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Mazda6 Maintenance and Repair



  • Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,024
    We have had discussions concerning purchasing in Canada and then bringing the vehicle to the states. However, winning one may be a whole different animal. You might try looking thru the Smart Shopper topics and see if there is one that might fit your question.

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • I agree that you may knowing agree to give a bit of reliability for a car that does a liitle more than offer basic transportation. The Honda's do nothing for me same for the Toyota's. Every single car made has their share of lemons. What bothered me was Mazda's lack of customer service on a three day old car. It took almost two weeks to get my car back. That just would not happen with Honda, Toyota and definitely not VW.
    Again, I love the 6 wagon........The handling,styling and engine performance are right there with some of the higher priced Audi's and Volvos.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    J.D. Power 2005 Initial Quality Survey

    For the 2005 report, the J.D. Power team compiled responses from more than 62,000 buyers and lessees of new 2005 model year vehicles. The survey respondents were asked to rate their vehicles after the first three months of use.

    The exhaustive questionnaire touches on 135 different attributes, spread across nine categories. They include ride quality, handling, braking, engine and transmission performance, plus a vast array of typical problem areas on new vehicles.

    The annual Initial Quality Survey also establishes an overall score in Problems Per 100 Vehicles (or PP100, its well-established yardstick) for the various nameplates, and it hands out awards for overall plant quality worldwide.


    Lexus - 81 PP100
    Jaguar - 88 PP100
    BMW - 95 PP100
    Buick - 100 PP100
    Cadillac - 104 PP100
    Mercedes-Benz - 104 PP100
    Toyota - 105 PP100
    Audi - 106 PP100
    Infiniti - 109 PP100
    Hummer - 110 PP100
    Hyundai - 110 PP100
    Honda - 112 PP100
    GMC - 113 PP100
    Lincoln - 113 PP100
    Acura - 116 PP100
    Industry Average: 118 PP100
    Jeep - 120 PP100
    Mercury - 120 PP100
    Nissan - 120 PP100
    Chrysler - 121 PP100
    Chevrolet - 127 PP100
    Ford - 127 PP100
    Mitsubishi - 129 PP100
    Pontiac - 129 PP100
    Dodge - 130 PP100
    Mini - 130 PP100
    Scion - 134 PP100
    Saab - 136 PP100
    Saturn - 136 PP100
    Subaru - 138 PP100
    Kia - 140 PP100
    Volvo - 140 PP100
    Porsche - 147 PP100
    Volkswagen - 147 PP100
    Land Rover - 149 PP100
    Mazda - 149 PP100
    Suzuki - 151 PP100
    Source: J.D. Power and Associates 2005 Initial Quality Study
  • marklawmarklaw Posts: 1
    I took my daughter's 1999 Mazda 626 V6 car into mechanic for brakes and few other items. The ABS, TCS, TCS Off lights are on now. I have taken it back in several times and they don't know what to do. Can anyone help? Suggestions? I would greatly appreciate any advice.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    I have the Consumer Reports magazine, and was scratching my head after reading that they do not recommend the Mazda6 due to a drop in quality. Those questioned in 2003 and 2004 must have been happy with the car according to the data as I see it. Now if they are using JD Powers or some other source which rates cars after only 3 months, I could see them making a statement like that, but their data shows no major change in problem areas. Actually it looks fine for the last two years data they have. So where or where did they get this NEWS of a change in quality control? Hummm, very strange. Looks like JD Powers now shows Mercedes as good in initial quality, where one can look back and take note of major quality problems acknowledged by the company itself. It was there goal, just months ago to have a major improvement in quality control. Boy, do they move fast! Looks to me like this data is all over the map. One thing I like in a car is simple --- keep it as simple as possible. All this fancy stuff, and new safety devices and such are possible problem areas in a car. Yes, I know, I am going to roll the car, or not stop in time, and not be able to apply enough pressure to brakes to do the stop correctly. Never hit anyone on the road, and never been in a wreck on the road, other than a person hitting the back bumper pretty hard, when I was stopped. Not permanent damage, and all the ABS and ESP in the world was not going to help in that case anyway. About the worse brakes I ever had were the Achieva car with ABS, and my best car was the Stealth with all disk brakes, with no ABS. Car could stop on a dime. All this power windows and door locks and such are just more problem areas. Keep it simple. - Loren
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    Obviously we want the ratings to confirm our choices and to clobber all the vile specimens that we detest. But that's what makes public ratings very interesting: One's personal experience or point of view may not be confirmed by a larger audience. For example, many of us have heard that GM builds bad cars and that the Japanese (read, Toyota) with their excellent reliability are poised to take over. Well, as you can see from the JD Power survey, GM has two vehicles (Buick and Cadillac) in the top ten in terms of initial quality ratings. What really floored me was how Mazda has plummeted in the 2005 survey. According to Consumer Reports quite a few models (Mazda6, Mazda RX8, Mazda MPV) are suffering from poor reliability; these reliability ratings are culled from surveys of thousands of subscribers to this magazine which is not beholden to any car company. JD Power and Consumer Reports are routinely mentioned in the industry as consumer benchmarks.

    Keeping it simple may not work in the auto industry. Most consumers seem to prefer a well-equipped car at a discount rate rather than a basic car at a decent price. Call it human nature, greed or a great deal but many of us want everything for nothing. In defence of the auto industry, many products with ever increasing amounts of incredible components are outstanding for the price; an Echo hatchback is an excellent vehicle in its category; I happen to prefer another category and so dream of the Mazdaspeed3. ;)
  • baggs32baggs32 Posts: 3,209
    According to Consumer Reports quite a few models (Mazda6, Mazda RX8, Mazda MPV) are suffering from poor reliability;

    I thought I read somewhere that the poor ratings for the RX-8 were due to complaints of engine oil consumption. Kind of like how the Hummers were thrown to the bottom last year due to complaints of poor fuel mileage.

    Anyone else remember this?
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    I have their mag. and it does not indicate anything really bad about Mazda in the section where the people have given their reports to CR. So how do they surmise that something has changed at Mazda unless they use JD Powers reporting which is the first 3 months. I may avoid Mazda for now. I like all the stats on the Mazda3, but too many people say the air conditioning doesn't work and have brake problems and such. What is once again interesting to note, the problems do not show in CR for the Mazda3 back in 2004 -- very interesting. They love the Mazda3 at CR, but not the 6. Hummm, looks like more complaints here on the 3 than the 6 model -- once again interesting.
  • fitguyfitguy Posts: 222
    I have owned a VW, a 2000 Passat, and it was the worst car I've ever owned. The service equally as bad- it was tied up for 6 days after a transmission module failure that stranded me and required the car to be towed to the dealer. And, they gave it back to me filthy after sitting under a tree collecting pollen and bird poop. I finally dumped it at 56K after numerous problems, including the oil sludge issue.
    My M6 just passed 10K miles without a single problem, so I guess I got one that bucks the CR ratings (so far). The car isn't perfect; none are- I still am lukewarm about the shift performance of the auto 5 spd and don't like the greasy brake dust, although the brakes stop fine. But overall, a very good car for the money and still a hoot to drive! :)
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    I like all the stats on the Mazda3, but too many people say the air conditioning doesn't work and have brake problems ... the problems do not show in CR ... They love the Mazda3 at CR, but not the 6 ... more complaints here on the 3 than the 6

    Good points. Often a few posters on a website can create a false or incomplete impression of a vehicle. This impression then influences others who may not consult other sources. Let's aim for a balanced discussion and not only the gripes of an individual. This is not to advocate censorship but to argue for balance. That's why we need Consumer Reports, JD Powers and other tools.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Yes, how true that those having all the bad luck will be the most vocal and the most likely to post. What is a puzzler is when Mazda is sliding on the number of problems per car ratio, yet CR reporting owners seem happy enough not to mark down all those problem areas. Not sure what to make of it. What is interesting are the number of people you talk to that have owner several Mazda cars. There certainly is a following.

  • the highland 2-pc. set for my trade-in on my 05 6i-a04 elantra- were nearly perfect for the pass. side and pretty close -not quite wide enough- on the driver side.about forty bucks from all-weathers will pop into the back nicely and are under fifteen from any auto parts store-the slightly rectangular kind.a plug,also,for colgan re: their front-end nose mask and mirror mask sets-126.70 total for both/no s&h-there are no better quality products made and my 6i was parked until I installed these two products.Note that the 04 6 sedan with sport pkg. and 05 had zero changes re:perfect fitment of nose/mirror mask sets.I only use KLASSE all-in-one for waxing,also.MY pleasure...
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    Loren ... I'm one of those people. Six new Mazda vehicles since 1991, and I'm the very happy owner of a 2005 Mazda3 hatch with 3,500 miles on it. Please keep in mind that the loud yelps of a pitiful few are being grossly overshadowed by the tens of thousands of happy owners who find no reason to come to a "Problems and Solutions" discussion since their Mazda3's are fine.

    Here's something that may help you ...

    Note the source of the data in this survey of vehicle quality. Then note what car is in a 3-way tie for best small car, as voted by the OWNERS of the car.

  • clinton4clinton4 Posts: 1
    Like fitguy, I had a 2000 Passat which gave me more trouble than any car I'd owned. When I had a chance to go to a Mazda6, I jumped on it! Have had the 6i for exactly two years and 24,000 miles. Brakes are great, gas mileage and acceleration as good at the Passat. However, the 6 has nagging little problems (air bag light stays on, CD player skips when it gets hot, engine light comes on for no reason, etc.) that makes me nervous about keeping it. Worse yet, my dealer's service department is truly crappy.

    I now have a large dog and am thinking about getting a wagon. Thoughts re: the 6 wagon, anyone? :confuse:
  • suydamsuydam Posts: 883
    I have a 2004 6 wagon and 2 dogs; a great dog car! 7500 miles so far and no problems. Is there another dealer not too far away from you? I wouldn't get a car from a place with lousy service; that's why I gave up on Subarus.
  • brian211brian211 Posts: 69
    Considering mazda6 wagon. Was looking at subaru for awd capability as well as suvs like cherokees, 4runners, pathfinders and envoys. Would like the fuel efficiency of the 6. Has anyone driven it in snow conditions? Is the traction acceptable to you? And finally, never had a mazda, would you buy another? Is the 6 as good a car as it looks? Reliablity is very important.
  • suydamsuydam Posts: 883
    I've owned both a Subaru and now a Mazda6 wagon. Subaru is of course better in snow but Mazda6 does fine also. I took the Mazda everywhere this winter that I had driven the Subaru and it was just fine (I live in the midwest; there is snow but not like Colorado or Maine). If you live where there is a lot of snow, the Subaru has the edge. Fuel efficiency is about the same -- average 20 mpg overall. As to reliability, the Subaru gets good ratings but we had a lot of trouble with ours, and a crummy service department to boot, so that's why we got rid of it. We may be an exception, however; others here love their Subarus. I have owned 3 Mazdas and all have proven very reliable.
  • jahnu04jahnu04 Posts: 58
    Last december, before buying my 2004 Mazda6 Wagon, I was seriously considering buying the Outback. But the firm seats and tight legroom for rear passenger changed my mind. I set the driver seat all the way back and in that position I could not sit behind driver in the Outback. But that was not the case in MZ6 wagon. There is enough room for rear passengers. I have a toddler and more space helps.
    I live in Minnesota, where it snows heavily, I have driven the Mazda6 wagon on snowy days and its fine. It drove better than the car it replaced, 95 camry.
    Had initial minor problems with the car in the first month, but the dealer service is excellent and they took care of it. I have put more than 7000 miles on it, love driving the car and handling is great.
    I would certainly buy another Mazda from the same dealer. I am very happy with their service. I have owned Nissan and Toyota's before, but cannot stand their crappy service.
  • ccwinslowccwinslow Posts: 29
    My husband had a 2000 Outback and now a 2002 which he bought used a few months ago. He loves them. Traction in snow and even on ice is terrific. No problems at all. He put 238K (mostly highway) miles on his 2000. I wish he'd bought a 2005 instead of a 2002 - I prefer the lower stance and feel behind the wheel. But he wanted to keep his dog gate and cargo box, and the 2005's have changed enough that they wouldn't fit.

    I bought a 2004 Mazda6 wagon in Aug 04 and have been very pleased. I've put almost 15K miles on it. Have driven it in a few inches of snow but not on ice. It handled well. My only complaint is that the A/C fan doesn't seem to work properly anymore, but I'll have that fixed at the 15K checkup. It's a wonderful road trip car, very comfortable. And a good dog car - we have a 100-pounder and an 85-pounder - tho I don't take advantage of the dual position cargo net like I thought I would. I generally put one dog in the back seat and the other in the cargo area.

    The Mazda is a dream to drive and is esp. fun on winding mountain roads. It hugs the road like no other car I've had, much better than my '96 Honda Accords (we had both a wagon and a sedan). The sound system is super, the engine is quiet (unless I punch it), controls are nicely placed. Some have complained about road noise from the tires, and they do whine on certain roads, but not enough to bother me.

    What I really love about this car, tho, is how good looking it is. I read somewhere that the Mazda designers were trying to make it look like a big cat about to pounce, and I think they got it right. In the 10 months I've had this car, traveling across the state and as far as 800 miles away, I can count on one hand the number of Mazda6 wagons I've seen on the road. Don't understand it, but it's nice not to see myself coming and going as I did in my Honda.
  • retropiaretropia Posts: 41
    I'm curious if anyone has tires worn enough to require replacement. If so, how many miles were you able to get out of your OEM tires, and what did you get for a replacement?
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