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Nissan Titan



  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    ...on '08 models, 500 pounds.

    Following specs from Nissan web site:

    Maximum payload (pounds)

    SWB 4x2: 2,013 (King Cab); 2,062 (Crew Cab)
    LWB 4x2: 1,725 (King Cab); 1,762 (Crew Cab)

    SWB 4x4: 1,870 (King Cab); 1,914 (Crew Cab)
    LWB 4x4: 1,650 (King Cab); 1,852 (Crew Cab)

    GVWs now up to 7000 – 7200 depending on model

  • Just went through BBB arbitration, and they declined my claim! they said I provided no proof that it was a defect, but I had a signed estimate from a body shop stating how they would not paint it because of a bad under coat, and thus they didn't want to be responsible for the warranty of the paint, and it required a full strip for $5300. Even had the paint tape test they did where they pulled off paint with masking tape! guess the BBB sides with the manufacture on these paint issues because is such a huge problem it would cost Nissan millions if they would have decided in my favor... whats next? class action?
  • carrie6carrie6 Posts: 2
    We just had my truck to the dealer yesterday complaining. We had washed my truck when I noticed all these little tiny rust spots ALL OVER the tail gate. The guy at the dealership went out and took some rubbing compound to them and did the "see they come right out!" bit. My husband has painted his share of cars and set him straight. He is getting us an appointment with a Nissan Rep. I don't see how they can deny all these complaints. It's not like I am just looking to have my truck painted for no reason!
  • Yes. Class Action. It obviously will take some time to resolve but more importantly, it holds manufacturers accountable and gets you compensation for your claim. You could try They specialize in Nissan claims and lemon laws & warranty acts. They will review the claim for free. You'll just have to be patient, these cases can take a year or longer.
  • It is just game theory. If I tell everyone no to a claim - there are some that give up. So, I have therefore reduced expenses in a legitmate claim saving me money. So stick to your guns and don't accept no as an answer.
  • adriciuadriciu Posts: 4
    Initially I thought I will be a singular voice complaining about the Nissan customer service. Unfortunately seems likes there is a pattern with this company. I have a Titan I bought in 2004. Of course, almost from the beginning I started having problems with the brakes, so in the end the truck was at the dealership three times, until I pass 12000 miles. After another 5000 miles the problem reoccurred, however, because of the distance to the nearest dealership I wasn’t able to take the car in for repairs (the service department requires one diagnostic visit, followed by the actual repair visit, during which a loaner car is not provided). Because the shaking became very annoying, last Friday (06.15.2007) I took the car finally to the service department of Nissan of Clovis dealership (where the car was for repairs before). There I was told that the car will not be repaired because is out of warranty for the brakes, and the extended warranty does not cover the pads. This was told to me despite the fact that the initial problem was never resolved. However the most embarrassing moment for the management of this dealership was the attitude of the service manager, who, during our conversation in his office, went on to tell me to shut up and listen to him. Also, when I asked to have the car brought back to me (the car was moved by the repair/service personnel) he told me to go take it from where I left it. Furthermore, when I said I’ll leave to go to the general manager, he started to tell that I cannot leave until he lets me do it.
    Because the General Manager wasn’t there I sent him a certified letter explaining what happened, and hoping at least for an answer that they received the letter. Didn’t happen. So now I plan of complaining with NTHS and maybe BBB.
  • gf2020gf2020 North of BostonPosts: 45
    Thought I would chime in with my experience. I have a 2004 Titan SE crew cab 4X4 that I purchased new in May 2005.

    After 25 months and 35,000 miles of ownership I have nothing bad to say. My truck did develop the brake judder issues, as expected, and the warranty repair was performed at 17,000 miles.

    It's been in the shop for a couple of recall items and I just received a notice for a recall on the rear center seat belt so I'll get it back in the shop for that, but other than that - no problems. I even got 30,000 miles out of the original Goodyear Wrangler tires before replacing them!

    I've loaned the truck to a few friends for weekend errands and to my brother-in-law for a month when he was without a car, and everyone comes back grinning from ear to ear from the great power and comfortable ride.

    I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one!
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    That is good to hear! I talk to many, many, drivers along the road, and I have never heard one negative remark regarding the Titan.
    I own an 07 Frontier Nismo 4x4 Crew, great truck! Not an issue, don't expect it. It's put the fun back into driving.

    Safe travels!
  • ROTFL @ DRIVER56. Have you read all the posts on Edmunds about the Nissan Titan, and have never read a negative comment about the Nissan Titan, too?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Hehe...back from sabbatical I see.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    I said heard my good fiend. I have read some negative comments. The issues have been dealt with.

  • adriciuadriciu Posts: 4
    Well, I didn't hear back from the dealership, but somebody from Nissan Customer Service called me back, and arranged for my car to be repaired by a different dealership (now I found that the brakes are covered until September 2007 - I don't know why). Even if the guy from corporation promised me a loaner during the repairs, the Service Manager from the dealership didn't know anything about this. Of course there are 2 visits required for the repair. I will give them one last chance, and if nothing changes I will use a lawyer. I don't like litigations, but seems like Nissan really wants to pay more than it should for this. They already lost $40000, as I wanted to buy an Infiniti G37 Coupe, and as we speak, for about two weeks now, I have in the garage a new Audi TT. I will try to continue posting my experience
  • The titan is a beautiful truck.
    A month ago I picked up a Silver 05 XE KING CAB with 19kmi, with power windows, with an A.R.E. hard toneau cover(same color and finish), factory drop in bed liner, factory installed step rail, overall excellent condition.
    Loved the truck but I insisted on was a 7yr/100kmi extended warranty.
    I've gotten so many compliments on the truck. Anyone who disputes the GREAT LOOKS of the truck is possibly blind.

    I was originally shopping for a Frontier but after test driving a few titans. I fell in love.
    I like everything about the truck except for gas mileage, engine/exhaust noise; and the body movement could be less too.
    I know it's a V8, but if anyone knows of any mods which would mitigate the gas mileage and the noise, feel free to share. Besides trading for a Toyota!

    I didn't do much research, I went with my gut and reputation of the NISSAN brand; then I found out it was US built. I still love the tuck but I gave up on US built vehicles long ago.

    Hopping for the best
  • SHE'S BIG, SHE DRINKS but SHE PUTS OUT when you want her to.
    ...and she's pretty in the face :shades:
  • dadoftaydadoftay Posts: 136
    I've been reading these post (and others) as I am looking into a Titan. My wife owns a Murano and we've had nothing but absolutely exceptional service from our dealer. The only problem we had with the car was the gas door wouldn't open. I called the service department after the wife called me and our service rep even offered to pick her up. Granted, she was only 3 miles away but it made me feel he was trying to help.
    On the contrary, I went to look at a used Titan at another dealership and asking the salesman questions was like pulling teeth. I could tell I was bothering him to no end. Of course, seeing this only made me liken to his attitude and we went on a 30 minute test drive only to have me get out and say I didn't really like the color and leave. My first thought was I couldn't wait to get back to "my beloved dealer". I guess it's just who wants to keep you happy. I did call the online sales team at "my" dealer and he's trying to locate what I want.
    I hope you guys find your true love...
  • I love my 05 Red Titan and pampered it since new. I was devastated yesterday to see 1/32" to 1/8" round blisters all over the truck. :cry: None have broken through yet, but I am sure they will.
    I see a few of you have had similar issues. Has anyone got resolution from Nissan? I used to paint cars and if this happened, the only way to repair is go back down to metal and start over. Any good paint shop will guarantee this type of issue. I am surprised Nissan won't? Any advice before I take it to the dealer?
  • robnaorobnao Posts: 29
    I took mine in and the dealer took pictures that were sent to Nissan, they said rock chips (on the tailgate!!!). The service guy was cool and could tell these chips were not rock chips, so he had the area rep look at it and he agreed there was a paint problem. Mine was all around the truck and in places it would be impossible to get rock chips. So I was given a paint shop to take it to so Nissan could get an estimate (over $10,000 in Hawaii) and I am now waiting for final approval. We have not crossed the bridge of loss of value since it will be an entirely repainted truck. They have said they would give me a loaner, but the typical loaner is an older Sentra and since the paint shop said it will be over a month I can not accept the Sentra. I bought a truck for a reason and for that amount of time I need a truck that can tow a 6000# boat, carry a 22' long one man canoe, our 3 surf boards, diving gear for 4 people (water family) or any of the other stuff I need to carry on any given day. Not sure how this part will work out.
  • robnaorobnao Posts: 29
    BTW, paint shop said they will not warranty this type of work, to extensive, so I am not sure if the "new" paint will have any type of warranty coverage or not. I actually suggested to Nissan regional customer rep that it might be cheaper for Nissan to give me a 2008 Titan as this total is going to be at least $13,000 and that is before any loss in value or legal fees fighting with me over it. Nissan did not agree, so down this road we go. Now I have noticed rust on the chrome part of the front bumper, but I just went over 36,000 miles, so they will probably say it is out of warranty.
  • I had to file a law suit, they kept saying it was rock chips that were not covered. Some were chips, but no car should have that many after 6 months. They finally settled with me after about 5 months of fighting for a about $3,000 enough to get the hood and fenders stripped to bare metal and repainted. Funny, I haven't had any "rock chips" with the new paint job....
  • jumper11jumper11 Posts: 5
    I compared apples to apples and the for the money the titan is more truck than any of it's compeditors. This is coming from a Ford guy. It's a handsome beast!!!
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