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2013 and Earlier - Mazda6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Carguy, if you need to respond I'll watch Mazda6 Problems and Solutions board!

    Sorry Host, had to clarify my position to carguy. Is problems and solutions the right place for this discussion.
  • reuel3reuel3 Posts: 114
    Yes, if you are going to discuss issues with the vehicle such as the interior not being durable or other quality problems, that would be an appropriate forum.

    Thanks for the cooperation!
  • bill1975bill1975 Posts: 19
    "Basically, if you have to pay anything over $15K for a used 6i, it may be worth it to get a new 2004 6s for about 3-4k more"

    Yeah, I'd like to keep it around 14 or 15 tops. Definately not over 16. I've seen them listed anywhere from 14 up to about 20k. really, if they're asking 16 or 17, I would hope I could talk them down a bit, say 1-2,000. I quickly did an estimate of a new one and the MSRP came to 21k with the invoice at around 19. So really, if I play my cards right I would hope I don't have to go over $15. A trade in would help, but I'm not expecting more than 500-700 for my 89 camry with 181k and a couple of dings in it. It seems like the ones around 14-15K have between 20k-25k miles, while the $16k and up range stay under 15,000 miles. Anyway, guess I'm just curious how much I can expect to try and talk them down, if thats even possible to estimate.

  • bstokbstok Posts: 4

    I am in a process of buing a new 2004 Mazda6s , but can’t really find a detailed info on the invoice price anymore for that year. The vehicle’s MSRP is $24615, which includes 5-Spd Auto, sport package with spoiler, ULEV emission equipment, and in dash 6-disc CD changer, but unfortunately none of the web sites offer invoice price for new 2004 models anymore. The invoice I found on one web site was $22533. Does it sound about right?

    The dealer’s offer is $21,934 + 6% NJ tax which is $23,250 and then he subtracts the rebate of $4,000(do I have to pay taxes on a cash rebate to customer, supposedly in some states that’s not a requirement, I’m in NJ). The total then is $19,250 + the fees( according to the dealer $447.5 for title, registration, doc. fees, however Motor vehicle charges only $240). So the final price is $19,697. Excluding tax and the fees the price would be $18,160 which is $6,455 off of MSRP. I guess considering that it is already a March, I should be aiming to be at least $7,000 below the MSRP. What is everybody thinking? Please advise.

    Thanks a lot.
  • jlam2jlam2 Posts: 21
    Sounds about what I got for my 2004 6s here in Ohio. Dealer gave $6500 off MSRP and the deal was made after he give $1000 over market value for my tade in. Try to negotiate for a better price for your trade in. Sometimes the first offer they gave is too low.
  • hboydhboyd Posts: 98
    I'm about ready to purchase an '05 MZ6 Wagon and want ALL the possible incentives available. What is the $500 marketing support on the MZ6? One dealer rep said that wouldn't give it to me on the S-plan and another (small, independant dealer) one had not even heard of it. So, I'm confused... should I get some of it or is it strictly for the dealers pockets?

    Got another question. I just got a MZ3 loyalty e-mail yesterday. It states in part that a $500 certificate will be mailed by snail mail to use toward a MZ3 OR ANY other Mazda for current owners/leasees. Anybody seen it? or use it?

    Thanks, people!
  • pandboypandboy Posts: 28
    I have seen a local dealer is selling a car: Gold, Air Conditioning, Automatic Transmission, Alloy Wheels, V6 Engine, Leather Seating Surfaces, Sun Roof, Power Seat, Power Windows, Cruise Control, Compact Disc Player, the price is 15999.
  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    "Chill out man! I never said build quality, it is the material quality! As a 2001 MPV owner for the past four years and a 2004 6 owner for last few months, I think I have some experience and knowledge about the quality of Mazda. I purchased my 6S in December for $17,400 + tax & title. I think my metallic red is a hot looking car and I enjoy it. However, I can tell you that the quality and gap tolerances of my 01 Sand Mica w/Beige interior MPV is far better than the Tan Interior of my 2004 6S."

    "I also have been shopping for a new van and I am unimpressed with the interior on the 05MPV. The interiors of all of these Mazdas are well designed, ergonomically solid, but IMO the cloth seats and floor carpeting are on the low end."

    "I am partial to tan/beige interiors, I've heard a lot of the issues are with this color and that the gray and black cloth holds up much better. Yes, I did sit in this car before I drove it, but now I've carried some passengers and the material just is not holding up."

    "The exterior quality and performance are great. I'd highly rate this car, but I'd like to see Mazda make this car rate a 10 rather than a 9. They are one step away, improve the interior quality!"

    "And relax dude, don't stroke out on me over a posting to a bulletin board."

    I understand your posting. I have more to say but can't say it here on this board because its only the price paid board. I'll talk to you on the "Mazda 6 Sedan" board if you want.
  • reuel3reuel3 Posts: 114
    We appreciate the cooperation in keeping off-topic discussions out of this forum. Let's keep this focused on prices paid and buying experience.
  • rhvrhv Posts: 9
    I'd like to solicit people's opinions. I have been looking for inventory starting with new '04s and then broadening to '05s (prefer wagon or 5-door). Unfortunately, there's practically nothing out there without a moonroof. I'm 6'6" and the only way I fit headroom-wise is if there's no moonroof. So it looks like I'll have to order one.

    It also will take a couple of months to build the car. My question is this: How do I time the order to maximize the potential rebates? I imagine at some point this year they will cease to allow '05s to be ordered and will switch to '06s. If I put an order in around August, it might show up in October, when (hopefully) the fall rebates are higher? What does everyone think? What were rebates like last summer and fall? What time of year offers the highest rebates? When do they usually switch over to the new model year vehicles?

  • suydamsuydam Posts: 923
    Have you driven one? Especially the wagon. My son is 6'3" and fits with the moonroof just fine. Doesn't the wagon have a slightly taller roofline?
  • slickdogslickdog Posts: 225
    I know a couple of people who have ordered vehicles, and I think you work the whole deal when you order so that any rebates that are current would apply, unless they stipulate that you must purchase something from the dealer's inventory.
  • rhvrhv Posts: 9
    I have sat in a sedan and 5-door with moonroofs and my hair rubs the edge of the moonroof opening.

    I haven't sat in a wagon with a moonroof, but the dealer claimed that they were the same for headroom as the 5-door.
  • slickdogslickdog Posts: 225
    I drove all three, and the front headroom does not vary between the sedan, 5-door and wagon. They are vastly different with respect to rear headroom, but not front. I actually didn't think that the moonroof reduced the front headroom too severely, and I'm 6'2" but it sounds like you sit higher than I do.

    Did you vehicles both with and without the power seat? That may make a difference. Sometimes the power seats have more or less travel than the mechanically adjusted ones.
  • rampedramped Posts: 358
    Last year, as best I recall, the deadline to order for the '04 model year was sometime in June. The model year switch over came in late July. My '04 6s was built in July.

    The rebates last year (this was in Florida; incentives usually vary by regions) were $1,500 from the spring until Nov. 1, when they jumped to $3,000 (sedan/hatch) and $4,000 (wagon). There was also zero percent financing in lieu of the rebate.

    Rebates are usually applied at delivery, not at the time of order.
  • danabudanabu Posts: 1
    I'm looking at new Mazda6's left over from 2004 at a couple dealers in Eastern Mass. Some people on these boards have talked about getting $6500 below the MSRP and saying they think they can even push to $7k (including the $4000 in rebates).

    I'm not getting offers that are as good - one dealer is offering 18,700 on a sticker of 24k, another offering 20,500 on a sticker of 26,500.

    Has anyone actually gotten a price that's $6500 or better below sticker? I want to press harder if I know someone else has succeeded.

    Thanks for any help!
  • Bought mine Tuesday and I got a wagon with MSRP of 24335 for 16871. Price was on a sign hanging from the rearview window, and they wouldn't dicker. $7464 off sticker. He did say they were probably going to further cut the price with rebates pretty quick. I didn't want to miss out on the one I wanted so I went ahead and bought it. It was the most basid sport wagon they had with the 5 speed. I love it. Feel like a got a great deal. My wife drove it and I think she's about ready to trade her van in on one. Two Mazda6 wagons would be pretty cool. : )
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    Ordering with Mazda isnt an exact science...if you wait to order in Aug you will be ordering a 2006 model. They usually take the last orders of the model year in June or July at the latest. Also, Mazda only processes orders one day a month, so if you miss the months allocation order you get pushed back by a month. Also your dealer allocation earnings and the order priority play a huge role in how fast or how slowly the car get built. (an order does not gurantee they will build the car)
    Order to delivery of a domestic built mazda is apx 2-4 months...allocation usually runs in the second week of the month.

    Incentives at the time of delivery apply..also any price increases will apply also. Mazda does not lock in order prices or incentives. FYI, Mazda usually jumps prices twice right near the end of each model year. It softens the new year intro price increases.

    Hope this helps clarify when you should order your new car.
  • jlam2jlam2 Posts: 21
    Depends what you want to get. The one I got just happens to be the one I wanted(silver) and it was the last 5 door on the lot with only 37 miles. I got lucky because i didn't need a moonroof(never use it after a week) but otherwise it was pretty much loaded. A loaded model could give a better deal(~$6500) than a less loaded model(~$6000). If you wanted a wagon, Mazda already has a $1000 higher rebate than the 4 or 5 doors. So start at around $7000-$7500 off MSRP. I doubt Mazda will give a higher rebate because there aren't much 2004 left out there. Check their web site for inventory, I think there are only 10 left in the entire state of Ohio. There is only one left within 50 miles of N.Y.C.
  • gevans17gevans17 Posts: 27
    I was offered $17,500 plus tax, title, and license on a Mazda 6s automatic with no additional options except a compass. All rebates were to go to the dealer ($3,750 at the time.) This was back in January. Hope this helps.
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