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2013 and Earlier - Mazda6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience

kragilankragilan Posts: 6
edited January 30 in Mazda
I am shopping for a 2003 Mazda 6, and I am living in San Francisco Bay Area. Could any one please give me your newly purchased specs, price, dealer's name and the sale person's name?



  • I haggled to $400 over invoice and was offered $500 over invoice by a no-haggle place. As of a few weeks ago, most dealers right now are still demanding MSRP. Find a more rural one if that is the case.
  • Kragilan... Like you, I shopped the Accord, Camry, Altima, Saturn L300, and the 6. After driving all five, we narrowed it down to the Accord and the 6.

    I think the 6 has better handling and braking than the others, looks real sporty, and the build quality appears good, but pricing was a bummer. The Accord pricing I got was quite reasonable for an EX-L 4 CYL car -- I got it for the Edmunds/CR invoice. The similarly equipped 6i I was trying to purchase was offered to me for about 700 under MSRP, still nearly three thousand more than the Accord. I called Mazda dealers in the bay area and said if they could match or come within range of the Accord price, I would buy the 6. It was their sale to win or lose but they said they couldn't match the Accord price so it was a no brainer for us -- we took the Accord.

    We love the Accord and are glad we bought it but wish for Mazda's sake they would wake up and smell the coffee: If you are going to design a car to match the competition, you have to match the pricing too, otherwise, you will go down the road of Macintosh computers: great products with pricing that marginalzes itself because the pricing is so high that it only attracts a small percentage of the market (the die-hards).

    Perhaps you will have better luck than I with the 6.

  • Heritage Mazda in Bel Air, MD

    Black 6s 5spd MT, Bose, Sport, Cass., sport grille
    MSRP: $23,315, Sale Price: $22,315 w/BJ's Car Buying discount.
  • mazda6smazda6s Posts: 1,901
    I'm a little afraid to ask, but what is the "BJ discount"?
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    that's the funniest thing I've seen all day.

    I think BJ's is similar to Costco or Sam's Club. No lipstick required.
  • mazda6smazda6s Posts: 1,901
    would you name it BJ's? Isn't that sort of like naming your daughter Barbara Jean?
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    a local pizza chain with the same name. Nice looking waitresses.
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,021
    For maltb's information...and an attempt to divert this discussion from the direction it is heading.

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  • rgrosrgros Posts: 3
    Intend to buy a 6s MT Sport Pkg, Bose. Don't have enough nerve to ask what anyone paid but do any of the Houston area owners know of a dealer that is working around Edmunds TMV pricing. Won't buy for another 30 days so haven't attempted to negotiate, just looking to save some aggravation.
    Every dealer I've spoken to says they are moving them fast (surprise), I've been jumping around just so I can drive the damn thing; but I like U guys don't see any on the road.
  • Wait til the end of the month. I purchase my car in Houston and got (so I think), a pretty good deal. But here's some pointers (posted on another message board).

    This is just a helpful hint to anyone who might be thinking of getting the leather interior in your Mazda6. One of my first concerns when I test drove my first Mazda6 with leather interior was that I didn't feel it was that comfortable or soft. I was pretty set on getting the Mazda6 before the end of the year, but unfortunately the only car that I liked on the lot (Onyx black with beige interior), didn't have leather OR a spoiler (the lip type). Because it was the end of the month (and the new year), the dealer agreed to put leather in it from one of his aftermarket suppliers. Believe me, the quality of this "aftermarket" leather is hands over heels better than the one's that originally come from Mazda. If you've ever sat in a Acura CL, then that is what it feels like.

    So my advice to anyone considering leather is two-fold.

    1) Wait till the end of the month, and

    2) Have the dealer install the leather AFTER the sale, and make sure they don't try to charge you more than what's on the window sticker (even though it is a much better quality leather). Also, ask them to show you their leather samples and "feel" for yourself.

    I guarantee you'll love your Mazda6 even more!

    One more hint:
    Waiting to the very last day to make my decision (of whether to buy the Accord or the Mazda6) probably cost me more than it should have, and yet I still think I got a great deal.

    If you live in Houston, don't buy your vehicle with tint or let them put it on after your sale. I know of someone who does excellent work off of I-45 and Parker who can do it for $90.
    If you live outside of Houston, check around for some window-tinting shops in your area.
  • jhtlagjhtlag Posts: 39
    Greetings; I'm new here but have been very interested in Mazda 6 and have been following the discussions for some time. (What's all this crap about Hondas?) If I were to "buy a car today" this would be the one. I went to the Washington DC auto show and one of the people who represented the display (basically a salesperson from one of the local dealerships) told me that Mazda has requested/required that the dealers hold the price at MSRP for three months. Basically, come back after February if you wanted to deal. This kinda makes sense as you don't want to introduce a new car and start discounting right away: at least start out with some sense of it being a premium car... and, of course, the stocks need to be built up so prices can be maintained while they are still in short supply.) I complained to the guy that I would would gladly pay $1k less than MSRP and he visibly got excited, as in "Come on down and see us in a couple of months, I'm the internet guy, etc." (Pretty dumb on his part as now I know to go lower ;^) Anyway, I'm a patient guy (sheesh, I'm driving an 11 year old Ford Escort (Protege twin!!!) and maybe can wait another couple months.
  • exit56exit56 Posts: 9
    Get off exit 58 of the Long Island Expressway and you'll find a BJ's next to a Hooters. Go figure . . .
  • I used two internet brokers to get hooked up with dealers. I wanted the 6s with no sportpackage.One dealer offered me $600 above invoice for the sportpack car because I was a discount club member. (it was the only s he had). I politely declined. I'm not going to pay for more than I want. The other dealer, When I asked him if he could beat the $600 over, just said no, the sales manager says he must go higher.I wrote back and said, that I went on-line to avoid all the haggling in the first place. And if could not even give a quote to a serious, informed buyer, it was a mistake by Mazda. I'm just the type of demographic they want. Yes it's a nice car, but there are others. I'll go elsehere.
  • voochvooch Posts: 92
    It is a new car and all. $600 on a 6s with *no* options is 3% over invoice or $1100 off the MSRP. Doesn't seem like a horrible deal to me when people elsewhere are paying MSRP. What exactly would you like to pay for it?
  • Buy the car at $600 over. Life's too short to spend time worrying over a few hundred dollars on a $2X,000 car. My question is...has anyone cross-shopped this car with the Saab 9-3? Happy motoring.
  • ruefusruefus Posts: 254
    isn't much more than employees of Ford & Mazda get. I've ordered one on X plan and it's roughly $100 below invoice.

    There's a limit to how much negotiation you can do. $600 over invoice is a great price for a brand new model. If they start selling really well, you may not see that price again for a while.

    And I agree - life is too short to quibble. I think it's fantasy to think you'll get it for invoice, and even if you manage to cut it in half, you're still only talking about $300. What might that $300 in haggling cost you in your relationship with the dealer?

    Profit is not and has NEVER been a dirty word.
  • I didn't walk away. They did. .....Recall, I DID NOT want and the sportpackage (SP). The second dealer who had a 6s without SP received my challenge to beat 600 over, which was offered on the SP by the first dealer. Hell, I would have accepted 599 over or even gone higher (since it should be a lesser priced car). BUT THE GUY WOULDN'T GIVE ME AN OFFER. (Even the first dealer never called me back) In my mind saying that he needs more money means I now must start haggling. I thought the whole point of using one of the on-line services is to simply get their best price (take it or not) and avoid haggling. I'm one of those people who detest that. When I purchased my wife's Santa Fe, I got a call, the dealer gave me a price, and that was it. Maybe my experience is not statistically significant, but I suspect MAZDA is screwing this up. I'm even thinking of the once outrageous idea of looking at a Dodge Intrepid, now that they have 3K off and fall within my price range.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Is it mazda or one dealer?

    Are there not other dealers to go to? What about CarsDirect?
  • mazda6smazda6s Posts: 1,901
    Mazda doesn't have much control over the dealers that decide to be idiots. I would just go to another dealer.
  • ruefusruefus Posts: 254
    Mazda isn't screwing around with the pricing. No way. In many ways, it isn't up to them anymore. The DEALER owns the car now. Selling price for all intents and purposes is at the dealer's discretion.

    MSRP is just that - SUGGESTED retail pricing.
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