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Mazda6 Maintenance and Repair



  • I never rustproofed my '91 MX-6 when i got it. I still have it, and there are just TINY TINY little spots of rust on the trunk lip and by the bottom of my doors.

    My husband, on the other hand, bought a '88 Nissan truck and had it rust-proofed, and it didn't make a whit of difference. By the time he sold it last year it was more rust than paint and the passenger-side door handle fell out because of all the rust around it. :D

    He had his truck for 13 years, and I've had my Mazda for 10 years. I live in Michigan, and we use PLENTY of road salt.

    Personally, I wouldn't do it. If you're worried about rust, just take your car to a carwash once a week (the do-it-yourselfers) and spray it off to get rid of all the crap. :)

    Just my own 2-cents.
  • ruefusruefus Posts: 254
    I wouldn't have it 'rustproofed' I've never heard anything but BAD things about that. If the rustproofing traps even a little water (like what remains after a good washing) and all you've done is accelerate the process, not prevent it. Plus, they have to drill holes to apply it - the holes themselves will eventually rust, I don't care what anyone tells you.

    My suggestion? Electrostatic Corrosion Control. Two Guys Garage did a piece on this a few weeks back - - gID=282

    It may look like bunk, but it isn't. I've worked with a public company (Corrpro in Medina, OH), who's sole purpose in life is to provide this kind of corrosion protection for pipelines, ocean-going ships and the like. Millions of dollars at stake and this is the 'rust-proofing' method companies choose.

    Applying it to automotive is a piece of cake. I'm waiting for a quote to get a system, but if I go with any rust protection, this is it.
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,322
    Hmm. Not sure about that on the 6 (never checked), but I know on the Protege, if you look under the car and in the wheel wells, you'll see what appears to be sprayed-on rubber (looks very rough and heavily a little if you press a fingernail into it). Also, on the sedans (not the P5, with its lower side sills), the lower 5-6 inches of the doors have been coated with a soft material so they look more "orange-peely" than the rest of the panels. This is to help protect against stone chips. Look for these tell-tale signs on your 6.

    I think enough rustproofing is now done at the plants these days. Unlike in the early years (70s, early 80s), most cars are made with anti-corrosion coatings on BOTH sides of the sheet metal. Many cars also come from the factory with underbody coatings (to reduce noise and provide some protection against stone chipping etc.), which includes wheel wells. In addition, some vehicles also have the lower parts of sheet metal parts coated with a vinyl layer beneath the paint, to provide further protection against stone chips and rust.
  • Thanks everyone for your thoughts on rustproofing. I think I will pass on it. I am interested in the " Electrostatic Corrosion Control". I don't think I will go with that as an option, but I'm interested in the science of it. It brings back memories of a College Chemistry of Materials Course. Too bad I didn't have the idea, I can see where the application could work. Thanks again everyone.
  • ruefusruefus Posts: 254
    Ok, so this post is a little self-serving, but it's a good idea anyway.

    There is a company called Kleen Wheels that makes a special dust-shield wheel insert to keep brake dust off the rims. It also safely covers the internals of the wheel so that as the car ages, the corrosion on the rotor, caliper and suspension components aren't visible to everyone, maintaining the appearance.

    The problem: Kleen Wheels doesn't have a dust-shield to fit the 6 right now. When I called yesterday, he said I was the first person to ask for it and it'd be sometime in Spring before he'd have anything at all. He was stunned Mazda had a car with 17's.

    I've never used them on one of my cars, but I'm going to get a set for my 6s. I knew about these because my Father used a set for his Enkei's and they worked just great.

    If you're interested in getting a set for your car, please give Kleen Wheels a call or email them a request. If demand is present, I'm sure they'll tool up that much sooner, which helps those of us interested.

    Depending on the source, pricing for existing models has ranged from $40 to $70 for a set of four.

    Kleen Wheels phone - 800-327-6548

    Email -
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    He was stunned Mazda had a car with 17's.

    He's been asleep for a couple years I guess.

    I've always wondered what those kleen wheels do for air flow around the rotors. It would seem that over heating brakes might be a concern. Have you ever had any trouble with that ruefus?
  • ruefusruefus Posts: 254
    The covers are vented to pull air in. When you think about it, a vented cover is no worse than a steel wheel with a hubcap on it, so there should be no problem.

    As for Mazda's with 17's - he said he barely ever gets calls for Mazda's anymore. Years ago they covered the entire line, but not recently.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    It's rare that Mazda has wheels worth keeping clean. Some of the ugliest alloys I've seen come on Mazdas.

    I didn't know they were vented, thx.
  • I have experienced the same problem. I posted (Post #3)it on this forum a while back. I am also experiencing dampness in the rear right passenger foot rest area. Will take it to the dealer next week to get checked out.
  • rodlcwrodlcw Posts: 45
    Mazda National Training person was at my Dealer last week. He has done some research and I am told that 4-5 others have reported same problem.
    I will be taking it in next Tuesday for them to fix.
  • I wish to take my new 6s to a professional tint shop to tint the the rear passenger windows a bit for my kids. What do you think is a fair price. I'm new to this and don't want to get ripped off.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I wouldn't pay more than $125-150 for good tint.
  • I just test drove the gs V6 and I noticed a humming noise coming from the dash while the car was idle.

    Anyone experience this.

    I ordered the car any way because it is so nice.

  • a buzzing? Rattling? I had a problem with the sunglasses holder making noise, even though I swore the sound was coming from the dash and/or the passenger's side.

    Open it. Close it. No more noise.
  • No this noise was like the noise you here coming from a noisey flurescant light.

  • ruefusruefus Posts: 254
    I've been quoted 150-170 here in Ohio. But that was without the actual car sitting there.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    he was asking about the rear 3 windows.

    I'll probably get mine done in a month or so and then I'll know for sure.
  • dinu01dinu01 Posts: 2,586
    I have this with 35% all around on ALL my windows. I was worried about making it look too dark, but 35% is the lightest tint and it works well on ALL windows. At night, you can barely tell you have tints on.

  • Are there no problems with the car at all?

  • i've had my 6 for a week and a half now, and the only problem i had was with the sunglasses holder (which is a nice touch btw). i pressed it and it stuck, had to be pryed open a little bit, then it started rattling as i was driving. later i opened and closed it about 20 times and now it doesn't rattle at all. it also opens smoothly and automatically.
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