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2013 and Earlier - Mazda6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • akumazakumaz Posts: 65
    I'm on the fence on whether to spring for a 2004 6i 5-door (Volcanic Red). A dealership nearby has one loaded (Bose, Moonroof, Security Package, Leather) for just over $25K. After negotiation, I'm guessing $18-20K would be a good range.

    HOWEVER, the car has a stickshift- which I've always wanted to drive. But with the rebates ending today (and so tempting), and moving cross-country in a few weeks, I'm wondering whether to spring for it.

    If I knew the rebates would stay the same- or get better- next month, and I had another couple of days to think, I'd feel better considering it. After all, I've been wanting a 6 for the past 3 years- and the Volcanic Red (I believe)was on the Tokyo Auto Show Atenza I saw back in 2002 that began my love for this car- and this one has everything I would want.

    So should I do it today, or will the rebates continue?
  • akumazakumaz Posts: 65
    About the stickshift, I should elaborate. I've learned about 2 years ago, but I quit out of frustration (with myself, my mom teaching me, and fear of ruining her BMW) although I was starting to get the hang of it. So this would be my first stickshift, and I wonder if I could get the hang of a Mazda stick- especially before making a 1700 mile trip.
  • cliveeclivee Posts: 7
    Sounds like you got an excellent deal to me.

  • suydamsuydam Posts: 887
    No, not on financing at all. The sales guy has been great, but one of the managers really tried to pressure me to buy THAT DAY OR ELSE. When I wouldn't budge and walked out, another sales manager called me at home and apologized and said the deal was still good. I told them up front I didn't want any extended warranties, rustproofing, etc. and the finance guy just wrote up the straight ticket. So it all ended up very positive.
  • cliveeclivee Posts: 7
    I'm looking at this private sale of a hatch version below.
    The guy bought the car 2 months ago for $32,000 - there's $31k left to pay.
    I can take over the 0% payments, but still to me the cars not worth that much - mind you in taking over the payments I don't pay GST apparently.

    I feel like offering him no more than 26k but then he'll have to pitch in 5k out of his pocket, which I can't see him being too happy about.

    I think it was you who mentioned the madness of car buying - what a circus! :0)

    Year: 2004
    Make: MAZDA
    Model: MAZDA 6
    Model Detail:
    Price: $29,999
    Mileage: 22,000 km
    Date: 4/1/2005
    Ad Type: Private

    0% INT, NO GST
    Comment: Auto, 4 dr, 3.0, 6 cyl., grey ext., bl. int., GFX pck, fully loaded without leather, 7 yrs of extra warranty, added remote start and tints. Best offer or take over the payments at 0% int with small downpayment. 22,000 km, $29,999.
  • escortownerescortowner Posts: 129
    if you can find an 04 out there, you could get an S for under 20 k.....I got mine for under 18 k otd - no sunroof or bose system, or leather, but it still has a lot of nice features. the S is much more fun to if you can find an 04 it may be worth it.
  • emilehanemilehan Posts: 5
    that's really cool, but few 04 here, that's the problem. :(
  • emilehanemilehan Posts: 5
    The only thing I can find on
    Better or Worse?
    3.9% APR for 60 Months (1)(2) OR up to $2,000 Customer Cash (3)(4)
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    Clive said: The guy bought the car 2 months ago ... Mileage: 22,000 km

    Wow! That's a lot of driving if you consider the average is 20K per year. I would check for paperwork regarding original purchase and subsequent maintenance work performed; he would have had to have had at least 2 oil changes. Then, I would ask how he would feel about an independent garage performing a vehicle inspection as a condition of sale; if this does not suit him, I would move to the next prospect. As a sign of good faith you may want to say that if you don't buy the car the inspection would be paid by you; if you do buy the car it comes out of your offer.

    Considering the mileage the car would be treated as a year old; depreciation would be about 20% so you're right to offer $26K as a start and possibly accept $27K. I am assuming you meant the price before GST. With GST the price works out to approximately $28K (which seems okay) to $29K (which seems high). And yes that will be a tough pill to swallow for him. I would not offer him $30K or anything close to that.

    p.s. I must be missing something because if he owes $31K and is selling it for $30K it sounds like he will owe you money to take over the payments.
  • cliveeclivee Posts: 7
    He bought the car from a dealership with km's already on the clock.

    Yes, in this situation he will have to pay me or the dealership monies for me to take over the payments. Apparently I won't have to pay any GST to do this.
    For your entertainment, below follows our communication to date - thanks again for the advice:

    That is lower than I have expected, however due to certain circumstance

    I have to sell the vehicle within the next 2 weeks.

    I will keep your offer in mind just in case…….

    Thank you.

    To: 'Radzio'
    Subject: RE: Offer on Mazda 6 . . .

    My advice is to stay in there for the long run.

    The most I would be willing to pay for the vehicle is $26k


    To: 'Walltec (80) Inc.'
    Subject: RE: Offer on Mazda 6 . . .


    The car is in perfect condition and it still has 7 years warranty on it.

    I am willing to let it go for reasonable price.

    I only drove the car for the last past two months.

    How much money am I willing to lose? The less the better.

    I believe 28-29 is a reasonable price for the vehicle.

    Make me an offer if you’re interested.

    To: 'Radzio'
    Subject: RE: Offer on Mazda 6 . . .


    I understand what you are saying.

    The unfortunate thing about cars is nobody makes money on them. The car looks very nice but because it has done 22,000km it is worth allot less than you are asking.

    The question is; how much money are you willing to lose?


    To: 'Walltec (80) Inc.'
    Subject: RE: Offer on Mazda 6 . . .

    Hello There,

    I don’t want to make any money on the car. All I want to do is sell it or give the car to good hands.

    The vehicle has extra remote starter, tint installed after the purchase.

    It comes with 7 years full warranty and Mazda road assistance program.

    Attached you will find more pictures for your convince.

    Thank you

    To: 'Radzio'
    Subject: RE: Offer on Mazda 6 . . .

    What’s left to pay?


    To: 'Walltec (80) Inc.'
    Subject: RE: Offer on Mazda 6 . . .

    Sorry that offer is simply not acceptable.

    I bought the car 2 months ago and paid 32,000$

    The car has 7 yrs warranty on it (which was purchased extra for 2000.00)

    The car’s payments can be taken over at 0% finicing.


    Subject: Offer on Mazda 6 . . .


  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    Interesting. I didn't read your original closely enough, so the "7 year warranty" escaped me. I hope this is a Mazda long term warranty;I wonder if this is an extension to Mazda's 5 year powertrain warranty and therefore not quite a 7 year warranty. Believe it or not these can be very expensive; several years back a friend extended his warranty to 200000 km / 7 years for a Camry for C$2500!

    In most used vehicle sales "retail sales tax" has to be paid to the government on the "actual sale price or the average wholesale value". You may want to confirm this with a dealer or the Govt. of Ontario to avoid any surprises. In Ontario, the seller must provide you with a government based report to ensure teh vehicle's authenticity, the report is called the Used Vehicle Information Package. You can ask the seller if he has the package. Do not purchase the vehicle without this or you will not have legal recourse in case things turn sour.

    So far, it sounds like $28K is his lowest bid. If you can get it to $27K and the car passes an inspection at your independent garage, it sounds like you could have a very interesting prospect. When I checked autotrader there were only Mazda6 sedans and they were priced lower, but that is not surprising considering how they were equipped compared to the one you are considering.

    Best of luck and keep us posted, Clive!
  • lexielexie Posts: 45
    If you go to the car and click on special financing offer and it will give you the rates.

    The Mazda6 Sport Sedan has a 0% for 36 months, 1.9% for 48 months and 2.9% for 60 months assuming that we have good credit rating.

    ">link title
  • Bought a 2005 s Grand Touring Package yesterday here in Chicago.

    MSRP = 27,855
    I used my Family's S-Plan employee discount = $25,855
    Financing got 1000 off at 3.9 for 60 months%.

    They told me that is the lowest they could go with employee discounts and it was the same everywhere else. From what I'm seeing here, I made a bad move. GRRRRR.
  • rampedramped Posts: 358
    Don't beat yourself up. There aren't large rebates on the '05s right now. The only way to get a killer deal is to find a new '04, but there aren't many left. You got a good car that you are going to enjoy. Don't stress over the $$$
  • tweakestweakes Posts: 1
    So I'm probably going to buy a new 2005 5-door 6-speed s Sport model ... I'm 22 years old graduating from college this year so I figure they don't think I know much about buying cars. Unfortunately they're right!

    I want it with everything - leather, moonroof, homelink rearview mirror - building online it comes to MSRP $28,780. They have located a vehicle for me in the color and options I want so they don't have it on their lot -- how much I should pay?

    I have also been offered a 2005 Accord with the exact same options (that I just don't like as much as the Mazda6) for $26,000. Should I accept an offer for anything MORE than that?

  • svalleysvalley Posts: 30
    You should able to get the M6s 5Dr for 23K (with MAC and new grad rebate).

    For the Accord EX-V6 you should able to do better than 26K. Under 24K is what I will pay for the Accord.

    Good Luck.
  • rampedramped Posts: 358
    svalley gave you some good numbers to shoot for, although getting that version of the Mazda for $23K is optimistic. I don't think I would want to get a loaded up 6 without a pretty good rebate. They really depreciate.

    You are very close to the border line of the entry-luxes when the sticker on the Mazda is well over $28K. Granted, you will get a good discount off that sticker if you negotiate, but if you want the 6, I would suggest one of the mid-level options. My '04 6s has everything you are looking at except the leather and homelink and stickered under 26K before discounts and rebates.

    You seem to want a very well-equipped sports sedan. If your pocketbook can handle a couple of thousand more, you might want to investigate the Acura TSX, perhaps even the TL, or the Infiniti G35. These cars are all going to cost in the upper 20s to low 30s, but the resale on them is much better. Plus, you will enjoy the amenties of a premium dealership.

    Don't misunderstand. I don't want to talk you out of the 6 because it is a terriffic car and I enjoy mine. Just consider all of your options.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    ramped said : You seem to want a very well-equipped sports sedan. If your pocketbook can handle a couple of thousand more, you might want to investigate the Acura TSX, perhaps even the TL, or the Infiniti G35. These cars are all going to cost in the upper 20s to low 30s, but the resale on them is much better. Plus, you will enjoy the amenties of a premium dealership.

    Although the Acura TL would rank at the top of the list provided, I have seen the the Mazda 6 sport hatchback sitting very sweetly beside the TL. Mazda has a way with its styling.
  • mimazda6mimazda6 Posts: 9
    Searched most everything East of the Mississippi looking for remaining big rebate 2004 models with 5-speed manual. Bought 2004 6s, MSRP $25,080 (Sport Package/Bose/Moonroof/Side Airbags/Mirror w/Compass/Wheel Locks) for $17,800. Had to request quotes from about 20 dealers via Mazda website inventory search, went back and forth with about 5 or 6 to end up working down to this price. Dealer gave me discount for "S-plan", while most others said S-plan was irrelevant at this point with sub-invoice pricing anyway. Obviously I went with the guy who gave me the discount and in the end the best price. Car is fantastic; should be illegal to buy a car this nice at that price! Good luck to those still shopping.
  • mazda6smazda6s Posts: 1,901
    Does anyone know if there's a minimum time you have to stay in the loan if you take the $1000 MAC cash?
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