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Mazda6 Maintenance and Repair



  • dannyrdannyr Posts: 12
    I replaced my battery last year and the dealership said that and the alternator were fine. What I do also get is all the needles on the dash going up or down like crazy while it is clicking. There's power on the instrument panel but nothing seems to be sparking the engine and since it does this like once a week I don't think it could be the starter because it's cranking over with no problem when it does start.

    Give me anything but an electrical problem because, unless it happens in front of a mechanic, it's almost impossible to diagnose snd the constant fear of being stranded makes me want to get rid of an enjoyable car.
  • wak1wak1 Posts: 5
    thanks very much for the link sorry i posted in the wrong column as i have only just joined and not sure how it all works just yet.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You didn't post in the wrong place at all! Pf_flyer was just giving you an additional resource. You're doing fine - welcome to CarSpace! :)
  • raymartyraymarty Posts: 1
    I have 2004 Mazda 6 Automatic, this morning the car wouldn't start. When I put key in the ignition and turn it on, all the needles on dash go crazy while clicking but the engine wouldn't crank up. The radio works well, so do the lights.....
    Called the dealer and spoke to the service technician, he says the battery may be the problem, when I mentioned Radio and Lights work he comment was the battery may not have enough voltage to crank up the engine but still has some juice left in it.

    Called Mazda Roadside Assistance waiting for the TOW truck to take the car to the dealer. As per the warranty manual Mazda pays for 15% of the replacement battery's suggested retail price for 37-48 months.
  • krame00krame00 Posts: 21
    OK folks - I am seeing a trend here. We are all the class of '04, and we are all having the same symptoms with our cars.

    I am almost certain now it is an issue with the safety mechanism that prevents the car from starting when the clutch is not engaged (or not in Park).

    Here is the deal - I know the group of us is a fairly small representation of the 2004s out there - but I would be willing to bet that this is another one of those first model year issues that us lucky Mazda 6 oldtimers get to face (like the squealing brakes, the clutch judder, condensation in the car, etc.. etc...).

    Mazda was more than willing to work with us at no cost on many of these issues, recognizing that they were design or parts issues.

    Hopefully we can get them to recognize that this is one of those issues, too - even though it happens at a later stage.

    One word of advice for anyone with this issue - Mazda techs will want to throw a battery at the problem, and that is definitely not the issue. It is wasted money.

  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    I know the cars are not made by the same manufacturer but I know owners of the Oldsmobile Intrigue (of which I am an owner) have had problems like you described and the issue is with the ignition switch.
  • Just bought a 2005 6 V6 5 speed a few weeks ago. I notice that if I kick it into neutral when costing up to a stop, that the idle goes up to 1500 rpm. When the car comes to a complete stop, it will drop to 900 or so. It is still under warranty, and I have an appt at dealer for next week. Just wondering if anyone else has seen this. This car has had the throttle body replaced under warranty or a recall.
    I also notice it is hard to drive this car at a steady low speed. Even if the pedal is held steady, the engine hunts and surges abruptly. I'm thinking there is a vacuum leak or a sensor is bad causing both of these symptoms. Any ideas?
  • dannyrdannyr Posts: 12
    OK I have bee able to start my car with no problem for the last week or so. I also have been conscious of the fact that my car was firmly set in park after I turned it off. So I'm thinking that must be the problem. Like a previous poster mentioned, it is not the battery.

    I also have to go in to get it serviced for a constant squealing niose from one of the belts that is at it's loudest when idling which over time has gotten unbearable and this all started about a year ago. It makes the car sound like a 20 year old jalopy and actually quite embarassing. Mazda said last year that it was the serpentine belt which has a self adjusting tensioner and I have to live with it. Now that it has become louder they say I need the belt and tensioner replaced for $200+ dollars. Anybody have this problem and was this the proper fix?

    I've decided to sell this car this summer so I just want it sounding smooth and not like a winter beater. I love the driving dynamics of this car but I must have gotten a lemon because it's been one thing after another. Here's a list of my problems of my 4 year old car with 72K KM.

    -The aforementioned squealing belt and starting issues.

    -Fraying cloth seats- both the original and replaced ones. Funny thing is the seats that no one sits in are the most worn and won't last another 2 years.

    -Battery died after 3 years.

    -Gas tank leaking every time a filled it up. Besides making a permenent mess of my driveway, my car stunk like gas for weeks afterward. Had to get an entire new gas tank which was out of warrenty but the dealer, knowing my car's history, got head office to approve it under warranty, saved me $1000.

    -Air conditioner compressor replaced just before the 3 year warranty expired. would have been another costly repair, this was after a selector switch(?) was fixed when the AC broke down 6 months after I bought it.

    -the infamous rust spots along the doors. The doors are fine but now I discovered that thay forgot to seal the trunk right by the hinges and surface rust is now bubbling there. There is also surface rust appearing along the outside black borders framing the rear windows. I've always washed and waxed this car regularly so it wasn't because of owner neglect on my part.

    -the horrible downshifting issues where at low speeds it feels like you got rammed by a MAC truck because it is so rough.

    -the interior covers falling off door lights and fuse box.

    -Also the recalls for the cooling fan module and doors not closing in cold weather.

    I've spent so much time at the dealership I should be getting frequent flyer miles. Luckily my job is flexible and allows me to drop off my car at my convenience. I know my car was a launch model in Canada but to have this many different issues is inexcusable and I'm afraid to own this car any longer without a warranty. Mazda has really fallen off for reliablility. I had a 1990 MX 6 for years and the thing performed rock solid but this car is a joke and I will never buy another Mazda nor recommend one to someone else. It's a shame because they do make fun cars to drive.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Do you have a V6 or the 4 cyl?
  • dannyrdannyr Posts: 12
    V6 but with the issues I've had I don't think it matters what engine I have. Since next year it appears Mazda is going back to making thier family sedans into big vanilla underpowered boats like the 626 days I don't really have a desire to own one again.
  • tenzoomtenzoom Posts: 1
    hey guys..I bought mazda 6 2004. the head light is not clear or poor. Do i need to change the light bulb or ? please suggest
  • fannin23fannin23 Posts: 1
    I hope someone here can help. I drove my mazda6 from columbus, OH. to St. Louis, MO. last night. Much of this drive was thru the rain. Towards the end of the trip we noticed the floor on the front passenger side was wet. When we would go around turns we were getting a swishing sound and water has been dripping underneath the passenger side dash board. All mazda dealerships service is closed until tuesday of course. In need to go back to Ohio on monday. I think I might have a clogged drain that has let rainwater get backed up into the dash. Does anyone know how to open this drain or have had the same problem? Any help is greatly appreciated. I looked thru past threads and saw someone has had this before but I never found the resolution of the problem here...
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Usually there is an A/C drain somewhere in that area on most cars...but does not sound like that is the problem if it only happened in rain.

    If you have a moon roof, I think there is a drain for that too...don't know how that is routed or anything...but that might be another possible source of the problem.

    I once had a Horizon with similar symptoms and it turned out it was the road spray from the wheel that was leaking in. Dealer fixed it on the second attempt. Maybe you could borrow or buy a shop vac for now and hope it doesn't rain too much on your way home.
  • tehighamtehigham Posts: 1
    My 2003 Mazda6 decided not to start today. I tested the battery with a voltmeter and it reads 12.7 volts (just fine). When I try to start the car, all of the meters start to flicker back and forth. The security mechanism light also flickers on and off. I tried the hazards and it made a loud buzzing sound. Has anyone experienced this? I have a manual 5 spd.
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,648
    12.7 isn't a good reading.
  • dannyrdannyr Posts: 12
    Sounds exactly like what my car was doing. As mentioned in my previous posts it seems to happen at indiscriminate times.

    last week i got stranded downtown during rush hour and was not looking forward to a tow, fortunately I got it started after 20 minutes and lots of swearing and made it home. I was going the next day into the dealer to get my serpentine belt and tensioner replaced and again brought this starting problem up. They didn't know what to do unless the problem was replicated there as the reading on the battery seemed fine and it was only a year old and they didn't want to guess with replacing stuff.

    Lo and behold in a moment that may be one of the greatest moments in my life the car wouldn't start as I was leaving the dealer. This never happens according to Murphy's law. Never been so happy to have my car not start. They brought it back in and then said that my battery had a bad cell or something. This will be my 3rd battery in my 4 year old car so either something's draining it prematurely or I have lousy luck with batteries and bad cells.

    On a side note, I found another rust spot the size of a dime along the top corner of the car. It appears they didn't seal the crease well enough between the front windshield and sheetmetal on the top. The adventure continues and just counting the days until it leaves my garage.
  • wak1wak1 Posts: 5
    i have just bought a new 6, black mica colour i have noticed a few minor scratches on it,i had the paint gaurd done but i was wondering is it a good idea to to apply a really good wax and polish maybe to try and cover these up and help protect it a bit more, can anyone suggest a really good wax and polish treatment.
  • wak1wak1 Posts: 5
    i am thinking of using meguiars full protection kit on my new 6 could anyone tell me if this is a good choice as i am really not up to date with polishes or waxes.
  • I am having the same problem on my 2004 Mazda 6i (4 cyl). I have owned the car for 9 months and it just started this wierd surging recently. I am looking for ideas on a fix as well.
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