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2013 and Earlier - Mazda6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • The person is lying re:"its an advertisement fee"" Go to another dealer.
  • On a demo, you should be able to do better.
  • The Advertising or Assesment Fee is Printed on the Invoice..In Chicago it is $336.00..This is right from Mazda..There also is a $500.00 S-Plan Ony Rebate in this Area
  • Dealer is still making quite a bit of money. There are dealer hold back $$$'s on every car and on the Mazda6 they are about 560.00/car. plus dealer incentives for volume, making their quota's ect. hence invoice price being a great deal is a myth.

    Dealers have to make money (of course!) to make a good profit and employ/pay w decent wages (if they want to retain employees).
  • Re: "My first offer of 2,250 below invoice, 22635*, was accepted. No sunroof."" Wow! great deal and if they accepted, maybe there was more wiggle room re: $$'s
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    from all my research the invoice on the 6i sport is 18729 +670 destination.

    Don't forget to add the "regional assessment" to that. Edmunds does not track the regional advertising fees because they differ from region to region. The regional assessment is charged to the dealer, and is not built in profit. Edmunds also explains that as well.

    Now would the S plan price be 2% lower that the invoice price

    No. S-Plan enables you to purchase the vehicle at the no haggle price of what ever the invoice price is.

    Since I currently own a 2005 Mazda3, do I still Qualify for the incentives, I had gotten an email stating $1000 loyalty and $1000 cash back.

    You do qualify for the $1,000 owner loyalty rebate since you own a Mazda, as well as wither taking the $1,000 Dealer Engagement Cash or Mazda's special financing. You cannot combine the Dealer Engagement and special financing.

    Currently, Mazda is offering "S-Plan" to all current Mazda owners on the 2009 Mazda6 combined with the $1,000 owner loyalty. They go together. You cannot negotiate with the dealer, and then add the owner loyalty to the price. It's either you use the $1,000 owner loyalty and buy the car for the "S-Plan" price, or you cannot use the rebate, and you negotiate your own price with the dealer. You are better off just taking advantage of Mazda's owner loyalty + S-Plan and then applying the public offer that works for you (special fi or dealer engagement)

    I had issues with Wayne Mazda when I bought my 3, do I need to use the same dealer for the Loyalty etc.

    No. Buy the Mazda6 where ever you want. There are a load of dealers in Jersey.
  • They did offer to do better, but I didn't pursue it - decided I'd rather have an i Grand Touring, but will be waiting a few months until my employment contract is renewed. On the iGT, they offered S plan (invoice) less $2500 (no special financing, owner loyalty), and wouldn't budge from that.
  • Just purchased new Mazda 6 i Grand Touring auto 4 cyl with Moonroof/Bose package (no nav). Didn't like local dealer. Went there first and told them what I wanted and since they didn't have it, the Sales Manager told me to check it out at other dealers and price it there and then come back. How stupid was that? I listened to them and checked nearby dealers online, then drove 46 miles to next state of Maryland and purchased the car for $25,233 plus tax (over $1000 under invoice). I didn't get a loyalty reduction since I hadn't owned a Mazda since 1998. This price included dealer prep and temp tag but not registration which I will do myself. They were really super. Not only were they nice people but the sales lady picked up the car at another dealer and then had it delivered it to my house the next day. I am thinking about having them install an exact duplicate after-market rear wing spoiler. Any problem with that?
  • SeegarzSeegarz Posts: 11
    Just bought a Mazda6 i Touring with Convenience Package $1895 below MSRP. I used the Costco buying program and paid $55 doc fee, $233 license fee, tax $1793, transportation $670, and San Diego assessment for $150 for an OTD $25,209. Hoping i didn't pay too much. :)
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 790
    That looks like a fair deal according to the few sources I checked. What exterior and interior color did you get? Automatic or manual?

    I'm planning to get a new Mazda6 s Touring in the next 3-4 months. I really like the cloth/leather combo interior on the Touring with Conv. Pkg. My only complaint is that they aren't heated....only the Grand Touring with all leather has those.
  • Seeing as you got it for under about a $1000. I'd say you did well.
  • Right now, I think that the dealers are willing to go to greater lengths to sell cars. Its hard to believe that they got the car I wanted from over 150 miles away then drove it another 45 miles to drop it off at my house all at $1000 under invoice.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Keep it real folks, A 2000-3000 off msrp deal was hardly anything 24 months ago much less now. We're looking at 6000-7000+ off to get realistic. Anything less is hardly giving the car away. Do you want to eat $5000 or more to drive a average sedan for 12 months? In a recession?

    Good luck

    A 08 mazda 6 (22000msrp) with average miles has a trade in value of $12000 (

    A 08 Hyundai Sonata (20000msrp) has a trade in of $11500

    A 08 Chevrolet Impala (24000 msrp) has a trade in value of $10500

    A 08 22000 msrp Ford Fusion (Relative of the new style 09 Mazda 6?) has a trade in of $12000

    A 22000 08 Saturn Aura has a trade in value of $12000

    A 22000 Pontiac G6 sedan has a trade in value of $11000.
  • stoopystoopy Posts: 105
    An '08 Ford Fusion that has an MSRP of $22,900 (not $22,000) would easily have a selling price of $20,000 the day it was delivered to the dealer. So, yes KBB says it has a trade in value of $12,775 but your loan payoff would be right at that $12,775 anyway. You would not be "eating $5000 or more" as you say. Worst case scenario you would break even.
  • I just picked up this car for the wife yesterday. Sandstone with Moonroof/Bose package. We paid 25,879 total including tax, title, and fees which I thought was a good not great deal. The price would have been 23,879 but then I would have had to go with regular financing costing more in the long run. So we opted for the 0% for 36 months. I always negotiate the OTD "out the door price" and leave the dealer to figure out how he comes up with the number. I suppose that lets the dealership disguise profits. We did get the $1000 loyalty so a more accurate comparison is 26,879. I thought the mazda dealers would have been more aggressive in dealing with me but I found most of them kinda lazy. Only one dealer followed through with constant contact eager to make a sale. I can only guess Japanese dealers aren't hurting as bad. I haggled for quite a bit as it doesn't bother me and I beat the price but it was a lot of work and maybe I'll just bypass the dealer next time. In short, I'm happy to get a brand new loaded 6 for under 26K total.
  • gccmngccmn Posts: 11
    Where did you get such a wonderful deal?
  • I think that you got a very good price. My price was $25,309 but it didn't include tax which I have to pay. Since I got such a good price without the owner's incentive, I didn't get the 0% financing option, which is ok for me. So far I am loving the car although I have to say that I am a bit intimidated reading the owner's manual as to all the programming options available for the Grand Touring model. I think that dealers are dying to make a sale. January 2009 figures for Mazda are down 27.3% from last January and the new Mazda6 model is down 60.1% over last January so they are hurting. I can't give out the name of my saleswoman on this site but if you live within driving distance of the Eastern shore of Maryland and are interested in a great deal, contact me @ and I will forward her name and the dealership to you. They were great and there was no pressure. They picked up the car over 100 miles away and then delivered the next day 45 miles to my house.
  • gluckgluck Posts: 23
    Has anyone in SoCal got a good deal on the 6's? I looking to decide between the Camry, Accord and 6. I still don't understand why I am not getting a good deal on the 6's. It is a nice looking car but some how I hardly find people driving it here.
  • A bit confused after all the discussion about regional advertising fee and what not. had the car I want at invoice price for iTouring with auto, convenience, Bose & roof for $24281. Should I offer the dealer 23281? Is that the fair price right now for this car? Hope someone can chime in. Thanks.
  • I got the 6 i Touring with the same package for about 24k so I'd say that this is a good price. I was offered $2000 incentive so the car would have been even cheaper but I opted for 0%.
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