input shaft per turns of the wheels. This helps get the car moving in a hurry and pull heavy loads, but the downside is fuel milage.

    A LOW numeric gear ratio in the rear end will provide nice highway cruising without excessive engine RPM's (although this depends on transmission gearing of overdrive, but a generally accurate statement) and higher fuel economy.

    Drag cars and heavy trucks use a high (numeric) ratio rear end ratio.

    If you have a big tow and want a lesser ratio, one way to slightly alter this is to use a tire with a larger circumferance - although this can affect speedo and ABS.

    The best way to eek out better fuel milage is to not "stab" the throttle but ease into it and gradually get up to speed, try to hold your speed and plan ahead in traffic to not have to slow down just to speed back up, air up your tires, don't drive over 60 where air resistance gets to be a big factor. of course that's easier said than done! LOL

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