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Mazda6 Maintenance and Repair

maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
Since Karen is going through all the trouble to set all these up, I'll chime in.

It seems that I have an exhaust leak coming from the manifold to pipe/converter on my 6. It sounds a little like a 75 corolla at times. Being that I've been driving it regardless, I bet I already toasted the gasket so that will need replacement.


  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Washed it on Saturday.
  • ashutoshsmashutoshsm Posts: 1,007
    is on a roll!
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Problem: I let a co-worker drive my 6 back from lunch. Still in the parking stall she popped the clutch in 4th thinking she had it in reverse. image She bumped the car in front of me which was an older white corolla (I'm on a roll with this corolla thing). No harm done, but the rest of the drive I was wondering why I offered to let her drive it. she drives a Miata so it's not like a stick is a foreign thing to her.

    Solution: I'll keep my keys.

  • Sounds like your MPG is too low. Well I've been averaging around 20 mpg in 70% city, 30% hwy driving. Was hoping for a little higher but as long as I can drive 300 miles between fillups I'm satisfied. I guess it's the price of driving a V6...I had a Honda Accord 4 cyl. prior to this car.
  • washed mine yet! (Been washed by the dealer twice.) I'll do it this weekend for sure.

    I've been following the "5w-20, good or bad" discussion for awhile. Are you guys planning to use the recommended 5w-20 in your 6's? I'm not sure I trust the lighter weight oil, but I also don't want any warranty disputes, either. I'll probably use the 5w-20 for at least the first couple of changes; after that I'm not sure.
  • I found out during all the snow here in the northeast that the snow accumulates in the space between the rear glass and trunk lid. As the temp. rises the snow melts causing the water to leak onto items in your trunk.

    It's a minor problem as long as it doesn't snow too much.
  • Mine is very, very dirty. It's no longer redfere metallic- it's more like redfire/salt marble. On the bright side, the '6 does well in snow.
  • I had a rattle that sounded as if it were coming from the dash. It took me a week to find, as it was very sporatic, even though it was prominent when it would happen. Anyway, turns out it was the sunglasses holder. I had not opened it since I bought the car, and once I did, it went away. Go figure.

    This rattle was extremely annoying when it happened, and I noticed it on a different '6 that I had test-driven earlier too.

    I also recently hit the biggest pothole I think I've ever hit in any car. It sounded like the sheet metal on the right side of the car slammed the ground and fell off, but the car still feels correctly alligned and I noticed no scraping as if the car had bottomed out. Whew.

    This car has some serious handling, but boy did that pothole scare the crap out of me for a while.
  • (I posted this problem in a prevous post, but I thought I add it in here to get more feedback)

    The only problem I'm having so far is a strange (almost burning like smell) that comes the inside of the car's compartment. Has anyone else had this problem? Our salesman said it some kind of coating that sprayed on the engine, or under the motor, and that it will go away after I break it in (it only has about 100 miles).

    Only time will tell how reliable this vehicle is but I'm hoping for the best. Give me some feedback on how you feel about your purchase, problems, or concern with your vehicle. In the meantime, let's enjoy our zoom, zoom, feeling.
  • mazda6smazda6s Posts: 1,901
  • Check out
    This stuff is guaranteed to last for 3-5 years.
  • Went from 4" of snow a few days ago to 60+ degree weather today. I gave the car a bath and put Rain-X on the windshield. I recommend the stuff- it's as important to me as wipers.

    Thanks for the link on toughguard. I've never used it, so of course I'm skeptical. I'm looking for 3rd party information on it as I write this. It looks like it could be a worthwhile product.
  • morse3morse3 Posts: 5
    Yes, I've noticed that weird smell too and I have 200 miles on my 6i. I hope it will go away soon. Hate think I got a lemon.

    I noticed some vibration noise coming from cabin roof when I drive with the moon roof open. I am guessing the wind flows into that moon roof compartment and rattles something. Anyone else have the same problem?

    Also, my friend pointed out to me that my back seat which is leather rubs against the door and will produce a rubbing sound. Strange.

    I like my car. Hopefully, it is reliable. Any 6 owners in Houston? I haven't seen any on the street except for mine :0
  • I'm in Houston and I haven't seen any on the road either. Ain't if fun being one of a kind?
  • ruefusruefus Posts: 254
    I've spoken to the guy that owns Toughguard. They've been in business for over 20 years, so if it doesn't work, this guy is REALLY good at smoke and mirrors.

    Take a look at this site for discussions on Toughguard:

    A couple people including the moderator have used it on their cars and simply love it.
  • Hi!

    My car is bound to get here any minute, but I'm really worried about the leather care... is there any place online with a manual and recommendations on good products for that?

    Best Regards!
    Carlos Ch.
  • rodlcwrodlcw Posts: 45
    I have the 6s with AT and was ok for first 10 days, then the manual shifter mode started "sticking" as I shift between gears. It takes awhile or I have to push it back to center. Dealer had the National Mazda Training rep there, and he had no idea. After they looked at it, and I don't know they did anything, it seemed to work ok for another day or so, and start "sticking" again.
    They are researching. Has anyone else seen this?

    They are also getting replacment parts for the eyeglass holder as it sticks, and the fusebox cover falls off.
  • Just purchased a Mazda 6 and really enjoy the car. I am looking for a recommendation on rustproofing since I live in a cold climate area where we aren't bashful with the use of street salt. I keep vehicles a long time and think I should take to Ziebart or equivalent. Some manufacturers suggest that you don't rustproof. I called Mazda, they deferred the recommendation to the Dealer. Any commments and recommendations?
  • drmzdrmz Posts: 2
    if water from accumulated snow along the trunk/rear window ledge melts into the trunk compartment, what will rain do??

    Curious if others can confirm the leak problem reported earlier...
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