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2013 and Earlier - Mazda6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • navbhanavbha Posts: 19
    I have been researching the price of Mazda6 for the past couple of weeks. I got an offer from a dealership from Hayward, CA.
    I want to find otu whether its a good deal or not, it would be great if some could suggest me about the prices.

    The 2009 Mazda 6 i Touring is $21,488 and the Grand Touring is $24,788 .This includes the destination charagess. Additiona 10% for tax and licene.

    ALso if someone from Bayarea or sfo are intrestwed to buy. we can form a group and see whether we can get additional discounts from the dealership.
    If any one is offereing better price than this in around Sacramento and SFO please do let meknow.
  • I got a deal at a dealer in NYC, edmunds has the this car listed as:

    MSRP: 30240
    Invoice: 27522
    TMV: 29357

    Has anyone actually bought one at a "good price" in NYC? My dealer offered me the car at 900 above this invoice. (28400), is this a good deal, should I try to get it lower?
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    "My" dealer? Does your family own it? Get 10+ bids last week of the month and work the top 2-3 that reply against each other (via email). Flexibilty over colors etc can be helpful.

    I doubt an 07 model used like yours with avg miles has a trade in ( over $16000. Dont know what an 08 trades in for (look it up). In any event $12000 is a lot to eat to drive a car for 24 months. They certainly arent giving it away at 28k or so. Body restyle for 09 probably means little to trade in 2 yrs from now. Personally I would want more off + 0% or something of that nature, especially if my guesses are in the ballpark. Car sales are lousy now.

    Good luck

    got a deal at a dealer in NYC, edmunds has the this car listed as:

    MSRP: 30240
    Invoice: 27522
    TMV: 29357

    Has anyone actually bought one at a "good price" in NYC? My dealer offered me the car at 900 above this invoice. (28400), is this a good deal, should I try to get it lower?
  • sdbgtsdbgt Posts: 2
    Got this at Rosenthal Mazda in Arlington, VA with a 90 day payment deferment and the zero percent for 36 months. Had iPod integration and 12 months of oil changes thrown in. Is this a good deal? Love the car so far. Any thoughts about cillajet and extended warranty plans with this car?
  • sdbgtsdbgt Posts: 2
    I got mine at Rosenthal in Arlington. They were easy to work with. Got an i Sport for 20800. Zero percent and 90 day payment deferral.
  • I purchased a 2009 Mazda 6 S Grand Touring w/Bose/Moonroof & Nav last week in Southern New Jersey. Here are the details:

    Price- $29,217 ($1,000 under invoice)

    I also negotiated for 0% financing, which I got.

    $5,000 for my trade
    $180 Doc fee
    $74 Tags and title (transfered tags)

    OTD w/tax $26,217
  • I get the Ford A lan through a family member. The rule of thumb is deduct 3% from the car's invoice price and that is close to what you will pay. I am getting conflicting stories from two Mazda dealers about the Mazda S Plan. One told me that the S Plan is the equivalent for which I would qualify and it pretty much gets you the vehilce at the invoice price with no additional discount. If anyone can confirm how the S Plan works, it would be appreciated. Also, as Ford is reducing their stake in Mazda, anyone see the S Plan going away? Thank you!
  • mdmetzmdmetz Posts: 27
    I just bought a Mazda3 using S-Plan via a "Friends and Neighbors" Ford X-Plan PIN from my uncle. (Mazda's S-plan is the same for both.) Pricing is invoice less any factory incentives. (Loyalty rebates, private launches, and other similar discounts are still in force, but the $500 Mazda preferred customer card isn't valid for S-Plan deals.) As in the Ford plans, dealers aren't allowed to negotiate the selling price for the car, but unlike those, there's no $75 cap on the amount of any doc fees and dealer-installed option pricing is between the dealer and the customer (unwanted striping, window etching, and nitrogen and unwillingness to do a dealer locate for a car without them sunk my first attempt at a deal.) S-Plan doesn't limit gifts or kick-ins from the dealer, though, whereas the Ford plans prohibit gifts of more than $50 in value (the free oil changes my Ford and Mazda dealer gives to new-car buyers had to be sold to Ford A/X-Plan customers for $150.)

    When you get your PIN you'll be able to sign into and access prices for all Fords, Volvos and Mazdas. Mazda entries list the base price of the car and link to a PDF with option priciing. I don't think the PDFs are updated through the year because the ones for the 3 didn't reflect any mid-year increases, but it's easy to compare the MSRP on the price list to the MSRP on the car you're considering to see if there's a difference. There might be some local advertising fees missing as well, but it's close enough to make sense and any differences asserted by the dealer can be verified.

    You can probably come close to or match S-Plan pricing if you feel like negotiating for a long time or if you have a dealer with reasonably straightforward pricing and a preferred customer card, but with S-Plan, everybody gets a good deal and neither party has to go through BS to get there. The fact that the first dealer that tried to force worthless add-ons on me forced me to negotiate for an hour really annoyed me, whereas the out-of-town dealer (Brown's Fairfax Mazda in Northern Virginia -- I spoke to and almost bought from them, and I owe the Internet manager whose name TOS doesn't want me to mention a plug for reminding me that dealers don't always try to manipulate and mislead their customers) took care of everything honestly and transparently over the phone, and the local dealer I bought from took me through only a cursory spin through environmental protectant and extended warranty land.
  • ohblueohblue Posts: 39
    I got invoice, plus an additional $400 off and got them to throw in the mud guards & floor mats, a couple month ago on the S Plan. No idea about future of the S Plan.
  • fyi, checked with Ford of a couple of weeks ago, Mazda no longer part of their Partner Program. Apparently though some dealers still will offer S plan pricing. If you do go to their web site, you will also note that Mazda no longer shows up as one of the partners. Only Ford, Mercury, Lincoln and Volvo.
  • I just Factory Ordered an 09 Mazda 6 on the S-Plan...Was the $400.00 an S-Plan Rebate???...I won't know what the S-Plan Rebate is until the order is placed next month.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Um....I don't know what site you went to , but, still has Mazda listed. Go to Ford's global website, and Mazda is listed as a partner as well. According to my rep, Mazda still participates in the partner program.
  • Mazda is NOT listed on the website since Ford sold their shares back to Mazda.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Not that this has anything to do with whether or not Ford employee discounts apply to mazda, but...

    Ford still owns (I believe) 10% of Mazda. Mazda is still shown on at least some Ford websites:
  • Hi All

    Got a price of $27,000 on a Mazda6 GT v6. How's that compare with what y'all have been seeing out there?
  • Actually 13%..You can go this this site to get an S-Plan Pin..I just ordered a 6 using the following site:
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    I just went to, and this is directly from their page.

    "Partner Recognition members have access to exclusive savings on Ford Motor Company vehicles including Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Volvo and Mazda products!

    Enter your Partner Code and explore the possibilities. If you do not know your Partner Code please check with your employer
    . "

    Ford still owns 13% of Mazda BTW. Not enough to have a say in how Mazda conducts business anymore though.
  • You are correct!!! But, if you log in, Mazda Pricing is NOT listed anymore
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    that's strange....
  • Oh, this ain't good. I was looking to possibly purchase a Mazda6, and Mazda is no longer listed on my Ford Partner plan. Oh well, looks like another Accord for us. So much for UAW/USA built Mazda's.
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