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Mazda6 Maintenance and Repair



  • aromasaromas Posts: 314
    If this lubricant is corrosive then it's big trouble because simply wiping off what you see is not doing much as this "lubricant" would obviously have penetrated deep into the seams and good luck trying to wipe that off. The Mazda "fix" would then seem not to solve the problem as it would be impossible to effectively clean off this solution so deep inside the cavity. So chikoo thanx for basically proving our point that our doors will eventually corrode over time even if Mazda is right about what caused this. I would be really looking at your doors over the next several years, but then again "out of sight, out of mind," right. I wish I could have your attitude. You must be leasing.

    As for an owner putting up $2000.00 of their own money to prove something and then file a lawsuit . What exactly would you be getting back? Besides losing 2K and lawyer's fees(which will be more) the best case scenario is getting a full refund. I don't think the court is gonna award money for pain and suffering. Technically Mazda doesn't have to do anything unless there is perforation. You wouldn't be getting jack squat from a lawsuit. This is about Mazda owning up to their big screw-up and treating thier customers with respect who shelled out alot of money for a new car, not by insulting us by insisting it's a minor faux pas and there's nothing to worry about. I get the impression that some think that the affected owners are on some type of crusade to put Mazda out of business. I spent alot of money for this car and I think I shouldn't have to worry that my doors will corrode from soap or rust. I don't want to be a hero I just want to get what I paid for. I just feel sorry for the people who have no clue about this and will get screwed later when they find out the hard way. Eventually this problem will get out in the press and in the long run Mazda will suffer and then the same people defending Mazda now will denounce Mazda for not nipping this thing in the bud and being unprofessional. I think it's called hindsight and it's always 20\20 isn't it. You guys are priceless. You should get the Mazda emblem tattoed on your butt.
  • Looking at other manufacturers' warranties, such as Mitsubishi, there are two different areas. The first is perforation, regardless of cause. The second is corrosion caused by a manufacturer's defect or workmanship. The first is covered by the perforation warranty and really applies to corrosion resistance of the metal and anti-corrosion coating, such as galvanization. The second is covered by the standard bumper-to-bumper warranty.

    I plan on pursuing the testing after the 1st of the year. If everyone that is on the 4DoorZoom rust list could contribute $20, we could get this done relatively painless. If the results come back in Mazda's favor, then we just all get the TSB and move on. If the test shows rust and no relationship with the assembly lubricant, then I would assume we all would join in a united front to get the problem properly fixed, which would mean to total removal of rust and a full repair including repainting the affected areas, if possible.
  • aromasaromas Posts: 314
    Even if we get this test done and Mazda is correct in their diagnosis their TSB says that this soapy crap is corrosive so our doors are gonna eventually rot anyways because of the location. We are up a certain creek without a paddle. Unless someone can explain to me how the dealer can get into those teeny, weeny little seams and give it a good flush. I don't think Roto Rooter could do that.
  • mazda6smazda6s Posts: 1,901
    Can anyone say for sure when the problem was corrected at the factory? I'm still considering getting a Mazda6 but not unless I know it was built AFTER the correction. Judging by some of the reports we've been getting here, the VIN range provided by Mazda seems to be inaccurate. We've even heard of 04 models with the problem.

    Of course, if it isn't the soapy solution at all but really that they aren't finishing the doors properly, then it might not even be fixed yet.

    One of my local dealers has a car with exactly the options I want, but if I can't resolve this I'm not even going to consider it.
  • I still would like you to provide pictures that show the chipping and flaking paint from your 6 so I can see for myself. I hope you get this resolved by Mazda...
  • I have been following the rust issue with great interest because our 6i is infact rusting, complete with flaking and bubbling paint. It is definitely NOT a stain.

    For those of you that only have a stain that wipes away and doesn't return, count your blessings, but please quit insulting those of us that have actual rust on our cars. We are not making it up just to create a controversial topic to discuss.

    Whatever the reason, Mazda owes us an answer and a viable remedy. I reported this to Mazda USA and to my dealer befor the TSB was issued. I have not returned to the dealer since then, but will discuss it with them on my next service appointment. I may end up with one of the "case by case" solutions, so I am withholding judgement of Mazda for now.

    Jstander, I did report this to 4DoorZoom and am willing to contribute to the rust testing costs.
  • seafseaf Posts: 339
    This rust/stain issue is not about money for the individual Mazda6 owner. It is about the reputation of Mazda. If they handle situations like this, it leaves a bad impression on current owners and future possible owners. I know if I didn't buy my mazda6 before I knew about this rust issue I would not be buying it now the way things are.
  • I've tried taking pics many times, but my digital cameral won't focus properly that close. I'll have to find a 35mm SLR and a tripod to take decent pics. The white paint doesn't help much either as the camera can't figure out the correct contrast levels. Make that a fully manual 35mm SLR with a macro lens, light meter, tripod, and remote shutter release.
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    There appears from the descriptions that there are 2 types of people out there

    1. Those who have stains on their MZ6
    2. Those who have rust on their MZ6

    Those who have the stain, the test is simple. wipe off the stain and take a close look at the underlying paint. if it is not bubbling, you should be fine. but remember to wipe off the lubricant from the rubber weatherstrip, since that is where the lubricant was applied and apparently seeping.

    Those who have rust, undoubtedly they have a bad paint job on their car. Talk to the Dealer. a bad point job is unacceptable. a TSB ain't going to resolve it. And the bad paint job would be highly visible. no?
  • The paint in my door sashes and weather stripping rail look like all they got was overspray. The primer is clearly visible in many areas, and the entire area feels like sandpaper. But, from what I have seen, this is not uncommon. It seems the darker colors have the better paint.
  • Our Lapis Blue 6 does not look like it has a bad paint job, but does now have rust/bubbling paint at the end of the weatherstrip channels and in all of the weep holes along the channels. This is in addition to the rust stains all along the weatherstrip channel and the vertical door seams.
  • Thank you for the information you have provided in this forum and others in regards to the rust and other problems associated with this vehicle. I am in no hurry to buy but have been exploring and the 6 and RX8 models. They had made it to the top of my list. From what I have read however it does not seem like either Mazda model is a quality product(currently). Also on the 6 that Mazda (the manufacturer) could possibly not be owning up to their mistakes not only shows disrespect to their current and potential buyers but also to their dealers and sales people. I can not imagine trying to sell a product that rusts in less than a year then having to save face on faulty manufacturing/assembly.

    I will continue to monitor the posts for awhile to see if there is any further resolution or positive outcome on the 6 or RX8. However, I want Mazda to know not just the current owners "stuck" with this car are reading. Myself and another friend put any kind of purchase with Mazda on hold until we are completely satisfied that this has been corrected along with the others problems listed here.

    Thank you from all of the internet car researchers out here.


  • I just found out tonight that Chevrolet is calling back about 155,000 SUVs and Trucks for early wearing emergency brake problem...this seems such a small malfunction compared to our rust/stain problem in our Mazdas...Chevrolet can easily fix this problem and i dont even understand why they called them back, this problem could of been ignored or overlooked much easier than what mazda is doing....
        however, interestingly i still love the mazda as much as i hate it...i dont seem to be experiencing the staining issue like others, and even if i am, i am unaware of it at this point....i have read every post in this forum and i still cant make up my mind whether it is rust or stain....and i wont believe in anything till there is hard proof( scientific evidence)I apologize if that upsets some people.....but i think we are all forgetting why we bought our cars...the steering feels freakin awesome, the car has power to move its passengers, the car feels luxuries and looks sporty and makes the driver feel in control....everyone has to admit that if it wasnt for this controversial issue the car would be more than satisfactory for the owners....the car makes my dad feel ten years younger...something that Honda and Toyota could never get right....
    another point i want to make is that it seems like there isnt as many people out there experiencing this problem or care about this problem....the reason i say that is because there is so many different subjects about this car besides problems and thos people in other topics havent left any remarks on this topic for some reason...either they dont know yet or they dont care about this problem and they just like driving their car...
  • mazda6smazda6s Posts: 1,901
    Recalls happen much faster when the issue is related to safety.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    safety related recalls are usually forced upon the MFG by the government....Chevy didnt do it because they wanted to.

    At our stores, people are coming it to get the fix and they are treating it like any other service related problem, no big deal...If the fix turns out to be wrong, then I suspect we will see some angry people.
  • "....i have read every post in this forum and i still cant make up my mind whether it is rust or stain....and i wont believe in anything till there is hard proof( scientific evidence)I apologize if that upsets some people....."

    Have you ever seen rust on a car before? Did you need proof to confirm it was rust? It's kind of like seeing a pile of dog crap. You know what it is when you see it, or do you need proof?

    I really do like the car, it's probably the best handling car I've ever had, but that fact has nothing to do with the rust. Mazda will have to come up with a satisfactory solution for me or I will respond with my check book when it comes time to make my next purchase. With the relatively few Mazda buyers (compared to Honda/Toyota) out there, you would expect them to care about preserving their customer base and the good (or bad) word of mouth advertising that accompanies them.
  • ian2ian2 Posts: 168
    Yes, the car does make me feel younger... I drive it like a maniac as though I was still a teenager :)
  • mes58mes58 Posts: 21
    Well, I finally got my car back yesterday. When I took it in for the rust fix and showed the service technician what the car looked like, he agreed readily that it was rust. He had a copy of the famous TSB and looked it over but he decided the car needed to go to the body shop instead. Given what I had learnt at this site and the other place, I suggested that at a minimum, they needed to sand away the rust and reprime and repaint the affected areas and he was of the same mind.

    Anyway, my car must have been worse than even I realised. I guess since it is black, the damage was not as readily visible. The Tech tells me that once in the body shop, they found that all four doors needed work. The local Mazda rep got involved and they approved $1300 worth of work by the body shop! So that $250 mentioned in the TSB was woefully inadequate at least in my case. Well the car is back now and from my initial inspection, they seem to have done a pretty good job. No signs of rust that I can see anywhere and color matching appears to be fine. Of course I am no expert so I will continue to watch the car carefully and hope that the dreaded rust does not return.

    Getting out of the rental they gave me and back into my 6 was at least enough to bring a smile back to my face :).
  • mazda6smazda6s Posts: 1,901
    1300 bucks? It's just a stain from the "soapy solution"!
  • Has anyone had problems with paint chipping or the clock losing time? Has anyone received information regarding the clunking/snapping sound when turning the steering wheel at very slow speed?
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