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2013 and Earlier - Mazda6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Has anyone ordered a 6 from the factory and willing to dicuss how they negotiated a price. I am interested in a i gt manual with no options and I am in the Philadelphia area. I am aware that the applicable incentives are the ones at the time of delivery which makes things more complex. Thank you!
  • Yes..Mine was ordered last week..I ordered a 6iGT w/all accessories that were available...Bose, Remote Start, Splash Guards, spoiler, etc...Fully Loaded.
    I received S-Plan Pricing (Supplier) (Invoice).
    In Chicago there is a $500 S-Plan Rebate, plus I am getting Dealer Cash of $1000.
    When the car is delivered, you can also get any Public Rebates that are available at the time.
    I would also register at, requesting updates on the 2010 Mazda 3...Mazda usually gives a Private Launch Rebate..On the 6 it was $1000, but any other models it was $500.
    You can negotiate like the car is on the lot..Shouldn't be any difference..
    The delivery time is about 8-10 Weeks.
  • I got a quote for a new 2009 Mazda6 i Touring automatic with no extra options for $22,800 OTD. Is this good or can be lower? Thanks.
  • OTD is bad to compare with. Break it down.
    How much for the car, taxes, fee's etc.

    Invoice - 1k incentives = $20,565. (plus add region assessment fee, which i don't think is real.)

    Do you qualify for loyalty rebate?

    Depending on your taxes, you might be able to get more off.
  • Here is the breakdown:

    Selling Price: $21,786
    Tax: $1.686.00
    DMV Fees: $321.75
    Minus $1000 Rebate

    Total: $22,793.77

    Can I do better?
  • I think you might be able to haggle and also get the 1k Loyalty cash as well even if you don't own a Mazda. It seems I have been able to....
  • rj_atlrj_atl Posts: 4
    I got the last 6i touring manual in GA for essentially invoice-3000, plus a "dealer fee" of 399. My OTD price was 19626 (7%sales tax) on an invoice of 21019. Then I negotiated the trade, and I got 6300 for my 02 Honda Accord EXV6 (I got in a wreck with it last year, so that diminished the value slightly). I could have taken the financing, but the cashback was a better deal since I am only financing $13000, and my credit union will give me 4.75%/60 mos.

    I used a couple of dealers, but I ended up with the salesman at Jim Ellis in Marietta since he would respond more quickly and directly to my questions. it made it more difficult since there was only 1 touring manual around, so I basically would have had to pay them to bring in a car from Tennessee if it was not going to be buy the one in the area.

    So I'm figuring it cost me about $400 extra to trade it in rather than sell myself (trade in tax savings brings the value I got to about 6800, vs. 7200 on my own), which I would be happy to pay to avoid the hassle and risk of selling it myself.

    I really like driving stick, but I'm 6'3", so I really appreciate the space in this car, especially compared to the 6th gen accord with its low slung dash that took away knee room.

    My only concern is I worry about the long term maintenance of the push button start. I would be fine with a normal key. It seems like something like that could end up being bmw-or-volkswagen-type-expensive-repair if it did fail.
  • drums1954drums1954 Posts: 20
    I could be wrong..But, to get the $1000 Rebate I thought you had to take the Mazda Financing.
  • djhalptertdjhalptert Posts: 115
    Got a quote Saturday on an '09 Mazda6i Grand Touring, MSRP $28.240. Selling price $23,849 including $1K rebate. What do you think? I'm looking at several different cars right now. I like the Mazda6 and am also thinking about a Ford Flex, totally different vehicles, I know.
  • rj_atlrj_atl Posts: 4
    I got 2000 in dealer cash + 1000 owner loyalty ( I also own an old 626 as a 3rd car, I think I'll unload it now though)

    Otherwise, I could have gotten 1000 cash rebate +1000 owner loyalty + discounted Mazda financing.
  • stewie2stewie2 Posts: 6
    I have finally decided on a Mazda 6 I-Touring (Auto) with Moonroof and Bose Speaker system. I went to a dealer without doing any research, just so I could drive a Mazda. When I went there he said the MSRP with Bose package and taxes is around 25,000 dollars and said that invoice for this car is 22,500 then kept a 19,969 figure in front of me (which is without taxes). He also said that the incentives do not get applied to this price.
    How much have you guys paid for a Mazda 6 i - touring with Moonroof and Bose Package? I think I can put a good chunk of money as down payment and rest, I would finance from the dealer. What do think would be a good price. How should I negotiate with the dealers?
    Please help me figure out this.
  • krakahkrakah Posts: 1
    A few things to make your life easy. Hit up as many internet sales managers as you can. Calling generally gets you a more immediate response. Also make sure to ask each sales manager what dealer sponsored incentives they're offering. You can check your tax+lic on the DMV page if you think the dealer is jerking your chain. Below are the options and how much they are. Oh and one big thing, the price can change on you once your walked into the Finance office, so watch out for random fees and any kind of extra maintenance service contracts they may try to push on you. Max Calif doc fees are currently $55, and come April 2009 if your in California there's a 1% tax hike. As far as negotiating goes, you let the dealers undercut each other, think of it as a reverse auction.

    Personally on the Maz6 v6 that i've been looking at, Kbb posting at $22.969.00. I've received quotes from 6 dealers between -$1,974.00 to -$913 below invoice for the v6 sport model.

    This weekend after the test drive, one of the main managers offered $25,00 OTD for the Maz v6 GT, yes it would have included tax + lic, + reg etc.. for cash payment. Funnie part is it was late about closing time, everyone was kind of tired, the guy had a big ego and maybe wanted to prove something, I donno. He was trying to call me out on being ready to buy, even though I had flat out said i'm only there to test drive the car to see if I like it. Personally the Maz6 v6 didn't put a bug up my butt to buy it so back to trolling other cars for me.
    The silver lining here is if you're going to pay cash, and there's a car with options on the lot, you can get a pretty snazy deal.

    KBB $21,565.00
    Edmunds $22,605.00

    Maz 6 Options (from the page vehicle details.)
    LEV-2 ULEV EMISSIONS $100.00
    MOONROOF & BOSE PKG $1,760.00
  • mirasolamirasola Posts: 7
    I was quoted an OTD price of $21,682 (excluding fee for a new plate) on a base level iTouring with no extra options. The selling price of the car was $19,761, and I would be going with 0% financing for 36 months. How good of a deal is this?

    I'm heavily debating between the Mazda 6 iTouring and Ford Fusion SE (4-cyl). The thing that is making this a difficult decision for me is the fact that I get $5000 in incentives through Ford ($3500 + $1500 conquest rebate), saving me a couple thousand in the long run after adjusting for the cost to own, so I'm trying to get the price of the Mazda 6 down as much as possible without putting too much strain on myself or the salesman. The quote I got seems like a fair price - can I do better?
  • stewie2stewie2 Posts: 6
    I am assuming you can go lower than that. Where are you located? I am going to be talking to different dealers probably next week and I should get some good information. I will let you know as soon as I get some quotes.
  • mirasolamirasola Posts: 7
    I am from the metro Detroit area and have been in contact with several dealers in southeast Michigan.
  • carnage1carnage1 Posts: 1
    So I fell in love with the M6 s 6 months ago and have been waiting for the right time. It was NOW!

    Took me a couple of weeks dealing with semi-idiotic dealers but I got a Mazda 6 s Touring w/ Convenience Package for 24,500 (after 1k rebate). I think the first Mazda dealer I went to was a Ford guy cause I knew more in regards to the M6. The second dealer was much better and I felt more comfortable buying from him. Even though I wanted the bose/moonroof package with the touring M6, it seemed they were all 100 miles away. I thought about it and I will just install an aftermarket radio since I didn't care for the moonroof. (Hopefully, the aftermarket radio will not void warranty)

    Picking it up tomorrow :)
  • homerj31homerj31 Posts: 13
    What are all the rebates available for the Mazda 6?
    1k Cash
    1k owner loyalty
    +Special Financing

    Any S-plan rebates or other hidden rebates?

    It seems people can work the car down to 2k under invoice/s-plan pricing pretty easy.
    But "stewie2" thinks you can get even lower.

    Besides the 2% holdback, what else is there?
  • google mazda private launch rebate then you will find one..
  • homerj31homerj31 Posts: 13
    by using google I found this info dealer-cash/

    Rebates to dealer: $1500
    Customer rebate: $1000
    Loyalty rebate: $1000
    Private lunch rebate is back?: $1000?
    Plus Special Financing.

    I am not sure they all can be combined though.
  • ambrosiaambrosia Posts: 11
    Who did you work with at Jim Ellis? I will probably make a decision in the next day or so and am not feeling confident that I'm getting the best deal. I'd prefer to go with Rick Case Duluth b/c they offer a 100,000 mile warranty but the pricing isn't the best. They get me OTD right at $20,000 but this includes a trade in of $2,400. This is on a sport model with after market leather, heated seats, and moonroof (no bose package). I thought this was an ok deal but now have reservations. I've talked to a sales guy at Jim Ellis but the numbers haven't been great there either. They haven't looked at my car yet so the trade in should definitely help. Any suggestions?
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