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Suzuki Aerio Maintenance and Repair



  • I have a 2005 Aerio and had to change the tires at 35,000 miles. I rotate my tires at each oil change and consistantly get 60,000 to 70,000 miles on other cars. I'm still on the original brakes though. :(
  • mcgjapanmcgjapan Posts: 1
    my engine light is on and i was also told to get a new catalytic converter. but for only 350.
  • I don't know if this is the same issue or not.Skip to the bottom paragraph if you are in a hurry.

    I had a problem with my check engine light. I asked one of the guys at work, and was sent to their "favorite" mechanic: I had the code checked; it indicated I needed a new catalytic converter ( smog equipment). In my case, the location of the code indicated the expensive $1000 (or was it two thousand?) one. He recommended I had tried pouring in a container (quart? It the size of a lighter fluid bottle-the ones people use on their BBQ) of denatured alcohol in the gas tank to see if that would clear it( when you do the fill up); no luck. The mechanic also tried to just reset the code, and told me if the code/light came back in, then I would probably have to do it. The light came back in.

    I was panicked at the $$$$ outlay in my future...THEN, it was suggested, I start inexpensively, and tried to JUST REPLACE THE SENSOR, which was like $79. The local mechanic who did the work even told me, upon pickup ,that the original sensor tested good. The codes cleared and never came back, and that was a year and a half ago! Oh, and you know if you fail to tighten the gas cap well enough, the check engine light comes on, don't you? It will clear in a couple of start-ups after you tighten it. ;) Good Luck. Ronnie :blush:
  • I've got a '03 Aerio SX that 'requires' 195/55/15 tires. Does anyone know if you can put a 195/65/15 on the rim and have enough clearance in the wheel well?

    I know that the 65 is 10% larger, but it's also cheaper and has a higher milage guaruntee. Not to concerned with the difference in speed ratings 'cause I don't race it or drive over 75mph.
  • I also have the Aerio SX 03 model, and a 215/50/15 is 0.1% larger in diameter than the 195/55/15 stock tire. Under a really hard turn, you can create some contact with the front tires, but it is not even visible on the front tires. It helps stabilize the rear end and decreases wheel spin under hard acceleration in first gear. I suspect that it costs a tiny bit in gas mileage, but the difference is really tine. If you wish to know the difference between two tire sizes in the p-metric system, go to this java tire calculator:
  • Hiya,

    I own a 2005 Aerio Sx, with 69,xxx miles, which seems to enjoy stalling while in reverse (when shifted from park) and has a rough idle. Oddly enough, the issue seems to be alleviated when the AC is on. Any ideas as to what is going wrong?

    Thanks :-)
  • Hi, my husband was a mechanic for many years. He says that for part of your answer, the not stalling when the A/C is on, is because the idle increases when the A/C is on. He says, and as I think you already know, the bigger question is why is the car idling rough?
    Mine idles rough when I am low on oil or in need of an oil change, which is usually the same. Meaning, when I am in need of an oil change, I am also low on oil for some reason. This has been going on since I was in the 60,000 mile range or before even. I have a 2003 Suzuki SX. Ronnie
  • The car has a leak I tried to add leak detector and 134a but the pressure is to LOW HOW DO YOU BY PASS THE LOW PRESSURE switch and Where is it Located ???
  • I have 83,000 miles on my 2006 SX4. I took it to my mechanic and he told me it sounded like piston slap when cold. I took it to Suzuki and they agreed. They reviewed all of my maintenance records ,looked inside the oil pan and found it clean so agreed to a Short block under warranty. Now I believe I have what I would refer to as detonation or Knocking. The dealer said it is normal but admits they hear the noise. Now I am waiting on the District rep to visit. This all less than 1,000 miles since the short Block was installed.

    Anyone know of ECU updates or failed Knock Sensors...? Any other experiences with a noise when cold over 2500 RPM? Change the Spark Plug to colder or Hotter plugs? This is my daily driver and I do or have the mantenance done and check the book for each mileage as described. I disagree with changing Anti freeze every 30,000 but I do it;).

  • dlbennettdlbennett Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Suzuki Aerio and love it... however, now that we are in the summer months I use my air conditioner more often or always. When the air conditioner is on and I am sitting at a red light there is a loud squeeling sound. This sound stops when I accelerate or put it in neutral or park. Does anyone know what I should have checked out?
  • I'm betting on the belt is causing the squeal. A good mechanic should pretty well KNOW right away. Just drive to their garage, and when they come back to the car with you, restart it like you are gonna drive away, put it in gear, foot on the break, he person gets to hear it.
  • carthellcarthell Posts: 124
    It sounds like the AC compressor pulley, the serpentine belt that drives it (and other things) or a serpentine belt tensioner is ready to go. Late last year, I heard an unusual crying sound from my engine during acceleration. Before I could work out a convenient time to have it looked at, a tensioner seized and the serpentine belt broke. I wrestled with my steering wheel, guiding my ailing, overheating hulk to my grandma's house which was a fortunate 5-10 minutes away from where I ran into trouble.

    I thought I had my belt and tensioner components replaced at one point. I was wrong.
  • suprocusuprocu Posts: 1
    actually your car have one or more motor mounts broke (parts less than $100.00 each ) .
    good lucks.
  • Hi Everyone hope someone can give us a idea about this problem. We have a 2002 Aerio SX, we were driving home when we were going up a small hill and suddenly the car started struggling to go up hill, as I tried to give it more gas, the rpms went up but the car still slowed down, pulled over to the side, turned it off, checked fluids, radiator looked low but was plenty in well, so waited to cool and added water, went to try to start and got click click click when turning the key, did this a few times then turned it and nothing , no clicks but all lights working, got it towed home, pulled the starter and had it tested, was showing bad so got another one, installed it, still nothing no clicks just a whine from the starter turning on, the plunger goes in, and can hand turn the engine just seems the plunger is not connecting to the fly wheel no clicking or anything else just a whine sound. Even replaced the ignition switch incase it was bad, No clue what else to check, cant run the codes since cant get it to run. :sick:
  • Sounds stupid, but check your engine oil and your transmission oil. I had a similar problem with in a couple weeks after getting my car back from the dealer. Turns out the oil was OFF THE STICK. No answers to multiple phone calls to my service manager and the dealership....I never went back to them, and in my case, the trouble cleared with the addition of oil.... I Know you said you checked fluids, but....

    This was years ago now, but (I'm a 2003 with 177,777+ miles now)

    The car wasn't going anywhere when I pressed on the gas because the car was popping out of gear.
  • please check your ground cable from battery to engine ground. Make sure the ground terminal is not broken off at lug.
  • please check your ground cable from battery to engine ground. Make sure the ground terminal is not broken off at lug.
  • I own an '04 Aerio SX wagon with 70,000-ish miles on it. I recently took it into my mechanic for some general maintenance including flushing the brake fluid, but was told that this model doesn't require brake fluid replacement. Is this accurate? I was also told (by a different mechanic) that fuel filter replacement is not an every-30,000-miles maintenance requirement for the Aerio; more like every 150,000+ miles and, when the time comes, it's pretty expensive to replace. Is this also true?

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