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2004 Ford F-150



  • kcarverkcarver Posts: 5
    Shiny plastic is not my bag. Glad I bought a 2003 model.
  • lagonzallagonzal Posts: 4
    I think the floor shifter option is a great idea. I used to have an 88 Ford Ranger and it had a floor shifter. It only became a slight problem when you had three people in the cab, other than that I liked thal little T handled shifter.
  • lagonzallagonzal Posts: 4
    My first thought when I saw the new F150?

    Aint America great?!
  • bessbess Posts: 972
    Ford had a 2000 SuperDuty with 4wheel steering at a test site about 3 years ago. I know of someone was invited by Ford to drive it and give feedback.

    One reason I opted for the SuperDuty when I bought it is because I very much preferred the exterior look and larger interior space of the SuperDuty over the existing F150's.

    I see that in 2004, the F150 has an exterior look much closer to the SuperDuty and a pretty cool looking interior.. If they had that 4 years ago, I would probably would have given the F150 another look.
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