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Mazda6 Maintenance and Repair



  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    I'm not sure that they announced it officially yet. Like I said, it came from Edmunds but they seem pretty sure of it and it makes perfect sense.

    They have not officially announced it yet, I know that. But, what I meant by it was that it will most likely be public knowledge before they have an official announcement. I have also heard that the CX-9 might debut at the NYC auto show in '06. If that were the case, we might not see the CX-9 until spring '07. But, I guess we will just have to wait and see.
  • A close friend of mine bought a new 06 Accord in the first week of Nov., since the second day of ownership he has been complaining that his car drifts towards left, he has tested the car on different roads. He has been visiting the dealer quite often, they tested and say all accords do that. They also did the wheel alignment etc, but didn't help. Last week I drove his car and noticed the drift problem. The car goes straight while in the right lane and does not pull to the right because of raod crown. But on the same road, while in the left lane, it immediately pulls to the left. Now the dealer has given him two options, a replacement accord or get his money back.I think he's going to get his money back.

    This was the first time I drove an accord, felt like I was driving my old camry, not exciting like my MZ6.

    Sorry, I know this is not the forum for a accord review, but after test driving his car, I realized that my MZ6 wagon pulls to the left more than his car does. This morning on my way to work, I drove in the right lane that has significant road crown and it was pulling to the left. Pulls more to the left while in the left lane. So far it has not annoyed me much, but I think it is something to check on. I have noticed the pull long back, but since I always use the left lane, ignored it thinking that it must be the road crown. The tire pressure is fine, should I get the alignment done? Any suggestions? My wagon is a year old and have put 12K miles on it.

    I have not been driving my MZ6 much for last 3 months, my wife won a 2 yr. lease on a ranger and so have been driving it, miss the zoom-zoom.
  • Two things may be the culprit:
    - Bad alignment
    - Subframe out of alignment

    Have the alignment checked first. The subframe alignment isn't an uncommon occurence with this car either, caused by it being out of alignment from the factory, or the wrong torque tightness. This is fixed by the dealer loosening and repositioning the subframe assembly.

    Good luck...
  • Thanks! will get the alignment checked and see if that fixes the problem.
  • Anyone know the relationship between the 2.5L V6 used in the '93-97 Ford Probe GT & Mazda MX6 and the current 3.0L V6 used in the Mazda 6S? I had assumed they were directly related.

    I had a '93 Probe GT V6 with AT for 10 years and over 180,000 miles with no problems (other than 2 distributor repl.) Bought an '03 M6S AT based on this good experience. Zero problems so far after 40K miles. :)
  • I've had this same problem with my 03 Mazda6 since I drove it off the lot. Same story...can't make the transmission slip problem duplicate. Does anyone have anymore information on the TSB transmission slip problem. It usually only slips from first to second. However, sometimes it slips so hard that I check my rear view mirror to see if my trannys in the road.......Thanks!!!
  • Hi, I have had the same exact problem......After having Mazda do an alignment, it still pulled to the left. BUT, after ordering four winter tires (Michelin X-Ice) with wheels, I now have a brand new car!! It goes straight as an arrow! Perhaps the problem could be what they call "flat-spotting", especially if the car has been on the lot for a long time...mine was built in April, '04 and I purchased it in Jan, '05 with 36 miles on it. I am still surprised that Michelin tires can get flat spots but.....I wish you good luck! -Rob
  • Rob,

    Thanks for the info. Mine too was built in April 04 and I bought it in Dec. 04, so was sitting in the lot for 6-7 months. The dealer says if the mileage was below 12K, they would have done the alignment free, I just crossed that mark by 50 miles and it will cost me $69. I will get the alignment done soon and will see if that fixes the problem.

  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    The dealer says if the mileage was below 12K, they would have done the alignment free, I just crossed that mark by 50 miles and it will cost me $69.
    Why not tell the dealer, that you will be taking your business elsewhere? They should try a little harder to keep their customers happy.
  • Purchased 04 wagon june 04. Same problem with pulling left. Told no camber or caster adjustments on front, rear only. Checked with align only shop and they confirmed same. Dealer contacted Mazda rep and then retourqed subframe. Helped about 50%. Living with it!! Otherwise car great. Good luck ZOOM ZOOM
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Mazda will only cover non-mechanical and non-electrical problems for the first year or 12K miles, which ever occurs first. Things not covered after the 1st year or 12K miles are brakes, belts, hoses, rotors, alignments...things of that nature. The dealer could have eaten the $69, that not a really labor intensive job. But, I know that could not be submitted to Mazda as a warranty issue. They would have rejected it.
    I know in my area, there are not many Mazda dealers around, so, driving to another Mazda dealer would be a pain.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    The dealer could have eaten the $69 ...
    Exactly my point. Consider: this car was bought last December, it now has about 12K miles (remarkably low mileage considering a 15K annual average), the client complains about an alignment problem. In response the dealer does what? Nothing. As soon as the car goes off warranty where do you think the servicing will be done? What kind of loyalty can the dealer or Mazda expect with this type of treatment? Fortunately not all dealers are as chintzy as this one.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    My Mazda dealer would have eaten the $69....they want to earn loyal service customers.
  • I don't think they care for loyal customers, they will be waiting to rip you off. When I was there for the 12K oil change, the rep. was showing me a list of things I need to do that would cost me close to $65. I promptly said "No". The dealer I visit is much better than others in my area.
  • I just bought a 2005 Mazda 6 three weeks before Hurricane
    Katrina in New Orleans. I had done A LOT of research on pricing before I bought the car. The one mistake I made was not researching on possible problems. I was hesitant on buying another Mazda because I had a Mazda 626 a few years ago and had quite a few problems with it but I really liked the new design and pricing, etc. on the Mazda 6 so I bought the car. Right after I got the car I started noticing a humming noise in what I thought was the tires. Then the car starting pulling to the right a lot. Then the real kicker, it started shifting really hard when the car would be idle for a few hours. The worst was on a coldstart and it would shift hard when I would go through the first shift to the point of almost whiplash when I was in bumper to bumper traffic. Finally a week ago, I started looking online and found this website and I started to get worried. I took the car in and received a call from the Tech 3 days later. He was kind of stuttering when he was talking and he said, "I'm sorry to say but you need a new transmission." WHAT! This car only has 4,500 miles on it! So now, amid all the other problems down here, I have to wait at least 3 weeks to get the car back because they have to get a new transmission and the other parts needed to fix my 4 month old car. I'm just hoping that this will do the trick because I really love my car. I've read a lot of the postings and people seem to be having similar problems, I hope this helps. There's also a computer programming recall the tech told me about for those of you who don't know that already. Good Luck to all of you with the same problems. Happy Holidays!
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    I have to wait at least 3 weeks to get the car back because they have to get a new transmission and the other parts needed to fix my 4 month old car.

    Is the dealership or MazdaUSA providing you with a replacement during the wait? While you're at it why not ask for a brand new car? It may be wise to keep a written record of all of your dealings with the dealership in case you need to take additional action. I would also consider a) an independent garage to check the car once the "fix" is done b) legal advice regarding compensation for the discomfort and danger that you had experienced.
  • duke15duke15 Posts: 161
    Was that the 6-spd AT transmission? I am thinking about buying an RX-8 and I think they are puting that tranny into the 2006 RX-8, so I am looking to see if it has had any problems. Thanks
  • 05 Mazda6 s with 6speed auto transmission. Brought it back to the dealer 4 times. Each time they say nothing is wrong because the probelm is so random. sometimes i press the gas and the car doesn;t move for a few seconds and then WHAM it slams into gear and I spin my tired. I am going to try another dealer where maybe they will keep the car for a few days to recreate. Not sure what else to do. Can I write to Mazda - if so, who do I write to?
  • Anyone else hear of issues with the fuel pump in the 6? A sporadic whining noise started in my 2005 6i about two weeks ago. I have about 12000 miles on it so far. Finally had time to take it to the dealer (when the noise was present), and the tech immediately identified the issue as a bad fuel pump. He stated this was the 5th time in the past 2 weeks a 6 came in with the same issue. He went on to comment that they had zero failures this summer, and they are thinking the onset of the cold winter weather may have something to do with it.

    A new pump was ordered and they are installing it on Friday.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    Try another dealer...there is a service bulletin for 'delayed throttle response' (01-022/05 2005) It re-flashes the TCM and PCM and it works. My demo had the same problem and once the tech did the re-flash everything was perfect.
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